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  1. I'd be curious to see them play against a good, healthy quarterback. During this 7 game winning streak, they faced Cam & Winston with injured shoulders, Stafford with an injured ankle, Tyrod Taylor, Brett Hundley, Mitchell Trubisky, Jay Cutler. They will face better quarterbacks later this season with a hopefully healthier Cam, Matt Ryan twice, Goff & Cousins. Their run game is certainly good, but if you get behind early it takes the running game out.
  2. I could buy this. I actually thought during the game last Sunday that his knee didn't look quite right. IIRC, there was one play where he just fell on the way to the end zone and (to my untrained eye, granted) it looked like his knee gave out on him. If true, I am thinking that Hurney was upfront with Beane and that's why the compensation for us (3rd, 7th) seemed so low. But it would make sense to me that Buffalo was going all in for this season and was willing to take a chance his knee would hold up enough to help them in their playoff push.
  3. Maybe he didn't wear a tie.
  4. The phone rings...

    I get you probably don't like Cam, but you're saying Watson is smarter than Luck, too? And if he starts running less and teams realize this, it will make him much easier to defend.
  5. The phone rings...

    Plus his build is too small. If Luck & Cam can't stay healthy and they're so much bigger than Watson, just imagine what's going to happen to Watson.
  6. The phone rings...

    Why in the world would you trade an MVP quarterback who's gotten his team to a Super Bowl with a guy who hasn't even played an entire season?
  7. Can this defense win a Superbowl?

    Yes, but it would help if the defense could score more. Super bowls won by good defenses always involve defenses that can score. I am encouraged by the three turnovers generated by the defense yesterday, though.
  8. And we're the only team in the division to beat the Patriots. Go figure.
  9. Captain applied the pressure that lead to the interception.
  10. To me, KB is clearly not healthy and his knee is bothering him. Shame on the team for not having other options so KB could have been resting his knee these last couple games & getting healthy.
  11. Get Em, Kelly

    Obviously the offense needs a lot of work, but the defense could be winning us games, too. Look at the Broncos 2 years ago, their offense was garbage and they won a Super Bowl because their defense continually bailed the offense out with scores. Chicago Bears won because of their defense SCORING, not just limiting first downs. The defense needs to be working harder at practice at creating turnovers, by her logic.
  12. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    I want Gano to play & all, but does anyone else think it would be hilarious if Aguayo won the game winning field goal against Tampa?
  13. Is anyone else watching the Bengals/Steelers game? The Bengals offense was horrible the first two weeks, they fire their OC and it's a complete turnaround. But our coaching staff keeps blaming the players.