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  1. Saha, I don't wanna argue, and I would totally let you borrow $200 if you fell on hard times it just seems like something is lost in translation on a message board and that you care more about sticking it to liberals than you do about loving or understanding people and it confuses me, bruh
  2. Well considering I'm apart of the lgbtq community, I doubt you've sticked up for it more than I have, but I do understand your point seeing as I'm on a journey of self discovery and a mission to be more empathetic but damn dude, try to make your message more clear cuz it seems like you're painting Muslims with a broad brush like Cooter used to about ten years ago
  3. LOL shut up
  4. Only in the context that I think many folks use his quotes and memes to make points about civility, which I agree with, while ignoring his calls to action and other opinions that would make him pretty controversial and not nearly as well regarded if he were alive today. The part about using him as a weapon was not meant for you at all. I've seen in the past here, and on every other social media platform, a whitewashed sanitized version of him used as a hammer to critique BLM protesters and outspoken black people, and I also saw the conversation turning towards black behaviour and saw a possible "black culture and pathology" narrative forming and reacted crudely. I'm sensitive about that and didn't make myself clear, which is my fault.
  5. And the OP is so laughable in his narrow-minded thinking. You can do all of the above, lol, and defend everyone sorry being empathetic and understanding and juggling complicated issues is like a foreign concept to you. Argh, thinking hard hurts
  6. Oh wow, and in this case, just like with right wing America, religion is being used as a tool to oppress and demean gays. Maybe the Donald can speak up and try to make a deal with Putin who can in turn tell his buddy in Chechnya to ease up with the human rights abuses? Does he care?
  7. A lot of those predominantly muslim countries are patriarchal societies which seek to demean women anyway and religion is a tool. Just like other religions, these people are not a monolith and different individuals interpret their faith and scripture differently. No research done. "This is definitely a hot-topic and complicated issue but one of my favorite misconceptions to tackle. It's important to realize the difference between cultural influences and religious policy. Many countries across the world, including Muslim countries, have patriarchal cultures (cultures in which men are automatically assumed to lead), which are often socially constructed and influenced by the traditions, gender roles, and practices of that culture. Islam as a religion, however, preaches equality of the sexes. There are many Muslim women who have made great accomplishments in the fields of science, entertainment, academia, art, and politics—just this year, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, a professor of biology, became president of Muslim majority African country Mauritius!"
  8. Oh, if you guys are gonna cherry pick MLK to make a point, don't forget how much he hated war and capitalism, and how many times he was arrested for blocking traffic and protesting like protests today (29 times to be exact since I know some of you won't google it to understand other perspectives or only bring him up to criticize black folks.)
  9. Oh yeah, there was violence and protest, but it was a result of a long history of police brutality and minorities being targeted/fined in order to raise revenue for the city. This was discovered as a result of a Justice Dept probe into the Ferguson Police Department (the same Justice Dept which exonerated Darren Wilson), which would've never happened had those citizens not protested and brought attention to that department's corruption. It wasn't just the Michael Brown situation, there was pattern and that community had enough of the systemic racism. There's also plenty of video and cell phone footage of police officers taking off their badges, dismantling cameras so the media can't film them, arresting journalists for no reason, and escalating violence when they should've been trying to de-escalate the situation, but you never bothered to research that or google it, you just wanted to paint a community of colored folks with a broad brush to make a point and win am argument.
  10. Freedom of speech is great and by all means, let her make an ass out of herself for attention, who cares, but it's so odd that people pick the "defend an unrepentant racist /Nazi" hill to die on when they wanna get self-righteous about the first amendment, as if that slope is just way too slippery and stamping out hate speech is gonna lead to Armageddon. She's a shithead and so is Milo, but I agree that this dude only helps their cause and allows them to play the victim of the liberal media card. People need to think.
  11. Four mismatch players on the field at the same time with Samuel and CMC, Olsen and KB. Nice. Finally.
  12. Ole AG Sessions is ready to revive the war on drugs because he's dumb as poo. "Between 1980 and 2015, the number of people in prison for drug offences increased more than 10-fold, from 40,900 to 469,545, and the average sentence more than tripled, according to data compiled by the Sentencing Project. The majority of them were low-level offenders with no criminal record. The idea was to disrupt street gangs, Mr Longo said, but while the approach "might have destabilised the market for a minute, it didn't have any long term, sustainable effect". A 2013 study published in the British Medical Journal found that since 1990 US drug prices nationwide had fallen while purity increased. And a 2012 study by the University of Florida found that the threat of severe punishment was "generally weak and insignificant" at deterring drug crime or lowering addiction rates."
  13. Re: This idea that it's individual bad apples in police dept vs. systemic problems that black folks don't buy. Justice dept finds Baltimore PD has some issues with racism: Also, Ferguson PD: Even San Francisco: Some recent events: More fun stuff which does not help inspire confidence that justice will be served in case I'm shot by the police like Philando Castille: I don't expect these links to be read, and if they are they'll be discredited as liberal bias so whatever Thank God we have Jeff Sessions here to review (or roll back) civil rights reforms for these depts going forward, he's not a racist keebler elf stuck in 1920 at all.
  14. And a good portion of the answers are summed up in the op link anyway. Still, a culture of victim blaming and deflecting, while ignoring historical context contributes.