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  1. I love how someone commented on Gamble being released with no plans for his replacement. Gettleman was lucky to have a budding All-Pro on the roster without knowing it the first time, but since he let him walk it's been a tough to find a replacement.
  2. Rivera post-game presser

    Not to mention an offensive coordinator that decided throwing deep into prevent defense was a good idea. He could have continued to throw short passes, and Cam would have had success, but he decided it was better to have him throw bombs. Then Shula gets into a situation where short passes become difficult, and inexplicably he decides to abandon the run.
  3. Which path for Newton?

    It all depends on Shula. If Shula continues to call games like tonight, you'll see Cam do everything he can do to get the win. Including sacrificing his body, just like tonight.
  4. Yeah, you guys better pray Blount doesn't get hurt. He carried your offense, that and fluke interceptions bouncing your way.
  5. Holy poo this Wentz kid can't read a defense.
  6. Naw, he's not even close to Cam's level. Cam was the Panthers running game, had 7 dropped passes from receivers, and still passed for a higher completion percentage with a bum shoulder coming off of surgery, and a hurt leg. Your quarterback is trash. I'm watching him miss layups right now on my DVR, ROFL!
  7. It's going to be fun watching your poo quarterback fail in the playoffs.
  8. This is what he does. He thinks running the wrong plays at the wrong time with the wrong players is sneaky. It's fuging stupid.
  9. Let Cam run up tempo the rest of the game. These plays are designed to fail.