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  1. If Treadwell is available at 30, does Gettleman take him?

    I think Treadwell might be the pick
  2. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Is there an Eli Apple Ohio State correlation here ? Is our second round pick Eli Apple ?
  3. Brad Nessler Leaving ESPN for CBS, will broadcast NFL games

    Wow. Nice take. It is fuging stupid to put big college games, basketball, or football on anything but a CBS or FOX .. National Championship for basketball on TBS for fugs sake? Needing cable, over the air antenna not enough, to watch the damn national championship for football, really ? Crash and Burn ESPN
  4. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Pretty cool. Chris Gamble was a top corner in the NFL ever since he came in the league. Had the great rookie season leading league in picks, teams just avoided him for the most part after that so he didnt get much press with low pick numbers and being small market Carolina. So underrated. I'll never forget when he back lateraled the ball on the punt return @Minnesota and we lost. Painful.
  5. Star's 5th year option picked up

    Star and Short are going to be here for a while, there is no doubt both of them stay here long term
  6. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    It's cause he's black
  7. I would be so mad if we had Luck instead of Cam lol
  8. Tom Bradys 4 game suspension REINSTATED

    Did somebody say cheap high quality jerseys ???
  9. I just dont get how people dont understand Josh Norman isnt worth the contract he got (on this team) he isnt worth it for US
  10. The best thing you will see all day....

    Cheaper than if he didn't tear ACL cause he'd have 1 more 1,000 yard season to show for
  11. The point was he wasn't going to be a Panther after this season anyway and that was common knowledge that's bad for team chemistry imagine Norman leading the league in picks with us this season only cause the front 7 being really good then the whole team having to hear Norman and his loud mouth about how he's going to be the highest paid player coming off a super bowl win gettleman said you might as well just fug off now
  12. NY Post-Panthers best drafting team last 5 drafts

    Da Fuq Horry County Myrtle Beach SC is straight ghetto though by the way
  13. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    I don't think this really hurts or helps him ... speeding, non-story At the same time this might be the break Brandon Wegher needed .. if it hurts CAP at all
  14. If rescinding the tag our "lockdown" CB doesn't mean we're signing Hardy

    Man, if you think a talent like Hardy wont play in the NFL again you don't know the NFL do you