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  1. Should I bang this guys ex wife

    Hung out with him a lot back in highschool I don't consider him a friend he was more of an acquaintance but he's good friends with all of my friends . He also tried to rip me off wanting 16k for a job that was 3000$ for house work . What y'all think ?
  2. If that's the case I'll be an ole miss fan for taking Shula away from us ! Please hire him ole miss
  3. Having a great time in NYC

    Obviously not tre Boston but a guy that looked like him
  4. Having a great time in NYC

    Not as crazy as it has been didn't fight anyone yet but it has been very wild to say atleast . A little recap I drove from nc down to NYC my cousins moved to a town in NYC Called Staten Island a bunch of jersey shore looking dudes here but it's a ferry ride away from NYC (manhattan ) . So my first night down my friends old neigbor from Brooklyn kids loaded because of his dad he threw a huge party and had a party bus I got so drunk me and my cousin killed a whole bottle of warm captain morgan and I really went hard wanted to show these Yankees how us southern boy drink and i killed that bottle in an hour . First bar in NYC i enter the bar and run towards the first girl some hot blonde i was pumped started making out with her and grabbing her tits on the dance floor then she left then I see this little liberal hipster with a hot blonde and I steal her from him and start dancing but nothing happens then seen this hot brunette and I got fuging slapped by this girl . Then me and my cousin went in the bathRoom and did some nice drug with this treboston guy then it was on to bar too which I get in so wrecked and hit on some guys gf and get in a screaming match and they kick me out then I start puking my brains out and had the worst hangover ever . The next day . My cousin are all hungover and don't wanna go out but idgaf I went out by myself I took an express bus to manhattan and my friend told me to hit up the east village to this place called hair on dog or some weird name like that . So I go there early like 10 pm by myself just drinking red bull and vodkas at the end of the bar and this girl came up next to me and i forgot what she said but i made conversation with her and started chilling with her group of girls it was ludwig and 5 girls and I started getting sexual with her and ended up going back to her hotel and she was a freakkkkkk but she had short hair I hate that and was blonde the blondes love ludwig . Then the next day I go on tinder and meet this latina girl in the Bronx and banged her in my rv van in some parking lot the drive was hell so much traffic dudes cutting me off people drive either crazy vin diesel fast dipping in and out of traffic or drive slow . That girl was the best ever in bed she was porn star good with the head she looked exactly like this porn start named Megan salinas I hung out with her twice and then here we go to last Night . I go to a dive bar for thanksgiving eve and my cousins friends see a girl they know and the girl was telling me about her friend that's a sex addict that's on a site called fet life and she loves sucking dick and being choked so the girls like you want me to hook you up with her I said no I hate being awkaward show me the girl and I'll go up to her so I went up to her and long story short she sucked me off for an hour and she was a freak that let me punch her in the face . But she wasn't as good as the latina girl then lter in the night we met these other girls through my cousins friend and we kicked it off and she wanted me but didn't like being set up but we'll hangout next time I come down girl is a dream girl but she's not a whore at all but that's a wife type of girl . Then I get in a taxi and start puking my brains out I drank way too much and woke up now with a huge hangover and can't wait to eat some turkey . Happy thanksgiving y'all
  5. Not sure what section but it's in the 1st section as well
  6. I think we are top 5 we just got healthier and the grass has been greener with benji gone . Our whole season rides on the next couple games if we come out strong we are Super Bowl contenders or not we are pretenders . I'm taking my changes we are great in dec
  7. Bring him in peppers and freeny would be the illest combo 10 years ago
  8. Ginn was a good wr he never got the respect he deserved . I still think he's better with cam then Bree's
  9. Going to be in NYC for thanks giving so I'm going to the game . Going to get drunk as anything and go crazy!!!
  10. If hardy couldn't get revenge on us bum ealy won't
  11. Stop being delusional . Kalil is 100x better than Larsen if he's good to go ! Offense getting better, can't wait to see mr olsen
  12. Bene wasn't terrible depth but he had a poor attitude and gave up vs Julio . Gentleman was a little too emotional when it came to Cuts I would have still kept bene and definitely would have kept tre Boston he's looking good with la