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  1. The fuging whiney ass whine and cheesers behind him shouldn't have been bitching about people standing its called home field advantage get up get loud.... make noise.
  2. All NFL kickers combined this season are 16 for 35 on FGs longer 50 yards or more..... 45% sheesh. Gano missed one FG all season a 55 yarder.... and you clowns act like its a chip shot. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8035b160/article/why-teams-may-shy-away-from-long-field-goals Bukner is 13-14 with his miss being a 40 yarder.....
  3. That play looked very similar to the one Whitaker took to the house vs the Patriots.... I think if Fozzy hadn't been hurt that it was designed for him.
  4. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    JUST no can someone ban this dude?
  5. Who would’ve thought...

    Wasn't this brought up yesterday?
  6. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Look its the typical "internet warrior Eagles fan"
  7. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Please be at the game I'd love for your ass to try.
  8. Hello - Eagles fan here

    We always do well with power backs.... (which made what we did to shady more impressive) Blount is the kind of back we historically stuff completely.
  9. Hello - Eagles fan here

    They have not beaten a team with a winning record.... we have beaten 3.
  10. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    Yep and we drafted Jimmy "pickles" Clausen over him.
  11. Hello - Eagles fan here

    They see trolly trolling trying to catch him trolling dirty dirty birdy..... You wont be posting after your loss.
  12. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Carson has a lower Qb rating completion % and YPC than Cammmmmmmmmmm? lol
  13. If its career like he says, then W.Payton rushed for 110 and threw 8 so Cam isn't the only one... That's what I'm saying.
  14. Also Walter Payton Threw 8 touchdowns and had over a 100 rushing SO FAIL. \endthread