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  1. Don't forget anything that isn't blind nut hugging when it comes to cam makes you a "hater".
  2. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    Its no coincidence they are the teams that made stopping him a huge part of their game plan too....
  3. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    Did we score 31 points against the #2 defense?
  4. Dude probably saw the thread bump and was dumb enough not to see Kallil play.... goes to show he probably doesn't watch the oline enough to say cut him in the first place.
  5. Crack is a helluva drug.
  6. Do you just talk out your ass? He had 4 going into yesterday and now has 6... its likely that he will finish with 8+ which is outstanding for a DT... Also you seriously overate sacks.
  7. The irony is chuck is Asian and I'm sure some of us remember Haruki Nakumuras 3 inch vertical.
  8. Teams Stats Through 10 Games

    Nice homer spin saying total to benefit us and average per game to benefit us all in the same post.
  9. That's pure stupidity not leadership... long term he's hurting their team far more by not resting it.
  10. Our defense allowing the points we have minus turnovers is actually more impressive.... it shows consistency were turnovers are often not consistent.
  11. The Dolphins will struggle to get 10 if the panthers offense doesn't give it away.
  12. I don't know if anyone else has subtracted the points scored on us by opposing defenses... (not allowed by our defense) when you do our defense is giving up just 15 ppg.
  13. They also scored most of them on a Luke Kuechly less defense.
  14. The fuging whiney ass whine and cheesers behind him shouldn't have been bitching about people standing its called home field advantage get up get loud.... make noise.