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  1. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Well, it'd make for one hell of a season of hard knocks. Not to mention a chaotic war room on draft day.
  2. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Let's start a Huddle GoFundMe so we can buy the team for Jeremy. I can see the draft day headlines now... "PANTHERS TRADE FOR #1 OVERALL PICK, TAKE LEAD BLOCKING FULLBACK!"
  3. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Eagles are a really good team this year. Carson Wentz is the real deal. I can't really talk trash about them too much. I will say, I don't see us getting the #1 seed if we lose on Thursday. This is a huge game as far as playoff positioning is concerned for both teams.
  4. 2nd round pick redo

    Give him time. Rookie Funchess is a great example. His injuries could be a blessing in disguise if he comes on late in the year. Would give defenses a new dimension to worry about that we haven't had early in the year.
  5. I'd rather go with the unknown with potential than with a known weakness.
  6. Cam's throws today

    Cam was clearly more accurate and also seemed to have better zip on the ball than he's had so far this season. But the pass protection - or the lack of a Pats pass rush, whichever you want to credit more - definitely helped. It's amazing the difference between Cam with and without solid pass protection. You give him time to throw and he's a legit MVP caliber QB, even with Shula's shortcomings as an O.C. and even with mediocre receivers, as we saw in 2015. In that sense he's no Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady as far as operating under pressure, but more of a Peyton Manning, who was money when given protection, but almost looked like a different player when consistently pressured. I swear, if this organization can just find a steady tackle tandem we'd be set. Today aside, I just don't think Matt Kalil and Daryl Williams is it.
  7. Anyone who says anyone other than Jordan Gross is nuts. A true franchise LT would have the biggest impact on this team by FAR. We've seen Cam win MVP and lead the team to 15-1 and a Super Bowl with cast-offs at WR. But we've never seen him be better than below average without at least decent pass protection. With our guards and either Kalil or Larsen at center, putting Jordan Gross in his prime at left tackle immediately gives us a really solid OL. Put Taylor Moron at right tackle and - if he plays to his potential - we'd have a legit top-tier OL. It's what I've been saying since Oher went down last year. Our interior OL is really solid. I think Moton can be a big upgrade over Daryl Williams, too. It's just getting that damn left tackle spot figured out long-term. If we can do that - especially by drafting/signing/trading for a relatively young LT - we'd have one of the better OL's in football for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, these days even average LT's are very hard to find via the draft, much less franchise guys. That makes acquiring one in free agency or via trade even harder since teams that have them don't often let them get away.
  8. - Fire Shula - Re-sign Norwell - Trade KB - Release Matt Kalil - Release Ryan Kalil - Promote Taylor Moton to starting RT & Tyler Larsen to starting C - Do whatever it takes to get a decent long-term starting LT via trade or FA rather than relying on the uncertainty of the draft - Hire an O.C. that will craft a modern NFL offense built around Cam's strengths - Draft a true #1 WR with speed - Experiment with moving Devin Funchess to #2 TE full-time
  9. Makes total sense about our WR's not fitting our scheme anymore. Remember when some here were concerned prior to last season that KB's return might actually be a net negative? 2013 WR's: Aging Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell as primary options with Ted Ginn as the #3 and primary deep threat. Even at his age at the time, Smith could still move and make plays downfield. Ginn gave us another key downfield threat with speed. LaFell in the possession WR role. 12-4. 2014 WR's: KB as our primary outside receiver with Cotchery as the default #2. No real viable slot receiver. Philly Brown came on later in the year as a viable downfield option and the offense started to click. 7-8-1. 2015 WR's: Committee situation with Ted Ginn + Philly Brown both providing speedy options outside. Cotchery and Funchess as contributors. Two speedsters as our primary outside receivers with Cotchery in the slot/possession role and Funchess contributing as a situational player. 15-1. 2016 WR's: KB as primary outside receiver + Ginn and Philly Brown in a reduced role with Funchess getting more snaps. The focus of the offense shifts to KB and Funchess as the primary outside targets with Ginn playing more the role of a pure deep threat and Brown's playing time greatly reduced. 6-10. This year it's more of the 2014/2016 model with KB and Funchess outside and a rotating cast of guys in the slot. Plus the added wrinkle of McCaffrey. If you consider the results it seems pretty clear the whole "get Cam big possession receivers" plan devised by Gettleman was a huge mistake. Using that logic it's entirely possible we simply lucked into 2015 when KB went down thanks to the fact that our 'on the roster' fix included two speedsters and resulted in a WR corp that had no true #1, which forced Cam to play more within the offense rather than forcing the ball to KB as much. That said, it seems our best bet might actually be to play KB and Funchess more situationally and start Samuel and Byrd on the outside, with Sheppard and McCaffrey working the slot. Hell, you can even come up with a scenario where trading KB makes a lot of sense if we plan to move toward a speedier WR corp long-term. Unlike previous seasons where lack of speed has been a problem, we do have two legit speedsters on the roster. Will we use them? Judging by our approach so far, I kind of doubt it.
  10. Basically, yes. It was closer to chest bumping than blocking, and a major reason why defenses like the 'Steel Curtain' were able to dominate to the extent that they were. Frankly, I don't know how it wasn't more lopsided than they were, especially when you consider the 5-yard rule for DB's making contact with WR's was also put in place in 1978. Once the league changed the rules, scoring increased significantly over the years. If you look at the Super Bowl champions pre-1980 or so, most were driven by their defenses. Starting with the Walsh/Montana 49ers in 1981, it became just as likely that the top teams would feature explosive offenses. Granted, in the pre-salary cap era it was much easier for top teams (those willing to pay) to have both a top offense and a great defense, but pre-1978 it was much more rare to see the type of explosive, high-scoring offenses (not to mention stat-freak QB's like Marino, Kelley, Elway, Young, Favre, Manning, Brady, etc.) we have seen since.
  11. Yeah, I can't blame Gettleman for signing Kalil given we HAD to do something. There was always a risk it wouldn't work out. A good portion of the league is struggling to find quality OL, especially tackles. It seems to be a growing concern as far as affecting the overall quality of the NFL product. It honestly wouldn't surprise me to see the league change the rules to help the OL's out league-wide, similar to the rule changes they made in 1978 that allowed for OL to use extended arms and open hands when blocking.
  12. Cam is coming off major shoulder surgery that forced him to miss all but a handful of practices in training camp and two throws in the preseason. That he's being blamed for the offensive woes is laughable. I'm not a huge Shula fan, but he WAS our O.C. during a 15-1 season that saw Cam win MVP. If you want to find the biggest single difference between them and 2016-now, look no farther than the offensive line. Shula is clearly a second-rate O.C. but no coordinator can succeed when both OT's are MAJOR liabilities in pass protection. You can disguise that weakness in the short-term via playcalling, but in the long run it's going to sabotage everything you try to do on offense, as we have seen since Super Bowl 50.
  13. The defense has certainly shouldered quite the load in the first 2 weeks and has responded very well. However, if we're honest it HAS only been the 49ers and Bills. That's not to take away from what the defense has done - they can only play the offenses on our schedule, afterall - but it's not as if we've had to play a dynamic offense to this point. People have pointed out the quality of QB's we've played and while that is true, of equal concern could be that neither team we've played thus far has featured a dynamic WR threat that requires game planning against. Looking ahead, we still have matchups with Julio Jones and Mike Evans twice each, as well as Desean Jackson twice, Jarvis Landry, Stefon Diggs, and Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb before the year's out. That said, I like our CB's a lot this year. Bradberry has looked every bit the part of a #1 corner, Worley has been very good as well despite being targeted more often as offenses have avoided Bradberry to an extent. Also, Captain Munnerlyn's return has had the intended effect as nickel is no longer the weakness it has been since he left for Minnesota. At any rate, the defense does appear to be legitimately Super Bowl-caliber. There really isn't a clear weakness at any level (even Old School Mike Adams has played well at safety) and we've clearly got the depth required to survive a typical level of injuries in the front 7. The concern there is obviously depth in the secondary, especially at safety. But if the offense can't get it's act together - and figure out how to make due without Olsen for 8 weeks - to the point where it's at least functional then I fear the performance of the 'D' will end up being wasted in the long run.
  14. Gary Barnidge

    I tweeted during the game 'Time to call Gary Barnidge?' and it was liked by someone named Jo Barnidge. Could be someone related to Gary, I'm guessing? It almost makes too much sense for us to sign him with Olsen missing extended time. Former Panther, has experience in our offense (at least pre-Shula), has played with Cam before, and is by FAR the best TE available without giving up a draft pick. Plus, Hurney drafted him originally. Not sure why he hasn't signed anywhere yet. Could be money, could be something else. But I find it hard to believe he wouldn't be better than anyone we currently have on the roster. It's certainly possible to view his 2015 season as a bit of a fluke (1,043 yards, 9 TD's), but even last year's numbers (612 yards, 2 TD's) is at least decent production considering the revolving door of ineptitude the Browns were working with at QB last year.