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  1. My son loves Cam Newton, and he wants to go get a football from him.  And he will still dab when he sees Cam on TV. This team is more than a game. When I was growing up, I was pretty lucky, my parents were in the first group of PSL owners.  Their names are on a statue at the North entrance.  So when I was going through my annoying 15-20 something phase, my family bonded by going to the Panther games.  Tailgating, going to restaurants, the long drive to Clemson and back, the wins, the losses.  I will always treasure those memories with my family.  It was a great run until my parents had to give up the PSL For all the money we've spent on tickets, gear, food, drink, and all the other Panther related nonsense over the years.  They will always be my team.  One day soon, I hope to get my family together for one more Panther game, my son, my dad and me.  I'm getting all teared up thinking about it! This team is more than one game.  They are family (at least to me!).
  2. Honestly, this is a big deal now, in a month, no one will care.  Cam is the biggest story in the NFL, which is great for us.  There are good and bad things that come with that. At the end of the day, this will be a footnote in Cam's career and the history of the Panthers.  I'm a big of of satire too, if they are making fun of you, you have arrived.  While the Broncos kind of fade into history. =) Go Panthers!
  3. Over two million page loads yesterday.

    Congrats to the hamsters, the Huddle, and our fearless leader!
  4. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I love the contrast with the Denver return, and they won the dang thing.  This makes me very proud of our community and our team.  We love our Panthers, and they know that. I think we'll see a similar but slightly different team next year.  Still having fun, dabbing, team photos, giving balls to kids, etc.  But I think we'll see a team that doesn't let off the gas, that works that much harder to attack our opponents, who doesn't take things for granted. Is it bad I'm already looking forward to next season?  Keep Pounding team and fans! 
  5. This is correct.  Gettleman likes to have at least the basic pieces in place so he can draft for value instead of need.
  6. When Cam talks about how he's not your regular QB, he means it more than his physical game and attributes.  He's emotional.  He doesn't block it away.  How many times have we seen Brady or Manning with the pucker face, tears welled up as they rehash the same points the media wanted Cam to make, but he didn't?  It's funny that Deion mentions Brady and Manning, two guys who are notorious bad sports.   Cam is always going to be a Team First, Fan First, Respecting his opponents before he gives the media the fodder they want.  Again, the media acts like they are the only ones allowed the write a narrative.  Cam is just a little to big, a little too himself to easily fall into their role for him. We love Cam.  When Cam says we'll be back, I believe it's true.  Now I think we'll win it next time.  And for those who sign up to come and directly talk poo, that's just sad.  I'm sorry they weren't loved enough as a kid and how have to be a jerk online to feel good about themselves.  They should talk to someone about those issues...
  7. I never understood how rioting and civil disturbance was a form of celebration, especially for sports, which are technically a leisure activity...  Pot Shot? ;)
  8. Positions we need to upgrade

    What's interesting to think about, after Philly went down yesterday, we struggled even more moving the ball through the air...  I think Philly is going to have a spot here for a long time.
  9. I think we can all safely say: the entire offense wasn't good enough to win the game.  Had we been able to put together two drives, it would have been a very different game! From Shula, to Cam, to Rimmers, to everyone else, we just weren't good enough.
  10. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Got to get to 51 first...
  11. Then Add Olsen to the mix...man that's a bit of a wet dream there =P
  12. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    I'm not much of an Xs and Os kind of guy, but in reflection, it seem like Denver just filled all the gaps on running plays.  If the play call is not great, and the execution is non-existent, then you're going to struggle. They knew we'd run on first down 90% of the time, so they over loaded it, we ran straight at them, and then we're in 2-9...Which played right to their strength. It was a bad game plan poorly executed by the players.  There's more than enough blame to go around this one.
  13. Good fair points on the presser BS from our friends at Deadspin: How Cam blew it Presser article
  14. What's interesting is to check the story titles about Cam's presser and the game.  The language is very telling... Cam Newton's antics in loss fuel criticism Cam Newton crumbles on and off field in Super Bowl Cam Newton can learn a lot from other great QBs who lost a Super Bowl Cam Newton choked away the Super Bowl Who wants to walk into that kind of a shark tank?
  15. 30th Pick

    I really feel like this needs to be addressed.  I know CAP has some skills, and there is a reason we kept Weiger, but we need someone who can still pound a defense.  Stewart, as great as he was this year, is going to be a 29 more often injured than not RB next year.  Though his miles are low, he's been doing this a long time.  I definitely think we'll be looking in the mid rounds for sure for a good value pick.