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  1. Thoughts???

    Why not bring in Marino or Farve while we are at it?
  2. Replay Officials

    In this situation, doesn't Cam have to land in the endzone and not oob?
  3. Replay Officials

    Please link me this angle, I have not seen it not can I find it.
  4. Replay Officials

    Where is the ball in relation to the sideline?
  5. Replay Officials

    It's not what about I can argue, it's about what I can prove. And I can't prove nor can you that it was inside the pylon and within the field of play.
  6. Replay Officials

    If there was a view from the back of the endzone looking down the sideline, that view could be used to determine exactly where the ball is in relationship to the sideline as he is in the air. Without that view, you cannot argue 100% either way.
  7. Replay Officials

    Can't be sure with those pics...
  8. Replay Officials

    Let's see your math.
  9. Replay Officials

    I think the replay officials are doing a decent job, in my opinion (which is not from a trained expert as them) they still mess up a call every but that is going to happen. Also, I agreed with the call on the field and the replay of Cams run from Thursday. There was not definitive evidence that he crossed the goal line. There was not angle of the shot to confirm 100%.
  10. Barry Sanders and Walter Payton's love child couldn't run behind our line. So...NO.
  11. Last year at the Thursday night game this exact thing happened right beside me and my gf. Some girl was talking poo to a guy and the guy she was yelling at ask the girls BF to get her to stop and then all hell broke lose.
  12. Olsen would have won us the game

    Lolz garbage thread. And if the wind was blowing out of the south we would have won also....
  13. Luke needs to retire

    Bait what bait? And can you explain reading to me?
  14. I still hate RR more than Shula to be honest.
  15. Luke needs to retire

    Yes, you did say it might require another look, which you didn't take. Why wouldn't you take the time to review prior to your first post or second post? Also, how do you get even by a large margin?