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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Yep, I see that for the largest swath of fans. I mean, the books are wonderful! I started reading them before the show, and I think I got through the third book before the show premiered. They were absolute page turners! But what the show has been able to do is to clarify A LOT of the storylines and characters that still leave new readers bewildered. I had a friend who started on the show, but couldn't really get into the books due to their complexity and wordiness. They weren't a big reader, sadly. I'm completely fine with the direction the show is going, and I'm pretty sure most folks are too. Sure, the die hard purists will always be angry, but the show is great to the majority of people who spend money.
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I hate to say it, but I'm a sucker for a moving, inspirational speech in...I'm dumb and can't use the spoiler tag... I'll just say I enjoyed the episode because it set a lot of plot points in motion. Not the most action packed episode, but it was great to see how the stories are starting to set themselves up. As far as Martin and his books, he's going to have to do something, or else the show is going to completely overshadow his books. The ball is in his court.
  3. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    In finally caught up on the show. This was the weakest episode of the season. I liked how things were moving along, and I thought that the tension between Celia and Madison would be a cool thing to work with fire a few weeks. See Nick's character grow, develop the relationships between the main characters, and let them learn more about the world. Then they decided to blow up everything. I am Team Daniel all the way, and his mental breakdown is random. In mean wtf.. My hope is they get back to better episodes in August !
  4. I'm no football genius here, but I think that anytime we can put KB and Ginn on the same side of a play is going to be deadly. Now a defense will have to respect Ginn's deep speed (10TDs on 44 catches, hello!) but pick to contain him with a S or crash down on KB working the intermediate. Oh yeah, 88 will be out there too. And Tolbert, Stewart, or maybe Philly or Funchess, or another TE... If they roll coverage to KB/Ginn, then that opens things up on the other side or middle of the field. Then again, I know you smart guys will point out the holes in my logic =)
  5. Preacher starts tonight

    I watched it last night, and I'm loving it! Right balance of humor and drama. Like the characters, will keep watching and supporting!
  6. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I have a feeling Young Griff is left off because his plot goes no where. That's what I was thinking reading the last book. I was like "WTF is going on with this guy?" I already had the thoughts that Jon Snow wasn't going to die, and that he was too important, and of course Danny and Tyrion. I think there are enough patterns in the snow to see that the Young Griff story line is going to get squashed.
  7. HVAC question

    Thank you for all of your input! It has been extremely helpful to verify what my feelings were as we as those of other HVAC companies. We're not going to set our buyer up for a fast failure and we're not going to put in a new unit. Our agent said they had not heard great things about this inspector. They can take the system as it has been maintained by the company that installed it for the past decade. Or if they want to back out, they better hurry becuase by Friday their due diligence ends!
  8. HVAC question

    So we are selling our home, it's 10 years old. Our buyers inspector came in last week and they recommended removing the rust from the ends of the AC coils. The blades are clean and clear, but the ends of the coils are rusty. Our AC tech (who installed the unit in the home 10 years ago) said he wouldn't touch it. Scrapping the rust off would more than likely cause the coils to fail sooner rather than later. Has anyone ever done that? All the HVAC folks I've spoken to think it's a bad idea. For a 10 year old system, as long as it's working (which it is quite well), and the blades are clean, there's not a whole lot they can do.
  9. Huddle was down for an hour this morning.

    I won't lie...when I went to the huddle, and it wasn't there....I panicked a bit...
  10. Carson Palmer wants some

    This is something that all athletes say. Maybe they will come out and beat us down in the regular season. See'em in the playoffs. But I think the Super Bowl loss is going to motivate the heck out of the Panthers. They are going to come out hot and ready to prove a point. AZ is going to have to figure out how to protect Palmer when we are coming in hot from the middle of their line, and we might have some pass rush surprises this year too.
  11. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I guess we'll see who wins the game of thrones? My guess, no one...or it's simply the last person not dead...
  12. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    The better question is why is he still out there? There are lot of teams who need corners, yet he's still chilling. That's telling!
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    Man, I love the conspiracy theories! Its getting rather Tenderbox-like in here! I would think that there is something beyond his football acumen at play here. I'm curious as to what he did to not even see the practice field. There's no way not even the most egotistical GM (which many of you think is Gettleman) cuts guys so he can keep camp bodies. Unless there are non-football factors.
  14. Panthers Release Boykin

    Interesting. Very interesting. Before we rush to judgement, let's see if any of those teams are still looking at him. Dave must feel pretty good about his nickle corner.
  15. Someone else said it, but I'd like to reiterate that Gentleman is building a great roster. So many young guys filling out the bottom of the roster. That's one of the things they said about Seattle. They did a great job creating the competitive bottom 3rd of the roster to push the top. Man, what a great time to be a Panther fan!