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  1. ImaginaryKev

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Those posts have a real sealion quality to them
  2. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

  3. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

    I guess he wasn't really taken out of context a few weeks ago when he referred to immigrants as animals considering he thinks they are "infesting" our country. Some of yall voted for a white supremacist.
  4. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

    Shot thru the heart, the burn hurts
  5. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

    Keep being a joke, it entertains us
  6. ImaginaryKev

    "We'll stop it"

    I'm not talking Obama specifically. I know he deported tons of people. But this whole "dems are open borders" poo is a lie, and tondi mentioning tax cuts without mentioning that only the super rich benefit is the picture of intellectual dishonesty
  7. ImaginaryKev

    "We'll stop it"

    Democrats aren't for open borders, some of you Trump supporters need to quit trying to move the goalposts and creating this epic fugging strawman in order to defend human rights abuses because it's sick
  8. ImaginaryKev

    "We'll stop it"

    He already is, quit playing dumb Your post is dripping with willful ignorance
  9. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

  10. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

    Anyone who doesn't see this is a racist.
  11. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

    The white supremacy is evident. And a lot of Americans are cool with it.
  12. ImaginaryKev

    The Trump Fallacy Versus Facts

    The fact that you shared a link reporting on it happening shows that it was indeed a story and people cared about it. You care more about pointing out both sides that what actually happens.
  13. ImaginaryKev

    WTF have we become

  14. This thread didn't need to devolve like this, though