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  1. I are obscenely wealthy people who may or may not have actually worked hard for their millions victims for actually having to pay taxes? Like, what?
  2. He probably got his lawyers to get him out of paying the groundskeepers
  3. I understand the context now. My bad
  4. There's nothing noble or moral or defensible about stripping vulnerable, poor people of healthcare in order to shift wealth to the rich, and changing the subject about how people would or would not support if it was "the other side" isn't helpful, it's just a distraction to try to avoid talking about the issue
  5. The cop didn't do his job, he panicked and killed an innocent man
  6. I really want to link the articles about the DOJ investigation concluding that while Darren Wilson might not have killed Brown in cold blood (he's still a racist), the Ferguson PD targeted minorities for years with fines in order to drive up revenue. Just in case people have forgotten
  7. And I don't like calling anyone racist. I will refer to policies or midget attorney generals as such but not people, unless they're a total ass which this board has a few of. But it's supremely difficult to explain your point of view to people who deny the existence of something that is glaringly obvious to you when you already have the resources to find out about and educate yourself. I don't mind elaborating my opinions and I know the burden of proof is on me to explain my positions, but some of these folks immediately go into defensive mode about privilege or racism and will demand you submit anecdotal evidence, video evidence, and statistics, and even that isn't enough, and I wonder "do you know that Google is free?" I came up in the same shitty SC educational system without being bogged down with racist viewpoints and I never even met an Indian or Muslim person til adulthood, so why can't you? I eventually discovered NPR and am radio, like, it *can* be done (and I kind of feel when people ask you to explain *why* all the time, they aren't really interested, they're intentionally stifling conversation because they don't want to address the point you're making and their concern or curiosity of your pov is just for show). Then they wonder why I'm short with trolls and react aggressively to racism on here.
  8. The best part about trying to discuss racism or privelege with people is how when you mention these terms they immediately go to "I've worked for everything I ever had, nothing was ever handed to me", demonstrating that they don't understand what privelege is, or that it isn't an indictment or speaks to a lack of goodness/character--that it's societal. And instead of listening to what you say, they're in defensive mode and spend the entire argument denying that they are racist, dominating the conversation, and don't learn anything, and you never even accused them of being a racist to begin with. It's exhausting.
  9. Just world fallacy: "If you're poor you MUST be lazy and deserve to live in poverty" "If you're rich it's obviously because you worked hard and are deserving" No gray areas. No societal or logistically or racial barriers which might hold you back. Status quo is good enough. "If I worked hard I have no interest in helping anyone else not because I'm a shitty person but because I feel like suffering builds character." And the same folks making these statements claim we can't think critically and have nuanced discussion. Comical.
  10. I think it has to do with cognitive biases, in particular the Just World Fallacy, which influences people's opinions on a living wage too. It keeps them safe feeling like the police are generally good and all the black people they shoot are always in the wrong. If they had to face the proposition that there are grey areas and that some police departments which claim to be there to serve and protect us and uphold the law and keep law abiding citizens safe (and if you do nothing wrong and JUST COOPERATE nothing with happen to yous) might actually not be as virtuous as they imagine, then that'd probably freak a lot of people out. Theyd suddenly not feel so safe. Then they'd know how black people feel.
  11. People in the board say that systemic racism doesn't exist yet think it's possible for us to reason with them when things like this happen. Not when you say that Denial if reality makes reasoning with you impossible, which is why we usually don't want to discuss this type of thing with you because you're either racist or you're just naive and blind to white supremacy.
  12. Then show more sympathy to the police officer who killed a completely innocent black person than the four year old in the back seat who witnessed it all and displayed more maturity and calm in the face of turmoil than a supposedly trained public servant. Anti blackness is strong and it's a shame that so many on this board deny what's right in front of them.
  13. Be like this fake version of Martin: Appease moderates by staying quiet and do everything the right way and don't speak out of turn or get too loud or protest, like AT ALL, lest you make white people like Rudy Gulliani or Tomi Lahren-level or your aunt Helen who just "wishes we could get past race" uncomfortable. It's a great message to send to black people. Doing everything right and be a supposed paragon of nonviolence and cooperation, and society will still hate you while you're alive and brand you a trouble maker, then blow your head off to silence you, and THEN years after your death use your percieved pacifism as a rhetorical tool (weapon) to shame black people into silence whenever they speak up about civil rights or police brutality.
  14. Moderate white people hated MLK and thought he wanted too much too soon. He was a trouble maker. These days when I hear white people say that we need to be more like King, I wonder, do they mean we need to march and get beat up by police and block traffic and organize sit-ins and buy a lot of guns (MLK had a ton of guns for protection) and get arrested 29 times for protesting inequality and racism? Cause that's exactly what BLM is doing LOL