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  1. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    T.Y. Hilton via trade.
  2. Pssst.... Panthers will win this game.

    Come on guys, everyone knows the illuminati figured all this out months ago. Cam will dominate all the way to the Super Bowl, then sacrifice a goat on stage during the post-game show to thank his reptilian overlords.
  3. Wouldn't change a thing. What we really lack is speed at WR that isn't completely raw. You know, like a certain speedy veteran we let walk in free agency that will be playing against us next week.
  4. Calling it now: we beat the Saints by 10, then beat the Eagles in a divisional round blowout before losing to the Vikings in the NFC Championship. The Vikings then go on to lose the Super Bowl in their home stadium to a familiar big game opponent: the Pittsburgh Steelers. WILD CARD: Chiefs 23, Titans 16 WILD CARD: Rams 27, Falcons 24 WILD CARD: Jaguars 22, Bills 9 WILD CARD: Panthers 30, Saints 20 DIVISIONAL: Steelers 26, Jaguars 13 DIVISIONAL: Vikings 26, Rams 20 DIVISIONAL: Patriots 38, Chiefs 23 DIVISIONAL: Panthers 31, Eagles 16 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Steelers 30, Patriots 26 NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Vikings 24, Panthers 16 SUPER BOWL LII: Steelers 29, Vikings 16
  5. Early Games Thread

    Did the NFL purposely put all the shitty, meaningless games at 1:00?
  6. I'd say the Rams simply based on the fact that New Orleans is the team that we match-up with the worst. Also, the Saints as the #3 seed would give them a tougher road to the NFC Championship game. If we go in as the #5 seed (which seems likely) and play the #4-seeded Rams, that would put the Saints as the likely #3 seed, playing either the Falcons or Seahawks on wild card weekend. This assumes the Vikings win on Sunday, which they should against the Bears. If they lose the Saints are the #2 seed and that's pretty much the worst case scenario for us and anyone else in the NFC playoffs. In that scenario, if the Saints do win in the WC round, they'd be playing in Minnesota against the Vikings, whereas the other winning WC team (hopefully us) would go to Philly to play the Carson Wentz-less Eagles, which (in theory) is a very winnable game considering we nearly beat them (and probably should have) with Wentz earlier in the season. If we were to win in Philly, we'd be set to play @ either Minnesota or New Orleans in the NFCC. Neither is ideal, but such is the life as a wild card team. We know we match-up reasonably well with the Vikings given we beat them already; the question is how well do the Saints match-up with them? So for the Panthers, the ideal scenario on paper would be to play the Rams - and their inexperienced QB & Coach - in the wild card round, the Eagles - playing their backup QB - in the divisional round, and the Vikings - who we've already beaten once this year - in the NFC Championship. Of course, you can argue that the Saints are the best team in the NFC and will likely make the NFC Championship regardless of matchups, meaning we're almost certain to have to play them anyway, so why not just play them in the wild card round and get it over with? Sure, they've beaten us twice by decent margins this year, but maybe that's just the motivation we need to win round 3? After all, the team that lost knows it needs to change its strategy, while the team that won can sometimes go into a rematch overconfident. In any event, you have to believe that a wild card win over the Saints would be one hell of a boost for our team and could propel them back into the Super Bowl.
  7. Diddy's Panther themed helicopter...

    I'd have no major issue with Diddy as owner as far as his background and public persona are concerned; and certainly not due to the color of his skin. However, the way he has approached the prospect of buying the team does concern me a bit. I'm not one of those "NO KAEPERNICK!" fans (far from it) and actually think he'd be a great signing as Cam's backup. However, the fact that Diddy seems so intent on making Kaepernick a topic of conversation when discussing buying the team concerns me because it indicates that, perhaps, Diddy's primary motivation for wanting to own the Panthers is to make some grand political statement rather than because he loves the game and is willing to do whatever it takes as owner to ensure we are a successful franchise on and off the field. I'm not saying he doesn't intend to be (or wouldn't be) that kind of owner, but the way he's gone about approaching this so far leaves me with plenty of doubt.
  8. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    Honestly, as long as the new owner doesn't move the team, doesn't meddle too much, and lets the football people make the football decisions, I'm fine with whoever it is.
  9. He's definitely stepped up since earlier in the season. Long-term we really need to do our best to keep this OL together.
  10. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Well, it'd make for one hell of a season of hard knocks. Not to mention a chaotic war room on draft day.
  11. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Let's start a Huddle GoFundMe so we can buy the team for Jeremy. I can see the draft day headlines now... "PANTHERS TRADE FOR #1 OVERALL PICK, TAKE LEAD BLOCKING FULLBACK!"
  12. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Eagles are a really good team this year. Carson Wentz is the real deal. I can't really talk trash about them too much. I will say, I don't see us getting the #1 seed if we lose on Thursday. This is a huge game as far as playoff positioning is concerned for both teams.
  13. 2nd round pick redo

    Give him time. Rookie Funchess is a great example. His injuries could be a blessing in disguise if he comes on late in the year. Would give defenses a new dimension to worry about that we haven't had early in the year.
  14. I'd rather go with the unknown with potential than with a known weakness.
  15. Cam's throws today

    Cam was clearly more accurate and also seemed to have better zip on the ball than he's had so far this season. But the pass protection - or the lack of a Pats pass rush, whichever you want to credit more - definitely helped. It's amazing the difference between Cam with and without solid pass protection. You give him time to throw and he's a legit MVP caliber QB, even with Shula's shortcomings as an O.C. and even with mediocre receivers, as we saw in 2015. In that sense he's no Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady as far as operating under pressure, but more of a Peyton Manning, who was money when given protection, but almost looked like a different player when consistently pressured. I swear, if this organization can just find a steady tackle tandem we'd be set. Today aside, I just don't think Matt Kalil and Daryl Williams is it.