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  1. mb NFL should legalize cannabis already
  2. im in Lakewood, Right next to Denver. But i am kinda a broncos fan. :)
  3. its not messed up at all. Whats messed up is selling your tickets for 3 years in a row and complaining you no longer can make money off the license. As if you are entitled to some life long seat license.....
  4. he will also be leaving once his rookie contract is up
  5. there are no harambe jokes here. only mourning
  6. im giddy like a school girl
  7. It never stops!
  8. Jason Cole‏Verified account @JasonColeBR 16m16 minutes ago Among teams #Broncos have talked to about trading up are #Titans at No. 5. Might be too rich to go that high, but possible. 27 replies 85 retweets 52 likes If this is wrong forum, sorry feel free to move.