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  1. 57 yards passing.

    you cant ban harambe. He lives on in the force. If you strike me down.....
  2. Making America Great Again one Fast Food joint at a time

    Burger King employees tasing people now?
  3. Slave markets in Libya....

    Obama blamed for Libyan slave trade as shocking video goes viral https://www.yahoo.com/news/obama-blamed-libyan-slave-trade-032200388.html Former President Barack Obama has come under criticism after a series of videos showing men and women being sold in a renewed slave trade have gone viral in recent weeks. Some critics have begun questioning how much the Obama administration contributed to the problem with its 2011 intervention in Libya. Obama has acknowledged the issue before, calling it the "worst mistake" of his presidency. But as videos showing humans being sold into slavery shocks people around the world, the scrutiny has been renewed. "The responsibility is on Barack Obama's administration," University of Texas professor, Alan J. Kuperman, said in an interview with Newsweek. The United States launched an operation in Libya with NATO in 2011 in an attempt to save civilians who were targeted to be massacred by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Kuperman claims overthrowing Gadhafi led to many of the failed nation's issues, including the slave trade. An investigation from CNN showed migrants being sold for as little as $400 at auction. Thousands of immigrants have fled Libya for Europe in an attempt to escape violence and instability. Since 2014, 22,500 migrants have died or disappeared according to the International Organization for Migration. President Trump has been accused of waffling on his position on the U.S. intervention in Libya, but he did share one prophetic thought on the matter in a tweet in 2011. "As bad as Qaddafi was---what comes next in Libya will be worse---just watch," he said at the time.
  4. Anyone in the mood for MNF?

    https://twitter.com/YourSports/status/937860644786733056 https://twitter.com/YourSports/status/937860644786733056
  5. Anyone in the mood for MNF?

    now joe mixonnot moving
  6. Does white privilege exist?

    stormfront ? It is supposed to snow tonight.
  7. Does white privilege exist?

    hey did you know that after Mike Browns stepfather incited a riot shouting "burn this mother down" and 10 businesses burned down. That the Brown family sued the city of St. Louis and got a million dollar settlement out of it.
  8. Does white privilege exist?

    so many snowflakes melting in the sun....
  9. Does white privilege exist?

    i wonder if they will boycott indian, Asian, Latino businesses as well. Or if its just a boycott whitey thing. Cant boycott 7-11 they always open.