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  1. I like his ample chest.
  2. Ole Hurn Dog has nothing to do with the statue, but nice to see that everything keeps coming back to that, also, nice to see somebody besides Trump being blamed for everything... But more on point, Tepper does not seem like the kind of guy to fire somebody without cause, or because of a nonrelated issue. I think Tepper gives Hurney enough rope to hang himself with and will make a move if needed.
  3. Popsickle

    Shady McCoy

    The pic has now been removed from IG
  4. Popsickle

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    I read an article yesterday that stated the Panthers website would stream the presser but I haven't seen anything on the site yet that implies they will.
  5. I love Cam to death, put I don't think that is possible.
  6. Popsickle

    Consultant or Team President

    Bring in the guy he wants as President as a "consultant" for a period of time so he can learn the lay of the land and then install him at a later time.
  7. Popsickle

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I see what you did there
  8. I'm for minority players doing, just not the white ones. I'm I doing this SJW thing right?
  9. I believe people should stand and show respect but damn NFL...
  10. Do you care to elaborate? Is all of it out of touch and backwards in you view?
  11. Popsickle

    Why has no one asked this!!!

    Finally a forum topic worth a damn!
  12. Another reason to avoid ESPN...
  13. Popsickle

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Supporting the troops isn't political, also the fly overs and whatnot are recruiting tools for the US Military and are paid for by them for this. It's just another cooler commerical within the game itself.
  14. Popsickle

    CJ Anderson the 'crab man'

    But but...there is already a "Crab Man" in the NFCS....