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  1. Stewart was washed up a year ago

    Who do you think the problem is? We are supposed to have a good interior line but we have had poor run blocking for years now.
  2. Question about mike Adams

    So was Deion Sanders. Still had an okay career.
  3. What type of Wr's is Shepard?

    You can find screenshots of the worst receivers in the NFL "open". Doesn't prove poo. The guy has been on 3 teams and not done anything. Either every QB he has played with for some reason won't pass him the ball. Or he sucks.
  4. This is top notch QB'ing by Cam Newton

    He also is terrible at football. That might have something to do with it.
  5. What type of Wr's is Shepard?

    Just admit it. He is who he has been his whole career. A JAG.
  6. cmc still doing nothing lol

    Kareem Hunt
  7. So Kelvin Benjamin....

    The offense works much better without him on the field. Slow, lazy, can't run routes.
  8. At least Bradberry wasn't also horrible the previous year. Also, Seymour is perfectly suited to be a cover 3 zone corner. Basically would be a man to man corner in the scheme.
  9. So Kelvin Benjamin....

    Am I lying?
  10. Worley was always better off at SS. Never liked him at corner.
  11. So Kelvin Benjamin....

    Dodging a bullet would have been him not coming back this season. No matter what anyone says, Panther's O is better off without him.
  12. He was giving Trai leverage against the DT. If he moved left, Dt would have had a clear line to him. Blame Norwell for disengaging Kalil's block for no reason.
  13. It's a triangle read to the left. That's why he was looking there first.
  14. DT had leverage to the left. Cam moved the right direction. Love Monday morning quarterbacking at its finest.
  15. It also helps that he is horrible at his job. This time I blame Norwell more. He helped unnecessarily and made Kalil disengage.