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  1. Hasn't Julio been playing injured all season?
  2. Honestly, to me being a fan of a person makes more sense than being a fan of a logo and faceless organization. As Seinfeld put it, you're basically just rooting for laundry.
  3. You do have to wonder what cam is thinking. His 3 best friends on the team were let go this year.
  4. Unique fact about this game

    Yeah, last week. Peppers/Luke vs Brady.
  5. You have to take your chances not running him. As he gets older he'll be more injury prone and things will take longer to heal. Even if you run him and he plays great, one bad hit could kill the entire season. You can't take that kind of chance every game. You have to hope he can change or draft another QB.
  6. The interesting thing about that test is it could result in a treatment if they find a way to eliminate that protein.
  7. You know what's lol. 16 tds and 16 isn't in the past 16 games.
  8. Had it

    Yeah, it's not just bad football it's boring football. This team will be last in the division again and have a top 10 pick again. Let's hope the new coaching staff picks a good one.
  9. This 1000%. Take away all those turnovers in 2015 and the offense doesn't come close to highest scoring in the league. watch other good teams. Our plays look pedestrian most of the time.
  10. Show Me the Evolution

    Shula = run...run...long pass.
  11. Your Ideal Owner

    Payton Manning with TD as minority owner.
  12. Well?

    Falco all day
  13. TJ Ward update

    It's funny, it seems like all the steelers fan sites and twitter accounts say he is coming here.
  14. I don't know if this will happen but we need someone desperately. The kind of talent we need to backup mike isn't found on waivers. I'd rather spend here than trade away picks.