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  1. This is entirely on the coaches.
  2. I'll never forgive Gettleman for not signing Norman. Set back this franchise years.
  3. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    Absolutely. He's produce more than any receiver their Panthers have on the roster.
  4. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    I wanted Lattimore so bad.
  5. We should have kept the guy that traded a fourth for a punter.
  6. Only down two more scores. Time for stat acquisition.
  7. I guess I need to bump the Shepard thread too.
  8. Who would be available though? Would the Panthers have to make a trade?
  9. How many catches did other receivers have last week? I'll be waiting on you to "write" the next fluff article on how the Panthers newest JAG is going to be a Pro-Bowler.
  10. You haven't looked into poo. You're the most blind poster I've ever seen. By the way your boy just lost the game.