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  1. Roy Moore LOSES

    Congratulations for actually really changing the tide.
  2. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    So glad to be wrong, but really it should not have been this close.
  3. The Last Jedi

    Oh the lightsaber battle was the best of the series IMHO. I think its what Lucas spent all that time between movies thinking about, and invented everything else to fill the rest of the movies run time LOL
  4. Things that trump says

    Tools the same kinda guy that hung out during the Iraq War telling us how the Republicans were going to kick ass and make America a winner again then disappeared when even they had to concede it was all total bullshit and oh yeah here goes the economy too. After a while just calling people names and posting LOL as an explanation of their position gets boring for them and they get back to their private forums to stew. Except heel. I have no fuging clue what powers that robot except maybe seagull poop.
  5. New user here who happens to be black

    You should make a thread for ideas on this possible scenario.
  6. New user here who happens to be black

    Every Halftime Show: Strippers on Poles
  7. Things that trump says

    yes red you need to read the huddle mod guidebook u noob
  8. The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken

    whats it up to now, like, 31 murders by Evil Hillary Klinton?
  9. Things that trump says

    if search worked I could tell you. Now Bet or not. Stop being a baby and trying to weasel out of your stupidity.
  10. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    I hope they don't play him just on the chance less GB fans will show up to the game.
  11. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    "Hey Mom, can I go to the mall with Cindy?" "Sure, don't forget to dress real slutty in case that handsome 30 something DA shows up looking for tail. If we're lucky he'll either marry you or get you pregnant and have to pay for the abortion and the hush money!"
  12. Things that trump says

    Bet or not?
  13. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    no outrage culture holy crap you are one sheltered white guy
  14. Things that trump says

    this is identical to everything else you claim. Why not make a bet about it? Oh yeah that's right you weaseled out on the first one, I guess like the true All American Patriot that you are
  15. Things that trump says

    My dad was a Marine. Keep em coming Einstein.
  16. Things that trump says

    Well Trump wasn't poor, but he was a coward.
  17. Trump is a reckless as reckless can be

    well the expected response was achieved
  18. Things that trump says

  19. The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken

    its kinda nice now that deficits don't matter again
  20. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    "PEDOPHILE'S" ARE NOT ON THE LIST whats a P.K's ? Place Kickers?
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwHVXqCmHtY
  22. New user here who happens to be black

    its not your fault its all your relatives that drive Cadillacs to the beauty parlor yapping on their Obamaphones while digging in the Louis Vuitton bag looking for that EBT card