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  1. d-dave added a post in a topic Walking Dead Season 6   

    Interesting episode, and a good starting point for season six as it immediately introduces a strong conflict of survival.  I mean, how interesting would the season have been if they were all sitting happy behind the walls of Alexandria?
    I do agree that the writers really put themselves in a sticky position at the end of season 5.  The pit of walkers was very deus ex machina.  Sounds like a good idea until you start to think about it.  It's only 2,000 walkers, and DC/Metro area is MILLIONS of people...seem a few million short.  But as with most fictional shows, we have to swallow some real BS to see our characters play.
    I can see how Morgan would show up all at peace with things.  After what happened in Kingtown, he would have to change to survive.  I'd like to know more about his journey.  I love how he sees through all the BS that people surround themselves with, like Rick and Carol.
    Rick takes no chances with people, but with walkers.  Because their easier to kill, and you don't feel bad about it.  But the whole leading them out was a dumb idea.  Instead, I would have found a way to blow the walls/ramps out and make it a better pit.  Then use some kind of fire to clean house.  Would have kept more folks around town.  Then again, I'm not a fictional zombie survivor...
    I look forward to seeing the struggle for survival this season and where it takes the characters.  I hope they can find some levity there because too much doom and gloom wears too much on the show.  They need to have some fun, even insane fun.
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  2. d-dave added a post in a topic Check Ya Balls, Fellas   

    As a skin cancer (08) survivor, which I hate saying because my cancer has been pretty good), check your moles and freckles. It's easy to get sunburned and forget about it. 
    If they grow, get them cut off! Skin cancer can mess you up! Especially melanoma like I have. 
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  3. d-dave added a post in a topic Dumping UVERSE for TWC   

    I'm hoping for some luck. It will be almost directly above the router (in a closet), and pretty clear lines to my bed room. 
    I wish home networking wasn't such a pain. If I build another house, I'm going to pull cable everywhere for everything. 
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  4. d-dave added a post in a topic Interstellar, HUGE plot hole question.. ::SPOILERS::   

    I thought the stay was to remain at the house until she was older and able to do something with the information? 
    I love the movie. Great ambition and a note to the future. Don't die here. 
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  5. d-dave added a post in a topic Dumping UVERSE for TWC   

    It's your network at up that is going ti be the biggest problem. Walls are killer. 
    II have twc  and usually run 30-40 mpbs. But in my master bedroom, 20ish feet directionally and one floor up, I barely get anything. Can't stream a video. It's the walls! 
    So I'm going to pickup an extender this week to repeat the network upstairs. 
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  6. d-dave added a post in a topic A glance at how Kurt Coleman contributes to Carolina's defensive renaissance   

    Wow....great job PhillyB!
    I love how you are able to help Luddites like me get how these kinds of things work, and you infuse wonderful humor making them not only educational but entertaining. I hope you do this professionally.  I'd read it!
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  7. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    It was in episode 3 I think it after he and Madison "made up" in the car. Great point about his rage...I just projected my feelings there :)  I am going to really enjoy seeing how his character develops after all of that...
    Yeah, the boat was terrible...but they did just have a ton of zombies...only so much money in the budget.
    After digesting for a few days, I think Fear has a better place two to start than TWD.  Really excited for season two, and the return of TWD!
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  8. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    So did anyone else notice Travis has those abdominal tattoos?  Hrm...  I strongly agree that Travis has a darker past.  Why has he tired to be such a "good guy" all show long?  He's running from a dark, violent past...He could be very scary.
    I think think Strand is going to run too long with this group, as he's only interested in his survival.  He will for a bit, but eventually the weaknesses of the group will cause him to question why he's there.  I'm not sure about the Shane type.  He could betray, but it would have to be for his advantage.  Right now, he's got some form of protection with numbers.  What would he gain by betrayal?  I don't know, but he's very interesting already.  
    I get the whole pacing thing now.  This would be an epic show to binge watch.  Do all 6 in a few days or less, and this is so much better.  You need to see the slow breakdown of civilization, and how people breakdown.  This is the end of the civilized world, and people need a chance to change.  I don't mind the 9 days later thing.  I understand why now.
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  9. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Man, they sure did save the best for last!  I really loved it, and my wife stayed awake the whole time (she was really tired and wanted to go to bed, but I insisted we watch it)!  Over all, the slow, laconic pacing of the first four episodes was completely left behind.  As soon as they left the gates, they smashed the gas pedal!
    I'm guessing by this point that anyone who's here has finally caught up?  Spoilers ahead, too lazy to try to hide them...
    There was a lot of weight to this episode.  Like the gate for the neighborhood... I was really surprised that Travis wouldn't try to close it before they left.  When they drive by the house with the family enjoying game night under candles...that really set in how much they sold the community out.  Madison didn't tell the neighbors, and they just snuck out into the night...hard man...super hard.
    I thought the escape from the hospital was just a wonderful sequence.  From Daniel walking the zombie horde to the gates, from the army collapsing, to the Doctor taking care of the patients all the way to the final escape in the morning.  Man, Travis does have that "Rick Rage" inside him too.  Then again, I can really empathize with him.  The solider coming back to shoot the daughter would set me into a murderous rage too.  That was so good.
    IMO, Nick's role is the be a problem for the group.  Much in the way Rick's family situations (Carl shot, Lori's pregnancy) become focal plot points to solve, Nick's addiction is going to lead him to bad situations and Madison is going to implore the group to save him from himself and situation.  He's also a reminder of what a parent will do for their child, anything.  That's going to end up being a very powerful message as the show continues.
    I love going to the coast.  What I want to see is a retelling of the playoff from Day of the Dead (Zach Snyder).  In the ending credits, the survivors have run out of food and need to land for supplies, but are overrun by zombies during their desperate landing.  How will this group solve this problem?  The ocean is a source, but the water is poisonous to us, and there is so much food they would be able to get easily.  Also, the isolation would have a hard effect on the already fractured family relationships.  Oh, and the pirates...They would need a reasonable escape plan I think.  It would also be cost prohibitive for them to film it that way too...
    I'm so jazzed for next season!  
    Oh, and Zombies on a plane, I think it's the kid.  The lady in the green jacket who closes his window is going to teach him something, and save him before he's on his own and picked up by Travis' group.  That's just my idiotic prediction!
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  10. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    I didn't think about that!  Good point!  I have no experience with that!  I guess bad decisions would be easier to make.
    I think there's more to Nick's story.  He's going to do something good by the end of next week.  
    People have really hammered the story for being slow, but after episode 5, I get it.  I understand why they wanted the false escape, the saving by the government, and the eventual collapse.  I hope they explore more the collapse of the US government and the implosion of world order.  I really love Daniel...man...this week was so revealing.  It wasn't surprising, but man, it was heavy!
    I am also waiting for Travis to fully break.  I thought for sure he would with the sniper rifle..... I'd love to see it in the last 5 minutes of next week's episode so we can come back to the reactions of everyone to his savagery...
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  11. d-dave added a post in a topic New Bungie game: Destiny   

    Arms-Day to do!!!
    So, if you are at least level one, you can get stuff.  If you're limited by time/glimmer, get the Omalon Sniper!  I got it when I leveled my gunsmith on a rep item turn int.  IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My rolls are just OK, but the gun handles so well.  It has more impact than a LRD/Longbow/Her Benevolence.  This thing is really amazing!  I'm a below average sniper, but it helps a lot.  Not great aim assist, but it handles so very well.  I LOVE that thing!!!
    I got myself up to 274/275 yesterday.  Looking forward to hitting the strikes and CoO.  I just ran the 36 strikes for the quests (I'm way behind) and did some other fill in things to get my quest logged clear.  Man, it was great!  I can't say enough how much I love the way upgrades come!  I just need to get back into doing the daily story missions and crucible missions for marks.  I have some gear I REALLY like that I can up grade.
    TTK is the destiny we wanted.  I know they are going to drop the ball on some things later, but man, they really hit a homerun right now!
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  12. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Isn't that the way it goes in every profession?
    That would be a great theme for them to explore if we end up seeing more of the remaining government.  How far up is the ivory tower, and how far removed is it from the reality?
    Also, what kind of idiot would go into a building loaded with zombies?  I don't care how many guns you have, if there are 30+ zombies in a small area, why go in guns blazing?  Just set the building on fire...
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  13. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Yep!  They finally did something other than whine!  I loved how telling their actions were.  Very nihilistic!  
    I was very happy with Episode 5.  We finally got to see something outside of the 'burbs.  We were also taken to some VERY dark places.  I loved Daniel's whole line about which one was he, the guy in the chair or the guy with the knife (we know!).  Man, lots of great character development.  
    I will try to be vague, to avoid spoilers for those who still need to catch it on DVR.
    1. Trevor - ahh, I understand a bit more about him.  He's so guilty.  I wonder what happened to make him feel responsible for EVERYONE.  At first, I thought it was more ego, but it goes much further than that.
    2. Daniel - I love this guy.  He's a totally different character from any other TWD character, and he's so refreshing.  He's been in a similar situation, and he knows how to survive.  Madison has learned to trust him, even though she's sickened by his methods.
    3. We got to see the hospital, and man, that was very intersting!
    Writing in white on white because of spoilers.
    I loved the cuff link man.  The closer.  At first I was like who is this dude?  But then I realized that this guy is going to become a major character because he understand people and how to survive.  I wondered why with Nick, but he sees the value in the desperation of Nick and how to use it.  He's not going to be a hero, but super interesting.
    The whole hospital / Military / Government thing is such a crazy situation. I have no FEMA or emergency training (outside of being an Eagle Scout) so the actions of the Government are really interesting.  I don't quite see why they didn't just kill everyone they thought might turn and instead strengthen the herd.  Also, what was the point of fencing the neighborhood?  I want to find out if there was some kind of plan to save part of the population when this broke out?  Or are they just bait?  Large soft areas to lure in zombies, then bomb the crap out of everyone?
    I'm not quite sure what the make of the government.  Benevolent?  Evil?  Both?  Its easy to see how much pressure everyone was up against.  I'm curious to see how the good ole US government survives and what else happens to it in the aftermath.  I'm trying to think how far away is Rick's group from this?
    Also, the Arena...what a bad idea...  Was it inside the fence?  i can't remember.  
    So over all, I loved this episode.  It kept my wife involved and interested instead of her phone and facebook!  To me that's a huge win!  I can't wait to see when those doors open next week =)  What doors? =P
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  14. d-dave added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    I love it.  Allen has always been entertaining to watch.  The video from the OP shows us what we're getting, someone who knows how to rush the passer.  How excited do you think he is coming here?  He's a vet guy, who can come here, show that he's still a dominate end at the twilight of his career.  I'm so excited to see him in a Panthers uniform!
    Contract wise, he'll either be asked to take a MASSIVE pay cut, or he'll be cut.  If he still is good in situations, he's not every down anymore, and if he has some success here, I could see him deciding to hang out for a little while, but it will have to be at the right price.
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  15. d-dave added a post in a topic We outplayed them today, but they outcoached us   

    I wouldn't call it out coached, because we did win.  But I was really impressed with the Saints gameplan versus our defense.  We generated zero pass rush, and we didn't get our hands on enough footballs.  We did a good job against the run, but we otherwise got shredded.  That was disconcerting moving forward.
    I hate to think about where we're going to be if CJ can't come back and we don't get some pass rush mojo soon...  People have been quick to talk poo about CJ, but he's been very consistent through his career, and played at a high level.  He's been the guy teams are keying up on, and no one else has really stepped up from there.
    We have got to get the pass rush fixed asap.  The Special Teams score as part great play, and part they just had to rekick because of Teddy's penalty.  That's a boneheaded play and needs to get fixed.  It shouldn't be too hard.
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