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  1. What happens if the new owner also buys the Huddle and bans you for stupid hypothetical questions?
  2. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    fug the pats, that is all.
  3. Rewatch SB 51...28-3 never forget.
  4. Updates on the team sale

    If you want to draw more people to games, lower the damn ticket price, not build a gazillion dollar stadium and charge more for tickets and parking.
  5. Caption this pic

    "Dome or no Dome, I'm not getting frostbite again."
  6. Moving closer to the SC line would decrease the number of hotel rooms available, which the Charlotte area is about 10000 rooms short. Moving to the boonies will kill any SB chances in the next 25 years. Not to mention BOA doesn't need to be replaced.
  7. I love the uptown stadium experience and more than that, I don't want a new stadium where tickets will be more expensive. I enjoy taking my family to the games and I fear a new stadium could put that out of reach fiscally or severally limit the amount of experiences.
  8. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    I think we need to know who the new owner is first
  9. Second fuging play and we can't get the call in
  10. It’s Coachs Birthday

    I'll defer my birthday comments until after the game...
  11. Can we not do all three? Worship the devil with our tranny friends and have Chick Fill A as a snack?
  12. Somebody is living rent free in your head...
  13. Could it be Shula's year?

    I'll write Shula one hell of a recommendation letter...just to get rid of him.

    that win was uglier than my gf...