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  1. Don't get the reference. I've been here since last year. Only come around for the draft though. Beginning to remember why. Post a bad thread and everyone responds. Pretty remarkable. "How dare you post a bad thread"....the nerve of this guy. Either way, I'm out. Not much fun here. Cheers.
  2. Stick around for my 'trade Luke Kuechly' thread later today.
  3. Maybe. But maybe they think they are a tight end away from a super bowl. That's a team you can fleece. Doubt they are closer than we are, but that doesn' t mean they know it. We have to rebuild eventually. We can either do it slowly or painfully. Greg is a huge part of the offense but he' gone within 2 years. Seems like it would be nice to get something for him. Just my opinion.
  4. That wasn' my intention. Maybe you are looking for poo to overreact to when it' posted by the infrequent posters. Shock jock. Lol. fuging ridiculous comment. It's a curveball I thought was worth putting oiut there. All I get is negative bullshit attacks. How about just answering the question instead of trying to demean the person that wrote it. Maybe youre not capable of that. Not my problem.
  5. That hurts me in my heart man. If I thought we could win it all this year then keep him. I happen to not think we can. Too many weaknesses at vital positions. I guess you go for it, but seems we could fleece the cowboys on that trade.
  6. I think our o-line and db' s are worse. I think the guys we drafted are good but won't be impactful (other than dj moore) until after their rookie year. I do like the moves though. Just won' have a big impact until their sophomore year.
  7. Not sure why the hateful comment. Just a question. They need a TE and No, of course not. It's just a guess on my part obviously. Hope I'm wrong. Don' think we have enough quality depth to make it, same as last year. Great team but not enough horses to go all the way. It's not meant to piss you off or anything.
  8. Typical cop out answer. I'm not happy about it. Just the way I see it.
  9. I say a first and third. They have to have one. We aren't Superbowl competitive this year. Is shopping him to them worth it? What would be your price if this isn' rich enough?
  10. I am on my second bottle of wine though.
  11. To get back into this draft. Some good talent out there.
  12. Yep. Dude could not have come back to Auburn even if he'd wanted. Told to move on.