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  1. I’m not reading where drugs are involved. Anyways, mental health is largely ignored in the African American community, when it shouldn’t be. I hope he gets the help he needs, as it’s obvious he’s dealing with some personal demons.
  2. Lol, the dude that they all wailed on is the dude he’s become. Hilarious.
  3. Yea, sadly we’re slightly worse imo. Seymour and Worley are a push, but I think Coleman is better than Colin Jones, and that’s who we’d have in replacing Coleman now. Bring in someone like Parker or Reid, and that would make us better. I’d also like to see us bring in a vet CB and/or draft a young CB. Another question is Bradberry. If 2016 Bradberry returns then we’re in some sh*t, because he was bad last year. If he struggles, then we’ll have to consider replacing him next year and that’ll be 3 CB’s from the previous regime that would have been replaced, making that 2016 draft a total dud. Potentially 3 CB’s drafted, and all 3 of them being replaced.
  4. Alabama DT Da'Ron Payne visiting today

    He won’t make it to us, but if he did, we bet not go with this guy. The rest of our roster is pretty much bandaged together, but hey, we’ve got a nice stable of DTs over there!
  5. I think he’s done a pretty good job, and for the most part, made the moves that needed to be made. Most of us knew Norwell and Star weren’t goin to be able I be brought back, but he did get us a replacement for Star at a much cheaper rate. The Breeland situation sucks, because that would’ve stabilized our secondary a bit, but the crap that happened was beyond his control. Unfortunately, Hurney is not a great GM, as it’s going to take a great GM to get this roster back on track due to the previous regime kind of screwing things up. He’s been solid, but I still would like for us to go in a different direction once a new owner is brought on.
  6. Man, don’t let these people deter you from doing your thing. If you want to do a write up, do a write up. Might be some criticism from folks, but who cares. I say that, and don’t even agree with all that you write. Folks like you stop this place from becoming dead. Anyways, I’m cautiously optimistic about this guy, but I don’t expect much. The offense has needed a guy who can get open on 3rd downs since Cotch, so hopefully, he’s the guy. I still want them to draft a receiver pretty high. Let’s get some competition in that receivers room, and finally turn what’s been a weakness for a long time into a strength.
  7. so uh what's up with all these bombings in austin?

    Looks like their targeting prominent blacks/people of color. Has the president said anything about this?
  8. Predict this weeks moves

    EJ Gaines and Parker
  9. What's left at CB

    I’m with the “just draft a guy” gang. No sense in wasting cap on any of the corners on that list, besides Gaines and Breaux. Gotta ask yourself are any of those guys better than Seymour.
  10. What's left at CB

    Yuck at that list
  11. I agree. It does suck, but these curveballs tend to happen at times. We’re going to see how much Hurney has grown. What he cannot do is overreact, panic, and throw a bad contract out there trying to fix the situation. We’re still in a good position, as our DL should be dominant this season. Spend that money wisely on decent S & CB help, while looking at prospects in the draft. This just slightly shifts how they’ll move in the draft.
  12. There’s nobody to blame. He just failed the physical, and that’s it. It is what it is, and either all parties move on or we wait until he can pass a physical. Either way, everyone involved will be fine
  13. Meh. I don’t really care or mind Worley’s reaction. He’s been feeling slighted for a long time, and the “el oh el” is probably aimed at Rivera and the coaching staff. Worley was trash on the field, and it still was the right move to get rid of him. The team will be ok, and we know they’re going to find someone to man that other corner spot. Just sucks because I, personally, really liked Breeland’s attitude. I felt he could bring some of that swagger we lost when Josh was foolishly let go. Not to mention, I thought the contract Hurney signed him to was a good contract
  14. Who knows. Has Poe passed his physical and been signed yet? Where’s the IG photo of Poe signing? Lol
  15. Need to go get Parker or Reid, and draft a CB and S high in the draft. I really want to wait on Breeland, but it wouldn’t be smart for either party (panthers or Breeland) to wait.
  16. Draft Targets

    Reid and/or Moore.
  17. I’m for whoever isn’t involved in collecting debt #teamStillPayingOnStudentLoans #TrustTheProcess Carolina edition
  18. I’m still on the Rubin train, but I’d be cool with Navarro as well. Don’t really want Tepper.
  19. Gosh darnett *snaps fingers* oh well
  20. Nobody is trying to skip pass discussion. Every time it is brought up it is met with a “now is not the right time to discuss” or some other excuse. Been that way for years
  21. Hoping we go after Reid and/or Parker. We need a safety.
  22. I think I’d rather pick up a receiver in the draft, and let Smith be out FA WR pickup