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  1. Lions Hire Ernie Accorsi

    Good for them. Hopefully they can turn their situation around yet still always lose to us whenever we play them. 
  2. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Just becuase CJ would start doesn't mean he'll get more snaps than Ealy... you guys and your butts... Why do they hurt so often?
  3. How is this guy still employed?

    Don't get me wrong, I disagree with him immensley and didn't think we overpaid for cam in the slightest, but all the "concerns" listed were legitimate concerns for all who were not sold on Cam.  He still managed to praise him on more than one occasion and it was more an indictment on how much QBs get paid these days.
  4. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Yeah, his knee exploded in training camp. With KB going down too it didn't necessarily mean he wouldn't have made it. 
  5. How is this guy still employed?

    The article seems perfectly reasonable for the time it was posted which was back in June. 
  6. Wes Horton Suspended 4 Games for PEDs

    I'd start doing roids to guarantee a 6 figure income... just saying.
  7. Gano's leg strength

    I was wondering the same thing myself a few weeks ago. I think it really has more to do with situations and dehaven's scheme because while we haven't been getting touchbacks, they've barely been getting the ball past the 15 when they take it out. Happened too often from gano for me to think otherwise. 
  8. un-Official What are Cowgirls fans saying

    I want nothing more than for Cam to score 3 rushing touchdowns, and for each one have him run to the Star in the endzone and do his superman celebration.
  9. First Take- Disrespecting the #3 Scoring Offense

    ESPN went to poo the day they made sportscenter live throughout the day. Instead of re-airing highlights they've had to manufacture stories and news to fill the gaps. Instead of highlights now we get updates on Lebron's Bowel movements and what whiskey Johnny Manziel prefers.  One of the reasons why I don't for a second miss having cable. 
  10. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    If Bartin is right then it's becuase of his contract.  I don't want to give the guy 7+ million on a shot in the dark and I don't know if many other teams do either.  Now if he clears waivers and wants to come home, I'm down. 
  11. LMAO... Falcons....

    I just tried to "like" a screenshot... Pie will have to do.
  12. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    I'm down for a look.  Sign all the passrushers
  13. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Not related in anyway whatsoever and I feel bad for the lashings you will soon take for making this comment
  14. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Do you hate Gettleman so much because he makes you look silly, or just because you want to be so right about how he's dooming the franchise? Also I don't know what you're looking at but Short is playing at an All-Pro level this year, Coleman is playing at a pro Bowl level, and Norwell and Turner are as well.  Hurney gave the team the pieces to put a good team together, but he also overpaid for a couple that did nothing but hinder the process of getting to where we are now and it took Gettleman cleaning house to happen. 
  15. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Norman or Bryant get a taunting penalty at some point in the game.  Wouldn't be surprised if Norman shuts him down, Bryant gets frustrated and takes a swing at Norman.  Interesting match up. Should be fun to watch.