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  1. Not necessarily, right. A qb is still responsible for setting protections and the snap count not to mention how he moves in the pocket (not exactly the oline's fault if there are more rushers they can block or if the qb keeps moving into pressure). Time to throw is a useful metric but not all-encompassing. P.S. you would expect a higher time to throw based on the design of the offense. If there are only two receivers our running routes and everybody stays in to block, you would have a higher time to throw but you would still expect the pressure rate to remain lower because they have more help.
  2. One thing people must always keep in mind, first rounder picks are inherently risky. People need not be so loss averse.
  3. Doubt it. The turd I dropped 5 minutes ago can call a better game than Short Bus Shula.
  4. Damn we can't have good things. I am not hopeful about that there.
  5. Trai Turner way overrated at this point. Disappointing play this year.
  6. This is the only way Worley is going to see the field.
  7. Love Samuel's toughness. Turn on his OSU tape and you see him getting absolutely belted and making the catch.
  8. And people wonder why Shepard is a career backup smh
  9. How do you explain today then? Stewart was the only one who struggled.
  10. Is Hurney stageing a coup?

    Beats having Ron and Shule running show.
  11. I blame the fans. They keep watching a crappy product. You don't owe these teams anything. Stop going to games. Stop watching them on TV. We would have a better league for it.
  12. There is a lot more to be being a deep ball receiver than being fast.
  13. Haven't watched a Panthers game in weeks. Tell Jerry to get a better product. That is also how the world works.
  14. Stewart was washed up a year ago

    Who do you think the problem is? We are supposed to have a good interior line but we have had poor run blocking for years now.
  15. What type of Wr's is Shepard?

    You can find screenshots of the worst receivers in the NFL "open". Doesn't prove poo. The guy has been on 3 teams and not done anything. Either every QB he has played with for some reason won't pass him the ball. Or he sucks.