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  1. Interstella 5555

    I watched all of them that was pretty cool
  2. Trump unhinged

    Haha libtard 7 more years of MagA
  3. Trump unhinged

    Trump is great at making sending condolences to soldiers something for him to brag about amd lie about of course, thats an automatic
  4. The Orville

    I thought this show would mostly suck but it's mostly good. It's like TNG mixed with a semi dramatic sitcom. It's got some heart already. And its moving to Thursday this week instead of Sunday which is good too, although I've enjoyed streaming it.
  5. Trump unhinged

  6. Weird tinder date

  7. Weird tinder date

    what the hell is a stuckeys but bar, is that something you get to relieve the tension before you go to sleep after not getting actual completed sex?
  8. Trump's War on Clean Energy

    you sure about this? Remember, people like heel vote. And they are unbelievably stupid and gullible. All it takes is COAL FIRES - THE LIGHT OF FREEDOM! as a bumper sticker and presto its a fact.
  9. Trump signs executive order Under mining the ACA

    which is why he did it. Jeez G5 put at least a token effort in between your emotions and your keyboard.
  10. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

    but he is wearing the all important flag pin
  11. Trump signs executive order Under mining the ACA

    as usual, not at all.
  12. Trump signs executive order Under mining the ACA

    Heath insurance companies are bailing out the ACA, the fact they are making record profits doing so should not dissuade you from believing that well meaning private insurance companies are just doing their patriotic duty and Trump is needing to give them relief um ok
  13. Sec 550 row 1D please PM me, I’ll have them at our lot between the practice field and stadium no Eagles fans please
  14. Weve matured as a fanbase and Football team.

    visit the tinderbox and see how badly you are misjudging us LOL
  15. Trump unhinged

    we may be nothing but a smoldering hole at the end but by god THE SANCTITY OF FERTILIZED SPERM and EGGS WILL BE PROTECTED so worth it
  16. Trump unhinged

    Puuuueeeerrrrttttoooo rrrrriiicccoooo is ok but Trump Tower has more delicious taco bowls
  17. Harvey Weinstein

    Haha libtards 7 more years Trump 2020 suck it losers oh yeah fake news crooked Hillary is old lol ...
  18. I think they show "Rituals" before the game and it has some whack Eagles girl from LA deciding what to wear and flapping her arms like a bird, and my tailgate pals doing our stuff. I'm not in it, they filmed it as they all got together in the lot to watch the Pats game which I was at, so it has a chance to be entertaining. Thomas Davis is in it too!
  19. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B075ZBXBJG/ref=atv_hm_hom_3_c_sprts_brws_3_3
  20. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    You mean Trump?