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  1. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Derek Anderson Extended   

    I remember him saying on This is Gross a few years back how much he loves living in Charlotte and how it's a great place to raise a family. Sounds like he's putting down roots which is awesome. I'm glad when anyone wants to actually stay with the team. One of the best backups out there and can start in a pinch. 
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  2. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Good Article on former Panther   

    Agreed. I still don't like Peppers for how he ended things with the organization, and it bothers me that we were right the whole time, that he was phoning it in and relying on physical gifts instead of honing his craft. 
    Still a good article. 
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  3. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic What we are facing now is child's play compared to last season.   

    Easily one of the best threads he's ever made. 
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  4. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    I'm a fan of the Fairly Oddparents and Angry Beavers myself. 
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  5. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    Man, you guys are acting like we cut Megatron. I personally thought he earned a shot at the 1's over the preseason because he was beating up on the scrub 2 and 3's, But I'm not about to kill myself about it. I'd rather have him over Philly Brown but I get the move to cut him.
    Calm down people, damn. 
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  6. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Seahawks Fan Reactions to Norwood...   

    We should sign Eric Norwood again so we can have a Norwood on the DLine.
    Then we can sign Scott Norwood out of retirement so he can miss field goals for us. 
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  7. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Norwood is a possession-type receiver who shows strong hands and excellent focus in traffic. He has a knack for coming up with big plays at critical moments. Norwood also has excellent awareness and a good feel working against zone coverage. He has a chance to bring strong return at this point. 
    Norwood is a savvy, do-it-all guy with great possession skills. He comes up with big plays and excels when plays break down.
    Production22009: Redshirted 2010: (12/0)- 3-56-18.7-1 2011: (11/0)- 11-190-17.3-0 2012: (13/11)- 29-461-15.9-4 2013: (12/7)- 38-568-14.9-7Height-Weight-Speed2Great looking frame for position. Tall, thick, cut and athletic build. Has big hands (10') and average arm length (32 1/8'). Good top-end speed for size. 3-Cone time is in the upper echelon level (6.68).Durability3In 2013, did not play vs. Colorado State. In 2012, saw limited playing time vs. FAU due to 'slight injury' and missed Western Carolina game for 'precautionary reasons'. In 2011, did not play vs. North Texas and Arkansas due to undisclosed injuries.Intangibles1Strong football intelligence and character. Well-liked and respected by teammates and coaches. No off-the-field issues to our knowledge. Has a pros work ethic already. Does the little things.Separation Skills2Possession receiver. Does not have great burst out of breaks but does show quick feet for size. Savvy, instinctive route runner. Good feel for zone coverage. Understands how to set up defensive backs. Does an effective job with stems and double moves. Understands option routes and is consistently on same page with QB. Has very good football IQ. Would excel in complex passing game, such as Patriots. Does a great job working back to QB after initial play breaks down. Will get pushed around a bit and can be rerouted too easily. Solid build but will need to improve strength.Ball Skills1Attacks with hands. High points the ball. Doesn't flash hands until last moment. Good focus in traffic. Elevates and makes tough contested catches. Good body control and shows ability to adjust body in air.Big play ability4Lacks juice vertically. Does not show elite gear to track down deep ball. Not overly elusive to make many defenders miss or strong to break many tackles after catch. Does not play as fast as timed-speed might indicate.Competitiveness2Not afraid to work over middle. Makes tough catches in traffic. Not a strong runner after catch but doesn't shy from contact. Dependable possession receiver that does all the little things and pays attention to detail. Inconsistent effort and effectiveness as a blocker, especially in screen game and on crack-back blocks.
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  8. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Monday practice tweets   

    Why the hell are we going to play ANY starters on Thursday?
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  9. Cracka McNasty added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Why Luke is the Best ILB in the league (PFF)
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  10. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Star's stress reaction   

    I'll worry when it becomes an issue. Right now it's a minor inconvenience during the preseason. 
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  11. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Does Ron Favor Vets Over Rookies?   

    Those all seem good, and at face value I can already tell you that #2 is correct. The only player we have left over from the 2011 draft is Cam Newton. No one from 10, no one from 09 left. 
    Rivera has assembled a good staff of teachers to be his coaches (minus Shula). Ever since he's been our coach we've had a youth movement happening and we've been able to compete. 
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  12. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic The 4th and Short Play Calling and Execution is Atrocious   

    I hate Shula and don't anticipate anything great out of him this year, but we didn't utilize our greatest offensive weapon save for one play tonight. 
    Cam wasn't a threat to run because they don't want to risk it in the preseason. Regular season rolls around and Cam will be another thing defenses have to worry about. Instead of focusing on RB, Receiver and Cam, they just keyed on RB and Receiver on those plays. 
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  13. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Early in Steve Smith's career, he had a terrible preseason chock full of dropped passes   

    He had Gator arms last year too. People just don't want to remember. 
    Brown is no Smitty. Not even close. 
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  14. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    well poo another drop but damn webb is wirey. 
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  15. Cracka McNasty added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    Has the offense improved? No he's still awake then. 
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