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  1. Another school shooting this am

    This is where I can’t agree with you. lets definitely talk about making them hold less ammunition, reduce their rate of fire, making them less powerful, upping the age required for purchase etc but outright getting rid of them all is something I don’t think ever could or should happen.
  2. Another school shooting this am

    That’s a fair point. However I still think the breakup of the family is one of the greatest evils our society has had. and for the record, on every gun related thread I’ve participated in I’ve said, show me legislation that keeps firearms out of the hands of the crazies and criminals while not interfering with law abiding gun owners and I’ll support it 100%
  3. Another school shooting this am

    Not really. I am enjoying the back and forth.
  4. Another school shooting this am

    Trump might be religious, who knows
  5. Another school shooting this am

    Ah the old I’m going to hold you personally liable for everything your side does cliche. Hey the right in general needs a hell of a lot of reform. As does the left.
  6. I think mental health or family support services could be a lot better in this country
  7. Another school shooting this am

    The breakup of the nuclear family, the push for more government to exert more control over our lives and the exclusion of Christian principles have been primarily the work of left wingers.
  8. Another school shooting this am

    Guns have been a part of our society and our culture since the very beginning. It seems to me that if guns were the issue then these types of situations would have been happening since the very beginning as well. i think the issue is ultimately the push to end the nuclear family and substitute government as the authority figure in the household. And this is primarily led by democrats and ‘progressives’.
  9. Praising is the wrong term chosen on purpose. I defended milo based on what I knew at the time. Now I think he’s sick and needs help.
  10. In the context of the conversation. Again I don’t think like this
  11. If I were to admit I were wrong on this issue. And to be honest I think I was...I don’t think you’ll ever stop referring to me as a pedo. I think that’s how you’ve chosen to demonize me, who cares about the rightness or wrongness of my arguments if they think I am inappropriate with kids.
  12. I think and I still think some of what he said was meant in jest. And other stuff in light of what we now know is in my opinion akin to a rape survivor having feelings of guilt. so in summation the thread you’re referencing and attempting to crucify me with is an outdated position of mine.
  13. Yeah I formed an opinion based on the information available at the time, and when new information became available I changed my position. I did then and do now think milo needs counseling to help him get through his issues.
  14. And then I’m another thread after it had come out that he was a victim of sexual assault himself I said that it sounded like he had a screwed up way of dealing with the issue and I hoped he got the counseling he needed. Totally a pedo apology....