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  1. Finally letting cam run If he dies the he dies but we need to win and cams running let's us win
  2. Igaf I turned the game off and just watching redzone before I punch another hole in my wall fug this team chugging this captain Morgan with anger ! I want Shula fuging fired such bullshit jerry you delusional bastard fire Shula and or rivera before it's too fuging late I honestly can't watch this offense someone needs to get fired or cam neeeda to be echoed
  3. Truth hurts but once again panthers united is right
  4. Can we Promote Wilks?

    Yea he really deserves a promotion after the way our defense is playing right now
  5. He was a scare crow out there any way
  6. Let's not make no more excuses cams a good athlete not a good qb
  7. Hasn't been mentally heathy since the Super Bowl cam really lost it he fuging sucks now idc what people say he is terrible it's on him he can't do nothing but run
  8. Panthers will win this game

    Says the guy who said Fred Ross is good lol
  9. Bradberry is trash so overrated fuging ginn burned us
  10. We are fuging getting ass raped by the saints the saints we suck seasons done
  11. Do we even have a sack ?
  12. We look like a top 5 draft pick