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  1. Hurney can right Gettlemans wrong if he’s able to get him back home.
  2. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    Of course he’s never heard of Oxford. Name change incoming.
  3. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    I remember when my sister died and the local news came and interviewed me. The reporter asked me how I felt and to say a few words about her. I froze up and couldn’t say poo but she was nice. It’s hard to go up and speak in front of millions of people. I was looking off to the side, and stumbling over my words. Critiquing the dude over his interview after a tragedy as big as this shooting is low as hell. To accuse dude of being some sort of “crisis actor” is some scum sh*t.
  4. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    The new Republican Party, y’all.
  5. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    I wonder are these cops morons? Probably not. Yea, I doubt that poster would call these guys morons. lol
  6. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Keep pressing him enough and make him feel dumb enough, and he’ll change his username yet again lol
  7. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    I enjoyed this back and forth. Quest had another racist comment (in a post under his old username, he said we would still be in Africa if it wasn’t for whites), and when PSC proved him wrong he ignored the comment (kind of like his Mexican wall comment, oops). He has proven comment after comment that he thinks blacks are inferior to whites, and his feelings have been put on full display. For him and the OP to bring up MLK is really quite unfortunate, and both really know very little about the man they’re trying to use to win an argument. He wouldn’t agree with either of you more than likely. We know Quest doesn’t really think much of the man, as he believes he’s inferior. Lol @ name a successful Black Country. One of the most racist comments on this board, and he knows it too. Anyways, I don’t care for OP or his opinions, so uhh, back to lurking.
  8. Black Panther the movie

    Good thing at the end of the movie the King of Wakanda and his people realized they were wrong. Although a movie, it’s good to see there are people who attempt to right there wrongs..
  9. Black Panther the movie

    Killmonger was that dude! Hate he had to die. Thought Black Panther should have made more of an attempt to explain how his father was wrong, and how he was going to right that wrong. That quote where he was referencing how some of the slaves jumped off the ship and died instead of being held in bondage was chilling. There were some parallels between what went on in this movie, and how elite/upper & middle class blacks sometimes treat those who are less fortunate. Often get to a level of success and we’re so caught up in maintaining where we’re at that we forget those who are less fortunate, and forget to go back for them and help guide them to success.
  10. Depression

    Been there my dude; even was at a point where I felt I had to drink to be able to function. Used to hit up the liquor store, get a small bottle of E&J, and sit and my truck drinking and worrying about how I was going to secure another check. Went to school, worked my butt off to get the degree I got, and worked for 2 years before being laid off. During those 2 years, I had a little girl, so it hit me hard when I got laid off because not only did I fill like a bum, but I felt less of a man because I could not even afford to take my girl out to dinner or pay for the diapers that my baby girl needed. My girl had to support all 3 of us. Well, I finally got another job. Had to take a slight pay cut, but I’ve been able to work and eclipse what I was masking previously. My fam and I are good now. Life has its ups and downs. You’ll experience quite a few downs during your time on this planet, but you have to remember that those downs eventually pass. You’ll be ok my dude, as your current down will pass. Just try to keep your mind right during this time. Work out & lift, spend time with those who are of a good influence, and keep pushing. Me, I grew up in the church and ended up finding myself back to the church during my down time. Not saying that will help you, but it helped me. Just keep pounding homie
  11. Can’t promise you the dashiki pic, lol but I will buy her some popcorn. I’m going to tell her she has some guy I have discussion with on the internet to thank!
  12. @stirs are you going to respond to this?
  13. Interesting how you feel the FBI is full of corruption, yet think our state and local police are just fine. We don’t agree on anything, and won’t agree on anything. No sense in the back and forth. Just watch who you call a shill, because you’re looking a little shilly in the light, G.