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  1. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    I just went back and looked at the Patriots AFC Championship gear commercial. Why does the guy showcasing the gear look like Blake Bortles? Anyway, sucks to see Jacksonville lose. I just hope the Vikings can beat the Eagles and play the Super Bowl in their home stadium.
  2. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    That hit on Gronk is karma for what he did to Tre’Davious White.
  3. Those classless thugs got exactly what they deserved. Marcus Williams whiffed on the hit and took out Ken Crawley in the process. They can now go back to New Orleans and embrace the pit of misery.
  4. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Beat the Vikings.
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I wish there is a human mute button invented for Troy Aikman. His bias for the Saints is clearly obvious.
  6. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I see Ken Crawley is picking up where he left last week against the Panthers. Mugging receivers and getting pass interference calls.
  7. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    The Jaguars are looking like a Super Bowl contender. If there is a team that I would love to see get annihilated other than the Falcons and Saints, I would be the Steelers.
  8. Predict Mike Shula’s next job

    Waterboy at Alabama, which is his alma mater.
  9. As a NASCAR fan myself, none of these options seem ideal for NFL ownership, especially Bruton Smith. He has ruined some key tracks in NASCAR such as Bristol and is pretty greedy for the most part.
  10. Game ball, who gets it?!!!!

    The best player on defense today was James Bradberry. Besides the holding call late in the 4th, he got an interception and forced the fumble to help the Panthers win game.
  11. The amount of bias shown by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman toward the Green Bay Packers is absolutely ridiculous.