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  1. Isn't that just a sign of bad scouting though? Meaning don't adopt a strategy that keeps greybeards around. Instead, adopt one where you have the highest paid (best) scouting department. Those "replacements" have certainly been available, we've just sung and missed.
  2. So? This ain't a marriage. Produce to your worth, take less, or step.
  3. I don' blame Olsen for trying this, but if I'm Hurney, I send him a message and draft a TE in the 2nd or 3rd round. Dude has a contract, thems the breaks. I'l say this if he plays football for 3-5 more years I'll eat a falcon. This is bargaining and he has no leverage, give him a fair deal and nothing more. Incentives, few guarantees. Check his pulse then.
  4. Day 3 Draft Needs and Likes

    This times one million
  5. I live ragnow, if we take him in the second I'l have a smile on my face. However, there is value in the third and fifth at the guard/center position. Will Clapp to name one, Sean Welsh, and Brian Allen. All those guys have played guard and center.
  6. Hard to hate on that second one, but the first is my choice. I see five guys that could help the team day one there. When you are making one last run, without breaking the bank, that's the way to go.
  7. Fair enough, just think we've got too many resources tied up there. We also need help at ot, te, s, cb, lb, rb, de, and guard. If Samuels and finches don't step up then address it next year, imo.
  8. Agree, seems like the best one to me too. As lo my as we get a CB if free agency.
  9. For real? I thought Harrison would be a good luck. What the he'l do I know though.