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  1. LMAO

    Went to the renaissance festival this weekend. Needless to say, it was pretty dayum appropriate.
  2. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    Jesus, the opinions on this site lately are driving me further and further away. So much fair weather b.s weekly!
  3. Offense was riding the struggle bus. Expectations faded quickly after the first couple of drives. Play calling was abysmal! None the less.....2 - 0!!!!!!!!
  4. I hear you man! That honestly just gave me anxiety about turning 30 if 34 is too old to play Madden. I only have a couple years left... $hit Panthers - 28 Bills - 13 Peppers with three sacks for his welcome back party.
  5. Victory Penis

    Panthers Vs. 9'ers quick recap.
  6. Victory Penis

    W!!! Now let's see it in person next week!
  7. I like tits, ass, beer, Panthers. (Order varies on whether is off-season or not)

  8. It's finally here! Let's go Panthers! Beat the fook out of the 9'ers
  9. Even having to stay up sitting through pain with my jaw wired shut. So much joy for a Patriots loss! Yes!
  10. That was beyond cringeworthy. Holy hell.
  11. I'd say this prediction is very reasonable. Having CMC as a check down option will have his percentage increase dramatically I feel. His first preseason check down to Christian was something I would expect to see a lot of this year assuming he has a little time to go through his progressions down field.
  12. TJ Ward update

  13. TJ Ward update

    I mean I'm sure someone would be willing to restructure if it turns out to be a successful year. Just have to make sure we are SB contenders to even have a chance to keep all 3. Pressure is on for sure.
  14. TJ Ward update

    This has to happen! Even if some random guy claims to "have a source" it just makes too much sense. Let the bodies hit the floor if he joins this defense.