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  1. TRUE: California has the nation’s highest poverty rate, when factoring in cost-of-living "If you look at the official poverty measure in California, we’re about average with the rest of the country," Mayes said. "But if you use the supplemental poverty measure, we are in the lead. We have the highest poverty rate in the nation -- higher than New Mexico, higher than any of the southern states, Louisiana, Alabama, higher than Idaho." https://www.politifact.com/california/statements/2017/jan/20/chad-mayes/true-california-has-nations-highest-poverty-rate-w/
  2. HarambeLivesOn

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    wilson is 4th all time completion %....
  3. HarambeLivesOn

    NFL Rookie Rushing Leaders

    yea its a spread out state with alot of people who travel to the mountains every weekend. We need Elon Musks tunnel to Breckenridge.
  4. HarambeLivesOn

    NFL Rookie Rushing Leaders

    evergreen is nice, i had to do my internship out there. I love living out here. Denver is pretty cool too besides traffic.
  5. HarambeLivesOn

    NFL Rookie Rushing Leaders

    i live near boulder, and remember seeing Lindsay playing for CU. he was kinda average in college, but seems his game translates to NFL Kinda reminds me of Mcaffrey.
  6. NFL Rookie Rushing Leaders just for fantasy, etc. 1) Phillip Lindsay, DEN (178) 2) Saquon Barkley, NYG (134) 3) Jordan Wilkins, IND (101) 4) Royce Freeman, DEN (99) 5) Kerryon Johnson, DET (60)
  7. DJ Moore - 17/67 (25%) Calvin Ridley - 35/63 (55.6%) Courtland Sutton - 54/66 (88%) Christian Kirk - 31/45 (69%) Antonio Callaway - 50/62 (80%) DJ Chark - 30/71 (42%) Callaway and Sutton most played Rookie WRS
  8. HarambeLivesOn

    Stay safe ya'll

    Yes that state run electric company screams capitalism.
  9. so you are going to ask the gangs to give some of the money back to the people? how noble.
  10. HarambeLivesOn

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    libtards are so toxic they will probably get trump reelected and still wonder " But why?" Then quickly shift that into blaming racist white people again the next minute.
  11. clearly more socialist policies are needed.