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  1. That's actually a misconception due to the likes of idiots like Stephen A Smith and his "stay off the weed" comment. It wasn't weed. It was codeine and he was a full blown addict. He talks about the whole thing here: So it wasn't just weed. It was Weed, codeine, alcohol, any substance that he could take that would alter his mind. And he took them while he played. He was high as a kite during his back to back 200 yard games. Let that sink in... So he went to rehab because he was an addict so he could get clean and get his life in order. Hopefully he keeps it up. I'm rooting for him. But again, no way in poo I'm trading a first for his ass.
  2. I am all aboard the Josh Gordon hype train. I picked him up in all three of my fantasy leagues because he is bae and the savior of FF. Having said that, hell no would I do that in real life. That's just plain stupid. 3rd, maybe. 4th, yes. 1st? Hell nah.
  3. It's good to see these guys developing. I'll never understand people who scream out "bust" the moment a player isn't Luke or Cam from the moment they are drafted. It takes time for plenty of guys to develop. I like the progress I'm seeing and I hope they continue it because there is still plenty of room for improvement. I want all our draft picks to succeed because when they do, we do. I'd rather be wrong about a guy and win, than be right and lose.
  4. And that's the case with any linebacker. They aren't built to cover that way.
  5. Cam did everything you aren't supposed to do on that touchdown throw. Throwing off back foot, falling away, cross body, down the middle of the field, all arm. Glad it worked but when it happened my butt puckered up something fierce.
  6. Pretty fair assessment TBH. My only real criticism is how they don't mention the UDFA's and how short they sell Star. He frees Luke up to do Luke stuff. Either way, not bad.
  7. How would you feel if...

    I fully support our AFC catbros.
  8. Found this on twitter. Too funny not to share. They even got Cam's new hat in it.
  9. Any interest in Kenny Britt??

    At first glance, I said "Hell no" because he's a bum. Then I thought about it. Funchess is literally our only active receiver who was even drafted. Byrd, Bersin, Shepard, and Clay, are all UDFAs. If Funchess goes down, so do our super bowl hopes. So after saying all that - No he's still a bum. But I'm interested in picking up someone else.
  10. Yeah but that was playful. Didn't you see him smiling?
  11. They are out there. Different situation entirely, but in the movie "An Open secret" a boy who was abused by an agent recorded his abuser admitting that he fondled/touched/abused him as a kid. Dude got like 18 months and then went right back into the industry diddling kids. Money=power
  12. JNo not happy could he come back?

    You guys are forgetting about the biggest controversy that could take place if he comes back. Who takes No. 24? Does Bradberry keep it? Does Josh pay him for it? Do they race for it? Hang 'em high rockets only? I'm intrigued. ..
  13. Torn ACL for Wentz (confirmed)

    And there goes my hope at a FF championship in my keeper league. RIP Wentz. You got me to the playoffs. I hope you recover in full for next season.