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  1. Krovvy

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    I would have thought Kamara would have been on the list.
  2. And what did the new offensive coordinator want?
  3. The defense finally forced a 3 and out.
  4. How the hell did we get that call.
  5. This defense blows. Another year of Cam or nothing.
  6. Can they stop with these fuging cute plays, and let Moore run some routes?
  7. Wow, that was blatant interference. I guess Smith should have stumbled to the ground 5 yards away from the defender if he wanted the flag.
  8. Funchess ran the wrong route again?
  9. Browns look like they've finally found a quarterback. They also look like Halloween candy.
  10. I don't think Norwell has looked too exceptional so far on the Jaguars. Or at least the reactions from their fans isn't very impressive.