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  1. The rich get....

    Devil's advocate: No they aren't equal because this situation doesn't have the label of "domestic violence" attached to it. He pushed a stranger. A paraplegic older woman stranger, but still a stranger. While it doesn't look good, it's not quite the same PR hit that Hardy and Rice were. I don't anticipate anything coming of this but I've been wrong before.
  2. Hurns to Cowboys

    I'd take Dez because he's a great 50/50 receiver and Cam actually has the balls to throw it his way. I think it would only help the offense and his issues within the locker room are overblown.
  3. Good call @Soul Rebel
  4. The Blame Game (Hurney)

    I'm going to come out front and say that I honestly have hardly any issues with what Hurney is doing this go round. He's been solid. We'll see if things pan out well but so far so good in my opinion. And yes, it is a team/organizational decision to sign/draft players based on scheme fit and personnel on hand. However Hurney has no background in scouting, and that's where his weaknesses truly shine. When a coach or scout says that player A needs to stay on the team and will be an asset, it's up to Hurney to evaluate the talent of said player and determine if he is worth a contract or not. He needs to be able to tell the coach or the scout "No, there are other options available that won't hurt us as much" and it's that shortcoming that lead to the big contracts for Godfrey, Anderson, Beason, Williams, Delhomme, Stewart, Mare, etc. etc. He was less calculated and more emotional in those decisions. Now, how much of this is JR's doing, and how much of it was Hurney's doing? That's another question we don't really have the answer for, but it seems like Hurney was always content doing JR's biddings and being his little cuck butt boy. In my opinion, that's why Gettleman got the boot. Either way, Hurney 2.0 isn't as horrendous as I remember 1.0, and I'm cautiously optimistic with his moves thus far, and that is saying something coming from me considering Hurney was a 4 letter word in my vocabulary and that I use the phrase "I really Hurney'd that" whenever I fug up. So there's that
  5. Uniforms

    I like the black helmets with the grey mask. Also like the single blue stripe down the middle. Not a fan of that shoulder stripe on the right though. If it were just solid and consistent thickness through the sleeve opening like the one on the left, I would like it better, but honestly those don't look horrible.
  6. Not a bad depth move honestly. It'll be rough if he's our starter, but he has experience and it's better than Colin Jones starting out there. I pray we take a safety in rounds 1 or 2 though.
  7. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    Is he a scientologist?
  8. His health is a major concern. I'd rather have his brother.
  9. Truth be told, our DL is a lot stronger than our secondary. We have the resources to get weaker there, still be strong, and improve the strength of our secondary. We'll see.
  10. Mine was more philosophical. I don't really care one way or the other what we do with Butler.
  11. If you slowly replace parts of a boat, and then keep the old parts, and after a while you have replaced all parts of the boat, and then take the original parts of the boat, and build another boat, is the newly constructed boat a new boat or the old boat?
  12. This entire incident can be traced back to when Hurney traded Worley for Torrey Smith... /s
  13. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    I'm wondering if he's seen Hurney opening up the pocket book for all these FAs when he asked for a raise last year and is using it as leverage to get more money.
  14. If he farts, yes. Where do you think these windy days have been coming from?