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  1. This. ALM is a silencing tactic akin to bringing up Chicago or black on black crime whenever black people speaking outta turn. The amount of cognitive dissonance it takes for him to reconcile his "love" for hip-hop and his racism is pretty massive
  2. It's the Bill Cosby dirty laundry thing all over again and Floyd is probably a worse person
  3. OMG get over yourself, your narcissism is disgusting
  4. No one cares what this wife beater has to say
  5. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    Trump is endorsing a lot of losers lately. Sad.
  6. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    All day on the computer? It literally takes no time at all to poke holes in your fugshit arguments which don't stand up to an ounce of scrutiny, you unoriginal little cnut. And I'm black, btw
  7. New user here who happens to be black

    The arsonist was scared for his life
  8. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    Get over yourself you projecting little turd
  9. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    https://news.vice.com/story/shot-by-cops "An exclusive analysis of data from the 50 largest local police departments in the United States shows that police shoot Americans more than twice as often as previously known. Police shootings aren’t just undercounted — police in these departments shoot black people at a higher rate and shoot unarmed people far more often than any data has shown. Recent reform efforts have already worked to bring down police shootings, our investigation shows. Yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions is moving away from these reforms, to the dismay of advocates, experts, and some local law enforcement officials."
  10. Trump & Moore: A Lot In Common

    Sigh. Racists.
  11. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    You're stupid as hell
  12. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Listening to this E Cat dude pretend to respect hip hop culture while he STEALS from it and parrots alt right talking points is akin to Paul Ryan pretend he's a Rage Against the Machine fan. Everything about you, EvErRy Thing, runs counter to the culture you claim to love you fugging vulture.
  13. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Stop being obtuse.