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  1. oh please let that happen
  2. we do need some depth at tackle
  3. well then ill quit being a panthers fan then. if hes willing to risk that then i cant help him. so there. lol. in all seriousness, we need to maybe draft two OL a right tackle ans elflein, who can play guard (insurance) or center if kalil gets injured and ultimately retires.
  4. i'd say corner if we stay at 8. i'd prefer to trade back and get an extra pick. We need help at all of the following positions: OT WR CB DE G RB C TE LB SS Rounds 1-2 The most critical is OT IMO, we need a guy to groom----NOW! A guy that can play RT now and slide over later. Next we need a WR that can separate and has great hands. Those are the most in need, CB is next and then DE (though DE fits in the third category) Rounds 2-4 DT and G have both starters going up for contracts. Need some insurance. Rounds 3-5 RB, C, DE, and TE all need guys that can slowly replace the guys we'll lose to free agency or retirement Rounds 5-7 LB and SS need solid backups TODAY. the depth there is terrible Roster needs a lot of work.
  5. sister heck, i'd like to talk to mama. giggity
  6. you guys didnt see Mixon taunting the crowd at the sugar bowl in regards to the domestic abuse incident. i get it, sometimes people lose it in the moment. its not ok, but i can understand it. acting like an ass about it later is a huge red flag. ih and his teammates pretended to punch him after scoring a touchdown. class bunch all around.
  7. agree. the 'we're brother, thus we play better' narrative is cool but will make zero difference schematically.
  8. To hell with WalterFootball. I Owned it with a realistic draft. DE that can play right away. 3 down running back in the second round. RT and possibly future LT. Combo guard and heir apparent at Center. Gives us insurance for the guards becoming free agents and can take over for Kalil long term. Starting safety in the 5th round (get some) A sleeper DT who may not even be draft eligible A backup (and a white guy to boot) for Luke. ;) YOUR PICKS 1: R1P8 DL SOLOMON THOMAS STANFORD 2: R2P8 RB DALVIN COOK FLORIDA ST 3: R2P32 OT RODERICK JOHNSON FLORIDA ST 4: R3P34 C PAT ELFLEIN OHIO ST 5: R4P8 S JUSTIN EVANS TEXAS A&M 6: R5P8 TE JORDAN LEGGETT CLEMSON 7: R6P8 DL JELANI HAMILTON MIAMI 8: R7P15 LB NICK DELUCA NORTH DAKOTA STATE
  9. i really like this but would feel better with a RT somewhere in there. No way we can afford to keep ignoring that position. Also, we may lose two guards before the draft next year. Here's what i would do. Draft Cam Robinson at 8. Right tackle that could become the LT if Kalil falters. Also, allows Daryl Williams to shift inside and get some reps for if/when Norwell and/or Turner leave. Other than that, great draft.
  10. For another year in a row, I am resigned to have Gettlemania run wild on me, brother.
  11. if we trade back into the first for anything other than an OT, i'm gonna bup bup bup bup burn this motha down.
  12. a reasonable position according to many mock draft boards out there. Almost all the big ones have us drafting a CB in rounds 1-4.
  13. if we keep J.Stew then McCaffrey solves two problems for us. While he may not be an everydown back (although that narrative is overhyped), he can fill some of the ted ginn role and provide us a deadly threat to spell stewart when needed. Really warming to the idea of taking this guy. Of course we could take the kid from Ohio State (Samuels?) in a later round and not have to trade back in. He's not as capable as McCaffrey but he doesn't cost as much either.