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  2. Final voting is open, vote for me!

  3. I just found it. I'm a little slow this afternoon! LOL

  4. ST, you can vote for me in the "other" huddle mod thread than the one you posted in... there's two threads for all the different people. :)

  5. There's a "Huddle Mod" thread in the Panthers forum... you can vote there.

  6. Wassup ST, vote for me for mod! :D

  7. I have a large "UT" mug that is beautiful. If you are willing to come pick it up, it's yours! :driving: (It's off white with a large orange "T" on it.) I would be leary of sending it through the mail, but I will, if you want it, Bottom of the mug reads, "University of Tennessee Studio Collection" THORUT002 "Hand made by Thor" "Made in Knoxville" It's stamped #"30/97" Thanks, Brian

  8. Yes a few, I"m not sure how many. 6+ probably.

  9. any thing with plot?

  10. I'm back! I lost my password and could never get this site to sreset it for me. I finally fond it again!

  11. Where are you???