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  1. ImaginaryKev

    I am running for governor

    Cooter was trash
  2. This game notwithstanding, I have a hunch that the organization is praying that Moton excels on the right side this year so next offseason they can cut Kalil and try him at LT. That's a long way off but it'd solve a lot of problems.
  3. ImaginaryKev

    In defense of socialism

    I'm such a believer in American exceptionalism that I think that if the US adopted some socialist principles (not even as a whole) that we could do affordable healthcare, college, and a living wage better than anywhere else in the world. Sorry the right-wingers here aren't believers in America and think we can't do what other developed countries do, but better, (like war) so we shouldn't even make the attempt. Not very patriotic.
  4. ImaginaryKev

    In defense of socialism

    It's telling that Arsen cant see beyond his nose on this issue
  5. I echo the fans who want to see the All Black unis. They'd be ideal for Color Rush. Also, I'd personally like to see the white jersey/silver pant combo, just once.
  6. ImaginaryKev

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I actually did tell you to kill yourself and i take that back. I don't apologize totally because some of the poo you've been spewing is reprehensible but you really should seek therapy. And I think you're a prime example of conservative propaganda working because they prey on vulnerable people like you who lean towards scapegoating, believe conspiracy theories, don't understand racism, and blame liberals for all your problems. You're really a sad case. Get help.
  7. ImaginaryKev

    Film Don't Lie: Receiving Backs featuring CMC

    Same. I think he's like Reggie Bush in that respect. Hopefully he can be a more effective runner, I'm optimistic, but I always thought Bush was an NFL wr
  8. ImaginaryKev

    I am running for governor

    I take issue with your false equivalencies. I have since day one.
  9. ImaginaryKev

    I am running for governor

    Talk to a therapist
  10. ImaginaryKev

    I am running for governor

    And your hate of communists and socialists is glaringly incorrect in its premise. I don't think you understand communism or socialism, frankly
  11. ImaginaryKev

    I am running for governor

    I'm gonna have to agree with others. Most of your platform seems reasonable but your insistence on equating right wing extremism, who literally kill people and call for a white ethnostate, with people who....don't like them, and black nationalists who only make weird youtube videos that no one cares about is wrongheaded centrism and stubborn.
  12. ImaginaryKev

    Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Save Capitalism

    "And the GOP’s second promise isn’t holding up any better. Anyone familiar with arithmetic understood that the White House was lying through its teeth about the distributional implications of its tax plan. But the law’s effects have actually been more regressive than many on the left had anticipated. Although the idea that corporations would share their tax breaks with workers was always dubious, it was plausible that the law would produce a fiscal stimulus that tightened labor markets, and thus, lifted wages. And unemployment has, in fact, fallen to decades lows — but the inflation unleashed by Trump’s deficit spending has actually resulted in a decline in real wages (at least, by certain government measures)." http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/08/trumps-tax-cuts-keep-getting-more-expensive-and-regressive.html?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=s1&utm_campaign=nym This is the future g5 wants apparently
  13. ImaginaryKev

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Like, you know your goal in life is just to agitate and provoke poo when you wear a MAGA hat to a punk concert. Attention seeking for shitty reasons and martyrdom isnt political ideology. Oh wait, it is
  14. ImaginaryKev

    Where is the Catholic Backlash?

    Go fug yourself. You're acting like performative civility means anything and liberal "impurity" is worse than the causes the left rallies about, which is asinine. You're literally whining about people caring about others and making it an issue of decorum in a thread that's supposed to be about sex abuse victims. Shut up.
  15. Like, they literally drafted the best wr in this draft and i expect him to produce like a number one. That's not insanity, that's fair.