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  1. its going to be cold as poo on sunday

    I will give you my Netflix account info so you don't have to do something so horrible ever again.
  2. Like I said before, you're a fuging retarded fug. Fun fun did not possess the ball in bounds.
  3. Neutral Zone Infraction

    Yeah, it was a bad no call. But it didn't make us lose the game. We played horrible in all phases of the game.
  4. You're an idiot, learn the rules. He never establishes possession in bonds, furthermore, the toss to Jacobs was after he landed out of bounds. fug you're a retarded fug.
  5. To the Pit of Misery!

  6. First, those things are not mutually exclusive. Second, Riverraft River needs to go as well. In conclusion, poo thread.
  7. Homeboy has played great, so I guess we can go ahead and lock this thread and everybody can eat their crow.
  8. I hate to agree with @sanjay_rajput but he is right. Also, something, something two TE sets.
  9. Need points off this badly!!!
  10. Missed the being of the game? Where is TD seeing a lot of Mayo...
  11. Everyone just pray to their respective god and maybe a few more (can't hurt), that Shula takes advantage of this.
  12. Calvin Pryor is available... again

    Can we get some data with that data or you just gonna throw it out there?
  13. Only question would be who the "target audience" for this tattoo would be...