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  1. Screw You Disney!!!

    Look, I love football and especially the draft, but there is no decision to make here for me. I've been a HUGE fan of the Marvel movies since day one and Infinity War has been 10 years in the making and could legitimately be one of the biggest movies of all time. Plus, barring a trade-up (unlikely) the Panthers won't pick until later in the night anyway, so there's a decent chance you can get home in time for our pick, depending on the movie showtime. I do think the way the NFL schedules the draft is pretty stupid, though. They should put it on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. I guarantee you they'd get better ratings - especially for days 2 and 3 - considering they'd likely get a lot more casual fans on those nights vs. airing on Friday night and Saturday afternoon when mostly the hardcore fans are likely to watch.
  2. UCF-LB Griffin

    He's got plenty of athletic ability, but can he cover well enough to play safety? Obviously he has the speed with a 4.3 40 at the Combine, but was he asked to cover much at UCF? In any event, I wouldn't be against taking him at all, but I have all ideas he'll be gone before we pick in the 5th round and I can't see us taking him in the 3rd unless we do view him as a safety. One things for sure; if he can play safety then having both him and Shaq Thompson on the field together would give us a ton of flexibility on defense as far as disguising coverages.
  3. If I were an NFL GM, I wouldn't touch OBJ with a 10 foot pole. Nevermind that NO wideout is worth the type of contract he appears to want, the guy's a ticking time bomb and a major disruptive presence in the locker room. On top of that, he's had injury issues throughout his career. I'm not denying his talent; dude is a monster on the field. But he is also more trouble than he's worth and certainly more trouble than what it'd take to get him and what he wants to be paid. Oh, and the Rams? Everyone remember the "dream team" the Eagles put together back in 2011? Remember how dominant they were? Yeah, me neither.
  4. A mock scenario I was playing with that has the Panthers trading up in the 2nd round and then down in the 3rd... 1st: Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville I think it's pretty likely we have a choice at #24 of either Jaire Alexander or Josh Jackson, assuming corner is the direction we plan to go. I feel like it has to be either a safety or corner here and of the corners that are likely to be available, I think Jaire Alexander has the most upside. He was being projected as a 2nd rounder prior to his strong combine performance, but I always did feel he was underrated due to his injury last year. He's got true #1 cover corner ability and potential. 2nd (f/IND): Justin Reid, S, Texas A&M The first of two trades I have us making, this one to address arguably our biggest need, which is at safety. If he makes it out of the 1st round (no guarantee of that, but it's certainly possible) Justin Reid won't make it much farther down the board. If we pick him, he'll be a day-one starter at free safety and will likely be the best safety this team has had since at least Mike Minter and probably better. Reid is a complete safety who doesn't have any real holes in his game. He's solid in coverage, good against the run, and is rarely out of position. I honestly wouldn't be surprised - or upset - if we take him in the 1st round, but the goal here is to try and envision a scenario where we can address both corner and safety early-on. 3rd (f/ARZ): Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon Another trade gives us this pick. I'd love to have Nick Chubb, but I have a feeling we'd have to take him no later than our 2nd rounder and in this scenario we trade up for Justin Reid. That said, Royce Freeman is a solid fallback option that should be available later than Chubb. Freeman has shown the ability at Oregon to make something out of nothing while running behind a less than stellar line and would be a solid pick in the 3rd round. 4th: TRADED TO CLEVELAND FOR Andy Lee 4th (f/ARZ): Adam Brenneman, TE, UMass I'm not a big fan of this TE class and wouldn't touch any TE in this draft before the 3rd round, but one player I do like is Adam Brenneman from UMass. I honestly feel like any team needing help at TE would be better off taking Brenneman in the 3rd or 4th round than taking one of the players projected to go earlier. You let this guy play alongside Greg Olsen for a year or two and develop and you might just have a big-time player to take over once Greg heads for the broadcast booth. 5th: Justin Lawler, DE, SMU We've got some good veteran pass rushers, but beyond Daeshon Hall (who is at best an unknown heading into camp this year) we need some young players to develop, but who can also contribute early as part of the rotation. SMU's Justin Lawler is that kind of player. While he's not the raw athlete Daeshon Hall was coming out last year, he's arguably more pro-ready than Hall and I think could immediately contribute to our rotation at DE. 7th (f/BUF): Dimitri Flowers, FB, Oklahoma Yes, I know we drafted Alex Armah last year, but he was always a project as a fullback. With Norv Turner as the new O.C. odds are he's going to want an actual traditional blocking fullback. Oklahoma's Dimitri Flowers is just that and I don't mean as a conversion project. if he's still available in the 7th round, he'd be a great addition. 7th: Rod Taylor, OT/OG, Ole' Miss Ideally we'd address the OL earlier than this, but the fact is we don't have enough picks to address all our needs and even if we did, the odds of finding another Andrew Norwell in the late rounds or as an UDFA are slim to none. Still, we do need OL depth and Rod Taylor of Ole' Miss can play both guard and tackle. TRADE SUMMARY: 1) Panthers trade up, sending 2nd, 3rd, and 6th round picks (#55, #85, and #197 overall) to the Colts for their 2nd round pick (#37 overall) in order to take Justin Reid, S, Texas A&M ahead of the safety-needy Bucaneers. This seems like a good spot as the Colts have back-to-back picks at #36 and #37 and also pick right before the Bucs, who are possibly even worse off at safety than we are, believe it or not. If not the Colts, I'm sure some team in this range would be willing to move down and pick up a few extra picks. 2) Panthers trade down, sending their original 3rd round pick (#88 overall) to the Cardinals for Arizona's 3rd and 4th round picks (#112 & #134 overall) and take Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon while recouping a 4th round pick they lacked due to the Andy Lee trade with the Browns in 2016. I have us trading with Arizona, but this could really be any team toward the end of the 3rd round that is looking to move up. Basically, we give them our original 3rd rounder in exchange for their late 3rd rounder and a late 4th rounder.
  5. I VERY seriously doubt other GMs give a damn how Hurney got his job.
  6. It seems odd to me that Gettleman didn't look to re-sign this guy in N.Y. The player himself - and especially the contract we gave him - practically scream "Dave's bargain bin." LinvilleGorge is right, though. I think there's a very good chance Cockrell seriously outperforms this deal and emerges as a very solid starter for us, but by no means should we consider our need at CB satisfied, if for no other reason than James Bradberry's performance last year. Even IF Cockrell becomes a #1 CB for us, he's still only signed for 2 years and there's no guarantee that Bradberry bounces back from his rough sophomore season. On top of that, nickel isn't a sure bet either. We'd all like to see Corn Elder emerge in year 2 and become a reliable #3, but we haven't even seen him on the field yet and Captain Munnerlynn is no spring chicken these days and didn't exactly end 2017 on the best terms with the coaching staff. Still, I'm really optimistic about this signing. Not as much about signing Sirles and Searcy, but we'll see how it all plays out.
  7. Panthers meet with Justin Reid

    I've been doing a lot of research on Justin Reid lately and I'm now 100% on board with him as our 1st round pick. Frankly, I'm surprised he isn't being projected higher than he usually is. He's a very clean player; there just aren't any big holes in his game. There are things he can improve on, sure, but his coverage ability is much better than most safeties coming out of college and he is very rarely caught out of position, something that has been a problem our safeties have had for years, regardless of who we've put back there. We've settled for journeymen and roster scraps at safety for over a decade now; it's time we actually invest a top pick on a player that will be a force in our secondary for a decade to come. Justin Reid, IMO, might just be that player.
  8. Panthers meet with Justin Reid

    Um... what? What gives you the impression he wants his money without earning it? I get that his political views are a controversial topic, but that has nothing to do with him not earning whatever money a team might eventually pay him.
  9. SI.com's Albert Breer mock draft

    I wouldn't be opposed to a TE in the 1st round, but this is not the year to do it. This is one of the worst TE classes in several years, which means prospects who would normally be projected 2nd-3rd rounders are inevitably pushed up draft boards. If we're smart, we'll sign Richard Rodgers or Marcedes Lewis and at least address our short-term need for a #2 TE because this doesn't seem like the year we find Olsen's successor, unless we REALLY get lucky and hit on a mid-late round pick or UDFA.
  10. The Bucs had one of the worst pass rushes in the league last year. The fact that they cut this guy doesn't make him seem like much of an upgrade over anyone we already have.
  11. REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    I love how Person reports this like it's breaking news and not common sense.
  12. I haven't seen any news on Mathieu since the report that us and the Texans might be interested in him.
  13. It's a classic case of risk/reward. Willson has a much lower ceiling, but we know what we'd be getting with him. Ebron has a MUCH higher ceiling, but also a much higher chance of being a bust signing. I'd be fine with either of them as long as the money isn't crazy. Ebron as the #2 to Greg Olsen for a couple years might be just what he needs to reach his potential, in which case we'd have Olsen's successor already on the roster when Greg retires. Willson isn't that long-term option, but he also carries less risk and is a very capable player who would give us a great 2 TE set. I might slightly lean Ebron, but it's basically a toss-up for me.
  14. Two day one starters? It won't happen since we've already committed to Matt Kalil's salary, but: RD1: Billy Price, OC/OG, Ohio State RD2: Martinas Rankin, OT, Mississippi State Then cut the salary cap bros and use the money to extend Daryl Williams and sign our draft class. LT: Martinas Rankins LG: Taylor Moton C: Billy Price RG: Trai Turner RT: Daryl Williams Young, talented, and all under contract through at least 2020.
  15. Yes. Was hoping we'd sign him. Hopefully he signs while he's here.