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  1. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    BTW, this is what a defense looks like. I think you guys fired the wrong guy.....3rd qtr and the Saints are scoreless......
  2. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Wentz is definitely overrated. i have been saying him having the 15th ranked passing attack, vs a top 5 rushing defense and rushing offense contributed to his success. Usually, the MVP has a top 5 passing attack, because he is dealing, or in Cam's case, the top offense a few years ago for the panthers when he was dealing with his arms and legs. Eagles were a top offense, but it was due to their rushing, not Wentz. How are you the MVP when your arm nor legs have your team in top five offensive Territory? He was the leader in TDs because the rushing and defense got him there. If his arm was getting them in the endzone, no way would they be ranked 15th in passing when he was under center. We seen what happens when him or Dak are asked to win it with their arms. In KC and SEA, Wentz was asked to come from behind...couldn't do it. He is definitely the MVP when things are going great.
  3. I just don't see what Ron brings to your team. He just seems like a guy whom has great defensive players, not a guy that coaches defensive players. How your D gets gashed at times should be alarming if Shula is so bad at calling plays on O. What exactly is Ron doing then? You don't look like defensive stalwarts imo.
  4. Nice pass and run by your two young studs, but don't you guys feel it is about time Cam stops carrying your team and get a real coach in there? Does anyone fear Ron like Bill, Mike, Sean, or even the Philly coach? Nobody says, "We have to outmatch the mastermind Riverboat Ron back there" they say, "We gotta stop Cam" Pats can and have won with a not so on point Brady and without Brady.
  5. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    Kap wins this game
  6. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    Aight, sooooo...You guys are losing to a QB with a 11 QBR and completed 3 passes!?...
  7. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    Sucks being a panther fan these day eh? Lol Well, living in place, but having a team elsewhere rubs off on you. Root for the hawks when they are not playing the Pack, but want them to lose if it benefits the pack. It is difficult to like the hawks, too many fair-weather fans after the last SB. I have always like The Pack with Favre. While I do refer to the hawks as “We” or “Us” it is only because everyone around does that $hit, and it sort of rubs off. People assume you like the hawks, or the team in your area, eh….not always true. However, it is hard not to respect your areas accomplishments. When you have a suspect coach in your hometown and your true team…it makes things twice as bad…Then the QB gets hurt…
  8. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    You all know the situation more than I do, but to me, it looks like Ron only has a job because Cam is his QB. This would not fly with a Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, etc; he would have been long gone because those guys are not freaks of nature. Saying that, the aforementioned QBs cannot put on a cape and play outside the X's and O's like Cam does. Cam has never developed as a QB should because of this. Your ownership is wasting this kid's football years with every moment that passes without a true coach. This is why I have never been hard on Cam like other outsiders, or even panther fans. Basically, you are right. Our situation is much better. Yeah...Those play-calls has America talking, I think both of those guys will be gone soon. The definition of insanity is.......................???
  9. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    You can have our HC, he will not cost you regular season games, but SB titles.. But keep Shula, because if you dump him, there is a 1/32 chance of us getting him, due to his last name..