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  1. LOL at the Buffalo Bills

    not your buddy, phag. lots of things are possible but not probable. losing four straight is improbable. no confusion of odds and prob. on my part which is why i never mentioned odds. thanks and go fug yourself.
  2. LOL at the Buffalo Bills

    fuging waste of time. cheers
  3. LOL at the Buffalo Bills

    yes and as a result it should come up tails as often as heads.....over enough tries.
  4. LOL at the Buffalo Bills

    yes but if its 50/50, then over enough games, the bills should win half of them (probability alone, not accounting for independent causal factors, which should also even out over time). Four isn't enough for that probability to bear out but its about as close as you'll find in major sports. So you are both right, strangely.
  5. LOL at the Buffalo Bills

    i don't. LOL at the raggedy ass buffalo bills
  6. The Bills have the longest active playoff drought in any major professional sport: they have not qualified to play in the NFL playoffs since 1999 and are the only team that has not appeared in the playoffs so far in the 21st century. That's 17 seasons. Three more than their nearest "competitor".......the Cleveland Browns!!! The last time they won a playoff game? 1995! Bruh, the Panthers weren't even a year old!
  7. good, get your stupid ass out of here.
  8. now we have bills fans trash talking us on here? oh hell no. hadnt done poo since Jim Kelly. what one playoff win since 99? lol. losers. Eat a D, frank reich.
  9. Depends. WR is fine if Funchess lives up to the hype and Benjamin takes poo seriously. LT is fine IF Kalil is truly healed and Oher is free and clear of his "issues" DE is fine is the two old dogs live up to their billing S is fine if Old Man Adams holds up. CB is fine if Worley and Bradberry take another step up. Any of these things don't happen and the position is a liability. The two that have the biggest boom/bust potential are SS (if Adams gets injured) and LT since there is injury risk with every player at the position.
  10. Leaf was not an average athlete, just had a below average brain.
  11. http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2017/04/leonard_fournettes_projected_s.html Former LSU star running back Leonard Fournette was taken fourth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. His contract is projected to be worth $27,165,687, including a signing bonus of $17,887,563. I think he can handle it.
  12. Moton

    thats one thing about this guy, he seems to be built like a tank. tough as a 3 dollar steak