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  1. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

  2. This thread didn't need to devolve like this, though
  3. Professional athletes don't even get hired, they get drafted. They get endorsement deals and are admired and influential, like it or not, simply because they play sports. People worship them for no reason. So of course some of them are going to try to use their platforms to do good and speak out politically. Comparing their jobs to your job or my job is insane. It's also deliberate false equivalency
  4. I think criticizing this post for the word "color" is a bit nitpicky and seems overly cautious not to offend white fragility.
  5. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

    White Power. Just come out and say it, bitch
  6. Apples to oranges would be comparing the occupational perks of a professional athlete or musician or celebrity to, say, someone who works at Best Buy or is a accountant or nurse. They aren't comparable in terms of pay, social influence, work privileges, notoriety or platform. Which is why athletes, musicians and celebrities advocate for less fortunate people to begin with. It's their privilege. This is a really obtuse, dishonest argument from people who simply don't want to have a conversation.
  7. This is an unrepentant racist who thinks pizzagate really happened, yall
  8. He absolutely did. Black athletes talking out of turn, as well as ANY form of protest by black people, has always been looked down upon by America. I guess privilege and "not wanting to hear about it" gives them the right to do that.
  9. Threads like this prove that a lot of you guys would've HATED Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos back in the day.
  10. ImaginaryKev

    OIG Report

    The report shows that Comey's behavior helped Trump and hurt Hillary (which reality already showed you) and ECat is posting walls of text that no one will waste time reading as a response. Brainwashed
  11. ImaginaryKev

    Trump Jong Un

    It takes a lot of work to be that obtuse
  12. ImaginaryKev

    Trump Jong Un

    Trump is literally describing fascism and right wingers are cool with it as long as they are top of the pecking order. Oh, and the left has been warning you about this the entire time. Racism and economic anxiety is a hell of a drug
  13. ImaginaryKev

    Trump Jong Un

    You're not addressing any valid criticisms, you're just complaining about the left complaining.