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  1. Hopefully he is ok playing a backup role. That’s the only way this could go down well.
  2. All of Belichick’s former assistants turned HC have been hot poo too. Doesn’t mean much.
  3. Never said it would revolutionize football. But the possibility of some tool, technique, or research that is unique to the franchise should be worth pursuing. Experimentation is where innovation comes from. Anyway, It’s been well documented that Cleveland has ignored their analytics at times to their detriment. Example: Drafting Jonny football.
  4. But thats Ron’s problem. Tepper is trying to figure out how to create long term competitive advantages. HE may want it.
  5. Make the proposal again. Tepper might force Ron’s hand this time.
  6. Getting pressure takes time. You can’t do it if the QB is getting the ball out fast. That’s why you need a good secondary.
  7. I hope he’s embarrassed enough to want to retire. Truly the best thing that can happen at this point.
  8. Apparently, Zay Jone’s mother tweeted that Zay has to tell KB where to line up pretty regularly. Hilarious
  9. That 5 mil is guaranteed since he made the initial roster.
  10. He’s going to make sure we are on the cutting edge of everything. I love it!
  11. Tbe

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    All that time at home watching nudie videos makes him a hard body “expert”
  12. Ideally we put Moton where he is most comfortable. If that is RT, then we need to eventually find an LT. If Matt comes back though, I wouldn’t mind moving Moton back to RT just to get Amini off the field.
  13. Tbe

    Game ball, who gets it?!

    The D line was great. The secondary actually gave them time to work.
  14. Anyone watching Jackson? Dude already looks better than Bradberry. Really solid play so far.
  15. Tbe

    Midfield Logo Watch

    What a jerk big cat was. Can someone paint the panther head logo on Richardson’s front lawn? If some ladies is tight jeans do it, he might decide to keep it.