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  1. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    Look, what did the Democrats say before Kavanaugh was even nominated? That they would oppose the pick. Didn’t matter who it was, they were against it. Now here we are on the cusp of him being confirmed and a highly suspect sexual assault claim pops up. Democrats have the motive, the resources and nothing to lose by fabricating a false accusation. im not biting.
  2. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    You and I know damn well that won’t happen.
  3. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    Right up until after election seems like a good timeframe doesn’t it? And furthermore what if there was an investigation and it found nothing? Do I think you or any of the howling lunatics on this board or this country or in Congress would accept the results of said investigation? Hell no. This is nothing more than a stall and delay tactic. There is no evidence beyond he said/she said. The right thing to do would be to ignore this completely. What I suspect will happen is someone’s spine will crumble and some how they’ll do it.
  4. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    No thanks I prefer only frogs up my wish hole.
  5. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    Feinstein doesn’t even know if the claims are true. This is crap https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nationalreview.com/news/dianne-feinstein-brett-kavanaugh-assault-accusation-veracity/amp/
  6. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    This would be a never ending series of stalls and delays if they didn’t. Democrats are desperate and trying to delay this until after the midterms in hopes they take the House in order to stop the process. That’s all this is.
  7. I just want everyone treated the same.
  8. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    So your response is to virtue signal? That’s kinda weird but ok. Hey someone accused you fry of inappropriate action. Who cares what kind of havoc this will wreak upon your wife and kids... we must empower the “victim”. thanks but no thanks. Someone accuses me of a crime I didn’t commit, I’m gonna defend myself. I don’t give a philly about the so called victim.
  9. Based on what I see I find it hard to argue that.
  10. Call me out in what you see me currently doing. That’s the difference.
  11. You’d have to be in a special kind of bubble to not see how white people are being treated like an enemy. See @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTERS comments in the natgeo thread as evidence. Im not buddying up to you. I’m trying to challenge your view point. Mine is certainly being challenged.
  12. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    Ok. Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation. Let’s say you are accused of a sex crime. Let’s say some person has come forward accusing you of a crime right on the cusp of you receiving a promotion. Do you want to preemptively admit guilt even though there is nothing to the claim? Do you want people to assume your innocence unless guilt is proven?
  13. How would you react if the current political climate said hey it’s all black guys fault, and thus we should be allowed to discriminate against them? i want a world where you as a black man and I as a white man are treated the exact same. What the modern leftists are seeking is no less than punishment of white people as a means to atone for what happened decades ago.
  14. Saha

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    You clearly don’t care about the principle which is being violated in all this: innocent until proven guilty. You can argue until you’re blue in the face about how the republicans wouldn’t consider Garland. But it doesn’t matter. The new SC nominations n is not rightly influenced by the last.
  15. I guess all my outrage glands are in shock. I just can’t manage to be upset over this.