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  1. Cracka McNasty

    Jameis Winston expects to be suspended

    My uncle is one of the most charming and charismatic people you'll ever meet. He can be a character and make anyone feel like family. He volunteered to shovel the driveway of his BIL's parents because they were too old to do it. Real stand up guy in that regard. He regularly beat my aunt and hid it for years. Just because you act one way in public doesn't mean you aren't capable of some fuged up stuff when no one is looking.
  2. Cracka McNasty

    Hurney, and the DB to S Transition...

    I knew what you were saying, I was just busting chops.
  3. Cracka McNasty

    Hurney, and the DB to S Transition...

    So what you're saying is he was over-drafted... interesting.
  4. @Mr. Scot I used to work with a guy that coached Koncz's son in football and Koncz actually helped out. He told me that he was not thrilled when Hurney came back and was pretty fearful for his job and was anticipating quitting because he didn't get along great with Hurney. Hurney actually did him a solid though and gave him a severance package. He was mulling over his future for a few months, just enjoying time off with his kids, then Gettleman offered him a job up in NY. So that's some through the grapevine stuff I heard.
  5. Cracka McNasty

    First Trip Out to Los Angeles

    I saw Ricky Proehl at Harris Teeter and my wife called out "HEY! RICKY ROSS!" because I didn't want to disturb him. I walked away quickly.
  6. FTCFY Fixed that Camism for you
  7. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders-nfl/raiders/raiders-fear-suspension-for-wr-martavis-bryant/ Welp. Glad we didn't do that trade. Dude is just really stupid.
  8. Cracka McNasty

    Best 11 players in Panthers history

    Stew should be in over Williams, and he should definitely be in over Bates.
  9. Someone on Reddit did an analysis and came up with a chart. It's an interesting read and one of our boys made the list in an impressive way: https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/8qx73o/how_much_harder_is_it_to_rush_the_passer_against/
  10. Wagner is definitely top 3 and by a lot of metrics had a better year than Luke last year. That was the first time it's happened though. Luke was playing injured and missed some games with a concussion. Wagner is a hell of a player but gun to my head I take Luke.
  11. Cracka McNasty

    NFL Top 100

  12. Cracka McNasty

    Interesting info about Panthers roster

    1st rounders still on roster is such an arbitrary stat when you stop and think about it. It means next to nothing if the player sucks. What I'm more interested in is total All-Pro's currently on a roster. All-pros can be found in any round (AB, Sherman, Smitty, etc.). Just because you're a first rounder doesn't mean you're any good. Total all-pros would better determine team scouting abilities, at least to me.
  13. Cracka McNasty

    Chuck Pagano wants to coach

    It happens quite often. Depends on the guy and the situation. If he wants to take a step back and do something less demanding after failing in the spotlight, it makes sense. He might try and find a coordinator position, but if he just wants to coach and not be in the spotlight, he can take a position coach position.
  14. I think a lot of people on here are too high on Jackson at the moment. Until I see him go up against a grown man NFL receiver, I will question his prospect as legitimate starting CB in this league due to his small stature. But that's just my opinion of him and I'm still slightly salty we passed over Oliver for him but I've been wrong before.
  15. He knowingly purchased a stolen laptop then tried to ditch it when the cops came knocking. He did not steal it. Dick move and stupid? Yes. Serious Crime? Nah. I'd save the label of 'serious crime' for something violent like assault or carries a heavy sentence, like drug trafficking.