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  1. Looking for a tablet to replace my computer

    Looking at the 4th Generation if i Series processors, so long as you get and i5 or i7, you'll be good for any basic video editing. For a while I had a work laptop with an i5 and the HD4000 chipet.  The 4600 is a good bit better and the Iris Pro is pretty close to an entry level Mobile Card (like the Nvidia 840m).  I ran full adobe creative cloud premiere, after effects, illustrator, photoshop, etc on it (though not at the same time because I only had 4 GB of ram).  I was able to have Premier roll up at 5:00, 1080p video fairly well.  I mean, my machine wasn't a blazing fast machine by any stretch! Good luck and happy tablet shopping!  
  2. Looking for a tablet to replace my computer

    I'm a Surface fan.  I like windows 10.  I want one, but I'm saving my money for something else. Do you need a windows tablet?  Or there are several other android tablets which are pretty good, as is the ipad.  For simple video editing, check out Adobe Premiere Clip.  It works on multiple platforms and is pretty easy to get to use.  Plus it integrates with adobe creative cloud, if that's your thing.
  3. I wish I could go to SB50 for free, too

    Now the stadium funding vote, I agree.  Why not send a member of council who voted for the stadium funds?  A real fan =)
  4. I wish I could go to SB50 for free, too

    Don't you when you pay her salary?  Also, she is acting as a representative of Charlotte for whatever things the city wants to try to be a part of during the time.  That will be the by line in the budget. I don't disagree that I wish I could go for free, but on the flip side, this happens ALL the time in politics.  $5,100 is small change compared to some of the crazy stuff that happens out there.
  5. I wish I could go to SB50 for free, too

    Get elected =) And $5,100 for the city of Charlotte is a relative drop in the bucket...  Also, cities and towns do this crap all the time, sending people to look at water systems in Canada, or transportation in China, call it a perk of the office..
  6. So I made a little chart of how Denver's D fared against the run this season.  For each team, I posted their season ranking in rushing offense.  There are some interesting observations that can be made from it.  I posted about it in the "What Broncos Fans are saying." What can y'all see...
  7. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    You how they say, stats are over rated, I took a bit of time to make a spreadsheet of how the Denver D faired in the running game this season.  I took each game, took the regular season NFL.com rushing offense rating for each team, their basic rushing stats (att/yards/avg/TD) and looked at the T/O differential as well. Did you know the average rushing ranking for the 16 regular season games was 20th?  Or that when Denver's opponents ran the ball more than 28 times, they averaged 23.3 points in those games?  3/4 Of Denver's losses occurred when teams ran at least 23 times?  Now, I went really general in looking at the stats, I didn't go too crazy tracing time of possession or anything like that. So do you blame Denver for beating up and holding up the run on bad teams?  Nope, they did their job.  Do you beat up the Panthers for playing the schedule they were given?  Nope.  All statics are misleading and leading in that people can turn the numbers anyway they see fit, like what I did.  That's also why there are those crazy stat junkie sites as well who take into effect the "effect" of a given team on another's perceive success. It's very fair to say that we will be the best running team Denver's faced.  It's fair to expect some running success against their D.  It's also completely realistic that Denver could have the game of their lives against our running game and forced Cam to beat them.  Like how Pittsburgh won in week 15. Fans can feel confident in their teams, that's why they are fans.  But there are some numbers out there which make us Carolina fans feel pretty good about our team as well.
  8. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    I can't believe y'all!  Sheesh! =P TD is a representation of the WILL of this team...how can our guys not be inspired by a man who is literally playing with a broken arm?  Who needs a disrespect card?  We have the Bionic Man card!  (now someone can make a CCG comment!)
  9. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    Overall, I have been extremely impressed with all the cool stuff that 3D printing can do.  
  10. As he said in the "What Broncos fans are saying" thread, he's a guy who just watches football, flipping channels, and who doesn't care about the outcome.  So a troll.  Though he will tell us we are all blind because we aren't realistic, or as knowledgeable as him. I would love to see his thoughts on how well Denver did against the top 10 rushing teams they played.  
  11. http://www.cnet.com/news/injured-football-player-may-wear-3d-printed-brace-in-super-bowl/ So, this is pretty cool!  Could 3D printing be the wave of the future for new safety equipment.
  12. I'll just leave this here

    I thought MJD was a bit off.  I think even the most ardent (and reasonable) Denver fan doesn't think they'll score that much on us.  We would basically have to sit down and not play for that to happen.  Or everyone gets hurt in the first drive.  Or Payton Manning goes Super Sajian...  Or the Panthers get food poisoning and have the runs all game.... I just don't see the Bronco's being able to score that much.  Sure, they will probably move the ball, but once they get to the red zone, with those tight windows, it's going to be much harder unless we play like complete dog poo. Again, it comes down to game planning, coaching and execution.
  13. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    It's going to come down to how well they stop the our run early.  If we struggle to run and get in longer down and distances, then we're in for a long day.  If we can keep them honest with the run, then I think it makes winning all the more possible. We all know Payton's arm will be an issue.  I also think the whole legacy, last real shot at a SB is going to be major factor in the over all Denver game plan.  That will either give them a tremendous sense of motivation or will cause them to force some issues and make mistakes.
  14. But...but...but...Payton Manning, experience, beating Tom Brady....Von Miller? =)  This is the kind of stuff that we've seen from our team, and what gives us confidence! =)
  15. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    I disagree with your can of "whoop ass" theory on how the game will play out.  Both teams are going to try to out muscle each other.  Please do reference how your team played against top 10 rushing teams.  That is where most of our confidence in our running game comes from.  Everyone "knows" how to stop Carolina, yet no one has.  Phillips will have to call the most brilliant game plan in a decade to really "vapor lock" our offense. Then you have the Broncos moving the ball efficiently against our D.  While we have had some games where teams manage to do that, and there is a possibility that occurs given how we have done against Pro-Bowl quality QBs.  Manning will have to throw effectively outside the numbers down field in order to really succeed in wearing us down.  Sure, if our pass rush disappears, then he will pick us apart.  Given how that hasn't happened lately, I don't see a logical reason for it to completely fall apart. We have won several games this year, and last year, when trailing that were close, and when plays were needed.  It's not unfamiliar territory.  Now, what will be difficult for Denver to do is to come back if we go up something like 24-7 like how we have been doing in our 2nd quarters this season.  When you say that AZ fell apart, it's not like we didn't play.  They fell apart because of what we did on offense and defense to them.  Finally, we will not panic.  So long as both teams play their best, which is what the rest of the world wants, it could be a close game that comes down to the last couple of possessions.  I feel very confident in our team's ability to finish this game.  While we had trouble in the regular season with taking our foot of the gas, and Russell Wilson having some magical throws in the 2nd half.  We also took down a very close MVP candidate (Carson Palmer) who is more similar to Manning than either are to Wilson.  This season, when it's crunch time, we have come through (except in Atlanta).  Again, we don't doubt that at all. Fans will be fans.  Some are delusional, others not so much.  We are all passionate about our teams.  But you might want to be a little more realistic in your assessment of your team versus ours.  The Broncos are great, that's why they are here.  So are we.  We both have reasons to feel good about how our guys will make plays.   The only thing we don't have is the pressure of letting a HoF QB down hanging around our necks.  Don't tell me the media wouldn't love to send Payton out as a champion, knocking those arrogant, upstart Panthers out. While players will say they don't feel that pressure, they will.  Who wants to be the guy that let him down?  While we're favored and have a lot of media love, you know everyone is rooting for a Manning upset to send him off to Canton.  We win, it's a boring expectation.