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  1. I'm done

    I'm done. You may have your safe space back now. I hope the few remaining centrists and libertarians here enjoy being the new nazis as the board tacks hard left. to anyone I've ever offended here, I'll quote a great man: "id like to take this opportunity to apologize to no one. The champ does what the fug he wants." mods work your magic.
  2. The Saha challenge

    Hahahahaha you know you're losing when the mods/admins have to intervene on your behalf to help smear someone.
  3. The Saha challenge

    I would argue he's got the right outlook on life.
  4. The Saha challenge

    You didn't block me. Pussy.
  5. The Saha challenge

    jesus.... please don't tell me you're about to rehash gamer gate
  6. The Saha challenge

    Hopefully I don't see his posts as well
  7. The Saha challenge

    A very nice try contestant, but we've already established that this phrases origin is is to point out the media bias. bzzzzzt. Please try again.
  8. Jeremy WTF?

    Nah soldier, you entered the desert, you're going to shoot a taliban.
  9. Jeremy WTF?

    All you have to do is not respond.
  10. The Saha challenge

    If you believe some of the leftists on this board I'm a bonafide supervillan. I should be plotting to kill superman and take over the world
  11. Jeremy WTF?

    @Gazi links to those threats please. I will stand on principle on this, and condemn the poster by name i don't care what your opinions are, you don't deserve to have your physical safety threatened over them.
  12. Jeremy WTF?

    @rodeo I'd actually like gazi back in here to explain what he thinks constitutes decency. Credit it where it's due: @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER I noticed his past couple of replies haven't included the phrases "known pedophile", "eat poo pedophile". Although I'm 100% certain you couldn't care less, it is appreciated.
  13. The Saha challenge

    So here's the deal. Straight up if any of you can find where I've posted anything that was in support of nazis or white supremacist in nature and it wasn't sarcasm, I'll leave, the mods/admins can delete my account and never again will I darken the steps of the tb or any other forum (will still lurk on main forum because I like following the panthers news, but will never create another account and post). If you find anything that you believe qualifies, then let's have a link to the thread.
  14. Jeremy WTF?

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.