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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2018/06/20/us/pittsburgh-police-shooting.amp.html Another unarmed young black male gunned down.
  2. AggieLean

    Tinderbox Off Topic

    RIP xxxtenacion. Boy had some serious evil energy around/about him.
  3. Went with Gross, but my favorite is Gamble.
  4. I really do hope Torrey sticks around for a few seasons. I believe most players back up their talk & protest, but I know Torrey is out here putting in work. That entire Eagles team talked it and walked it. Folks getting mad at players for standing up to Trump after he called them out and called them out their names. Y’all knew the type of guy Trump was before you voted him in office. Don’t cry about mah football, when your guy brought this back up. Your mans don’t want this to die, lol. I can see him and Peppers staying in the locker room during the anthem.
  5. I’m sorry your privilege allows you to troll and not take some of this stuff serious. When E Cat brings up black people, I take it very serious and I’ll continue to come st him.
  6. Well as a black man, I can tell you his views definitely trigger me and they’re dangerous as well. Of course, as a white male you see nothing wrong with his or posters like Zin’s views. Also, I thank God for this “white guilt” you speak of, or what others might call compassion and empathy. With individuals like you around, I’d still be drinking from a black only water fountain Edit: let me not say “of course as a white male” as I’ve met plenty who do care. The ones you refer to as race traitors or having white guilt.
  7. I don’t need your help, or the help of any of these mentally ill brothers. I do hope you and they get the help ya’ll desperately need, though. Before it’s too late? I’m doing quite well. My fiancé does quite well as we’re both EMPLOYED (something you need to focus on more than us blacks) engineers, and even when I was laid off, I never took a cent from the government. Worry about yourself before you worry about me or those that look like me, because with what I’m reading in here, the liberals that you go so hard against is the reason you’re still collecting money at all. They keep you afloat. They are the reason you’re able to take your drugs and take the time you want to find a job. I say all of that, and I’m not a liberal. I recognize who are the better people, though. Not individuals like you who place blame on Philando Castile for his death. Not individuals like Lone Panther who make arguments that whites are smarter than those who look like me. Not people like Zin who say there are no successful black countries and try to make it like blacks haven’t done anything of significance. Not Harambe who uses the deaths of those in Chicago as political talking points. Not Bewonee who comes in here and spews his racist crap while proudly using the n word. Not DontTread who makes light of those who have been oppressed and profiled. All of y’all have one thing in common; you support the same president and identify as right winged individuals. You expect me and those who look like me to join a party like what I’ve mentioned above? You truly are mentally ill. I said I wasn’t going to respond to you or post in any of your threads, but I’ll give you this one post. You’re trash, and to think I showed you sympathy in that sorry thread. I don’t regret it because I feel people deserve compassion and love. As far as your hip hop career; you’ll never make it. You can try to act down, but you’re missing one key thing and I’m quite confident, with what you spout in here, you’ll never get it.
  8. AggieLean

    "We'll stop it"

    How long have you thought the justice system was fugged up, and what’s your opinion on police? Or is your disgust just for FBI agents and CIA agents? Theres been evidence that the justice system was fugged, as you say, but I’d like to know how long have you thought it was fugged? Probably, say, since 2015/2016 when Trump was first mentioned?
  9. I honestly see nothing wrong with the card. I could see my girl getting this card for me, and since me and my girl have a child out of wedlock, I guess I’d be considered a “baby daddy.” *shrugs* I just hope my baby mama gets me a card and that necklace and pendant I told her I wanted. Oh, and OP is obsessed with us black folks and what we do. Pretty much everything he posts is pertaining to African Americans. Another cornball, L 7 Tinderbox poster.
  10. AggieLean

    Trump is making a difference

    But aside from all that, I still want to know when America was great? What made it not great? All of that. I’m never able to get an answer on those questions. What time frame was America great?
  11. AggieLean

    Trump is making a difference

    You’ve got this, Lone Panther saying whites are smarter than whites, G5 and his Durham shythole rants, Zin and his there are no black successful countries, Harambe and his “what about Chicago nonsense, the wannabe down, wack rapper and his Philando Castile was the cause of his death nonsense, and let’s not forget the ones who try pull the both sides crap, when there’s clearly a group of people who aren’t as bad as the other. Trump’s America, boys.
  12. AggieLean

    Trump is making a difference

    When was the last time America was great?
  13. Growing up, he was my favorite artist. I probably have bought that album 3 or 4 times. I’ve listened to that album so much in my life