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  1. Browns look like they've finally found a quarterback. They also look like Halloween candy.
  2. I don't think Norwell has looked too exceptional so far on the Jaguars. Or at least the reactions from their fans isn't very impressive.
  3. Krovvy

    Donte Jackson

    I'm kind of surprised of how critical fans are of Jackson after a couple of years of this fanbase spouting about Worley's potential.
  4. That's what I thought when I saw it live. It didn't look like Moore was in the right spot. Having admitted that I still want to see his snaps increased substantially.
  5. Are there any stats on running the wrong route, or running a lazy "route", like a HA stat (half-assing)? Do balls thrown to where Funchess should be, but isn't counted anywhere? How about blocking for receivers? Does PFF grade that?
  6. Gettleman didn't just trade a sixth to move up for Funchess, he traded a third round pick as well.
  7. Krovvy

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    I trust Bersin to make a third down catch more than Funchess.
  8. Wright and Moore should be the starting receivers until proven otherwise.
  9. Trade Funchess, sign Gordon, put Moore in the fuging game MORE!
  10. It's ALWAYS Hurney's fault. If only Gettleman were here to save the day!
  11. The DEFENSE lost us the game. This team is built around the defense, if the offense doesn't execute, I'm not surprised.
  12. Sign Josh Gordon, and anyone they can find. This team needs a talent injection.
  13. Most of the failures of today were Gettleman's boys.
  14. I'm starting to feel like David Mayo is a better player than Shaq.
  16. I changed my mind, the Panthers should sign Josh Gordon.
  17. No! Not in the least. LaFell was a great blocker that always gave effort, and while he did drop some balls he was at least physical, and fought for his catches. LaFell isn't the lazy ass route runner that Funchess is. There's a reason that LaFell has done well on other teams.
  18. Trade Funchess for a 7th round pick. I do not want him on this fuging team. Dave Gettleman's eye for talent, trading away draft pick after draft pick to move up for TRASH.
  19. It's 1.5 games into the season, and people are already shitting on the rookies?
  20. Another season of Super Cam or L?
  21. Funchess should not be in every offensive play.
  22. What was Funchess doing there?
  23. Funchess should be third on the depth chart. I hope the Panthers do not re-sign him.