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  1. Tbe

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Correction: the secondary lets everyone get open, dang.
  2. Tbe

    todays OTA tweets and news

    With the new rules it might be worth it.
  3. I’m all for cleaning house if the team doesn’t perform but there has to be better alternatives available. You can’t just fire and bring in some old bum. If it takes keeping the current crew around until someone with true popential comes available, then fine.
  4. Yeah, this should be old news that he was gone. I guess Person doesn’t watch panthers.com?
  5. Maybe, but it would be a bigger hassle to get there. SC has half the population of NC. Moving the stadium further away from the population center just doesn’t seem smart.
  6. Tbe

    MLS to Charlotte?

    So he’s moving to Charlotte?
  7. He’s being force to sell because of work place misconduct. I doubt he’ll ever be let back in the building. That would just be a bad look and pretty insensative to the employees he harassed if they did.
  8. I would expect them after the owners vote. He might wait until the sale closes in July to do an official press conference.
  9. Tbe

    Apple for Panthers

    I read that Tepper will get a $2 billion tax write off for buying the panthers. Not bad.
  10. Recommended by Remmers and speed bump. What could go wrong?
  11. Tbe

    No DB Coach movement

    So is this an indication he doesn’t want to hire within?
  12. He was the only weapon on that team. Teams were keying in on him. Given that and his QB situation, he did really well.
  13. If the difference in price is hundreds of millions then this could end up in the courts. Provided Jerry wants to fight it.
  14. Khalil is just riding out this contract. I expect him to play worse.
  15. He’s an FBI agent now.