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  1. Front Office/Coaches after G-man

    I really don't know if we have a direction as a franchise at the moment to be honest. We have no long term GM (at least I hope to Jesus we don't) We have no team president, and our coaching staff seems to be under performing even though we are 4-2. I'm really intrigued with the direction we head moving forward. Intrigued and terrified. After this season it's a crap shoot with how good we do. No idea what to expect.
  2. I don't have a dog in this fight, but with the evidence at hand with Cam not having an injury and Jourdan coming back... Yeah they'll never admit it, but I'd be shocked if they weren't related.
  3. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    This I can't argue against with logic or hope. Based on Shula's track record you aren't wrong.
  4. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    The dude can run a full route tree. As a RB. That is the exact opposite of limited potential to me. But then again you could have meant Shula limits his potential. I don't really know.
  5. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    One handed catch on a poorly placed bullet. Pretty cool to me. But keep moving those goalposts. Here's another:
  6. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    It's reasonable until you realize how terrible the run blocking as a whole is. Let's ignore the fact that McCafferey is just as good as advertised in the passing game where he is already drawing double teams and LEADS ALL ROOKIES IN RECEPTIONS AND YARDS... But because he's a RB he isn't living up to the hype... The dude is 9th in total yardage in the entire league right now. The only rookies ahead of him are Fournette, the only RB taken before him, and Hunt, the only rookie playing in an Andy Reid Offensive Scheme. He is everything I thought he would be at the next level. A Swiss Army Knife, versatile, do it all player. Because of him, Cam Newton has the highest completion percentage in his entire career. Because of him, defenses can't just double up on Benjamin since Greg is out. Dude may not be busting out highlight real plays like he was in college, but he's pretty damn good at getting separation in the receiving game, and I can't really blame him for his lack of running production based on how poorly the blocking has been the past few weeks. We need Kalil back. Stat.
  7. That's why I mentioned Allen Robinson specifically as well. Blake Bortles puts up elite numbers at QB when the game is out of reach. Allen Robinson is the main beneficiary of that.
  8. This is not me trying to poo on the guy, he's been really solid this year and I have been happy with his production thus far, but do those stats take into account Garbage time stats as well? I can remember numerous times last year and his rookie year in which Benjamin didn't do a whole lot in the first 3 quarters, only to have him go off when the other team was winning or in prevent defense. It's the same for Allen Robinson who padded his stats quite a bit in garbage time throughout his career.
  9. Stat-wise, we drafted the best receiver in the draft at 8. He just happens to be able to run the ball too.
  10. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    This is but a blip on the radar of Hurney's dumbass moves over the years. I am not upset in the slightest. Neither one of them should see any action this year, just churning the bottom of the roster and moving on from a guy who didn't fit.
  11. No one is going to be good at running the ball the way the O-Line has been run blacking. Barry Sanders would look pedestrian behind in this scheme with this O-line.
  12. In What World

    We all gave Gano poo last year for missing field goals but I seriously doubt ANYONE would question his leg strength. Dude has one of the best cannon's in the league in that regard. Why they wouldn't let him even attempt it, at the end of the half, is beyond me. Just another in the long list of WTF Rivera moments throughout his tenure.
  13. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Tyler Larson If Cox plays, he's one of the best DTs in the league. I know he's coming off injury but if Larsen can do well against him, I think the Eagle's pass rush has a long night. Larsen has really stepped up in place of Kalil being injured and I expect to see more of the same.
  14. His play calling his predictable to borderline offensive. His play design is seriously top notch and brilliant. I understand he has to sprinkle in his misdirection plays every once in a while or else they'll be found out, but my god is the stuff in between those glimpses of brilliance annoying. Then again, maybe it's the long con throughout the game. Lul them to sleep with power runs up the gut then hit them with the okie doke misdirection triple read option pass to Funchess down the seam for a TD. Maybe they run this super cute misdirection stuff so often that he gets cute by going simple. It seems like the less cute we are with the offense, the less successful we are.