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  1. If we do trade anything, I'm shopping Butler for an OT prospect.
  2. The Matt Kalil move reeks of the same stink that was the re-signing of the core of a 2-14 team way back when where JR most definitely had his hand in the company cookie jar as things unfolded. Based on Hurney 2.0 moves, it seems like those were all JR moves and Kalil's signing seemed like a move to appease Ryan instead of making the team better because it was such an out of character signing for Gettleman to make. Of course, it could all be conjecture and Gettleman could have been gaga over M. Kalil for no reason and it's all wishful thinking from Gettleman homers. Probably a little bit of both, but either way, the move itself feels like a JR move if that makes sense.
  3. Cracka McNasty

    Kalil visiting Dr. James Andrews

    I mean we have Moton who the team feels is the future at LT. It just sucks that Williams had to go down because then we'd see if we were all set for the future at both spots on the line.
  4. Cracka McNasty

    REPORT: DJ Moore in trouble with the law

    For real though, too many people on here acting like it's no big deal, and I disagree. While he isn't beating women or murdering people, he's still being reckless and putting himself and others in danger needlessly. So while I'm not ashamed to have him on my team, I'm incredibly miffed at his stupidity and selfishness. I won't hate him forever and hope he learns from this mistake. Then again I'm a bit oversensitive when it comes to stuff like this due to how many people I've known lose their life/quality of life due to driving related incidents. Driving isn't a right and too many people treat it like it is.
  5. A) I agree Cam gets more poo than he deserves but this fanbase is so full of white knights when it comes to him that it's like the dude is infallible. No. Cam has his faults, he's not perfect, and you're not wrong if you call them out. B) I agree, the entire argument is asinine from Theisman, who I think is a mouth breathing idiot, but I knew all too well that this board was about to go full retard because of it. C) I do not post in the game threads (I can't remember the last time I even did it) so your statement that I poo them up is false and you are confusing me with someone else. I demand an apology for this slander (not really, I don't care). D) The way you took the flow chart only proves my point further. People can't take ANY criticism of Cam in this fanbase. They can't even just laugh at an idiot like Theisman, they have to get butthurt and start hurling attacks at people who make a joke about the whole thing. My overall message is, grow thicker skin people, and fug the Joe Theisman's of the world because he's a goober and not worth our time.
  6. Just had to make sure they didn't see @TheSpecialJuan's Avatar and no one batted an eye.
  7. I've posted it multiple times since April.
  8. Cracka McNasty

    REPORT: DJ Moore in trouble with the law

    What a dipshit thing to do
  9. EVERY QB is often disrespected. It's the way the media works
  10. She didn't do anything to Cam. Cam said something Stupid and the National Media ran with it. She was disrespected by Cam and took offense. Everyone else blew it up. I think it's time to move on, Cam seems to have, as has Jourdan.
  11. Cracka McNasty

    Norv Turner's play design

    One thing I noticed about the pass designs last night was that there was a constant outlet/dumpoff available for Cam on every play. Instead of keeping the extra blocker back, Turner cuts one loose to be the safety valve, something Shula hardly ever seemed to scheme up. Hell, on Cam's interception, he forced it downfield when CMC was wide open underneath as a safety valve that Cam just missed, probably not used to having the option available on that particular play.
  12. Cracka McNasty


    Personally, the silver is too 90's to me. And the sparkly helmets are just gaudy. I'd rather have any other color than the silver on the helmets.
  13. Cracka McNasty

    My Personal Thoughts - Olsen Lost A Step

    To be fair though, Olsen has always looked like he struggles when he runs. He isn't the most graceful galloper. Never has been. Always looks like he's running in place for a bit but still somehow outruns people.