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  1. mikeholiday

    Panthers OL worst in NFCS

    Oh please. Don't try to act like we didn't make the playoffs in 2014 with a losing record. Rivera is a poo coach. Facts.
  2. Not to mention bringing up players from decades ago as if that means anything. Also, it is doubtful that CMC played at 205 last year. He bulked up for the combine and 205 was not his playing weight. The average NFL running back is 5'11 220. Any weight CMC gains will just worsen his change of direction and acceleration. People should just accept that he will never have NFL power.
  3. mikeholiday

    This years Thielen?

    Speed doesn't show up on tape.
  4. mikeholiday

    Let's talk about Vernon Butler

    And we didn't have a top 5 UT before Butler was drafted? Nothing has changed. He is still another of Gettleman's wasted picks. Same as Shaq. Face it. Gettleman screwed us.
  5. mikeholiday

    Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    The average NFL running back is 5'11 220. CMC is at that height and about 20 pounds lighter. He also ranked 51st among 55 qualified runners in average yards after contact per attempt (2.12). I don't expect any of that to improve. He just doesn't have the frame or the strength for it. College weight training programs at a place like Stanford are world class and I doubt CMC was lazy in the gym.
  6. mikeholiday

    Raiders sign Daryl Worley

    I think to cover up a receding hairline.
  7. mikeholiday

    My one and only mock draft

    God awful. Stick to taking photos.
  8. Doesn't matter what we think. Panthers will do whatever they want.
  9. We know the Panthers are interested. We need a true deep threat in this offense with Norv Turner coming in. Expect another year of slow developing deep routes. Luckily a situation which Chark excels. True deep speed that shows up on tape. Nobody on the current roster inspires confidence in that role. Torrey Smith is old and has not been productive in years. Even with his 40 time, Samuel has never shown the ability to consistently get behind the offense and track the ball over his shoulder. Funchess ... don't even make me laugh. Byrd isn't that fast on the field, has almost no production in his career at any level, and can't stay healthy. I don't expect Moore or Ridley to be available. Let us go with the receiver with the highest ceiling in this draft. One with a dominant performance at the senior bowl at the game and in practices even with mediocre quarterback play.
  10. I don't understand this board's obsession with the run game. It's 2018 and the NFL is a passing league.