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  1. You must have forgotten how good Hardy was.
  2. I don't understand this board's obsession with the run game. It's 2018 and the NFL is a passing league.
  3. The case for James Washington

    His long speed is elite. Athletically reminds me Josh Gordon. https://www.seniorbowl.com/news-highlights-detail.php?news=785
  4. Johnson is too injury prone. Do not want.
  5. AJ Klein wasn't re-signed because he is our third or fourth based linebacker in a league where you are in nickel most of the time. Allen Hurns and Robinson have only two 1000 yard seasons in between them. If Lee was capable of getting 1000 yards every year, he would be the one they would keep.
  6. You know sure well that he isn't being re-signed for non-football reasons.
  7. Which is why the Jacksonville is so eager to re-sign him, right?
  8. The case for Billy Price....

    Yes, because legit FA wide receivers are just so easy to come by. And cheap to boot.
  9. The case for Billy Price....

    It won't get any easier when he gets to the NFL.
  10. He doesn't play NT because it would be a waste of his talent. There is a reason the more talented DT's play UT. By alignment, it puts them in a more favorable situation. Nose tackles are easily replaceable, which is why they command little on the open market. I wouldn't worry too much about Star. There is a reason that Short has already been paid and Star is likely on his way out.
  11. Because he has the causality completely flipped. Teams that are winning run the football to drain the clock. Not win because they ran the ball a lot.
  12. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    James Washington
  13. Not necessarily, right. A qb is still responsible for setting protections and the snap count not to mention how he moves in the pocket (not exactly the oline's fault if there are more rushers they can block or if the qb keeps moving into pressure). Time to throw is a useful metric but not all-encompassing. P.S. you would expect a higher time to throw based on the design of the offense. If there are only two receivers our running routes and everybody stays in to block, you would have a higher time to throw but you would still expect the pressure rate to remain lower because they have more help.