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  1. If there were any players on offense to make plays, Cam would find them.
  2. You people don't think Cam would find a receiver if we had one worth a damn ?
  3. I don't understand how you can be so clueless. We need an explosive player on offense. If it was supposed to be CMC we haven't seen that explosiveness yet. All Cam needed to make plays was a Ted Ginn. All he needed was someone as good as Ginn, and apparently we don't have anybody as good as Ginn or else Cam would be finding them.
  4. Cam can play as long as Brady, Manning, Favre because his body is way, way, superior than these pasty white boys. Facts.
  5. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

    I can't wait until we win the Super Bowl with this staff
  6. Ron Is Happy With What The Offense Is Doing

    I am too. It's just that McCaffrey was supposed to be Steve Smith-lite and he turned out to be Toby Gerhart
  7. lol jokes upon jokes upon jokes, BUT THE COACHING STAFF Dude, tell me who the fug on our team can take a slant pass to the house ? or make any exciting play ? Cam = most exciting, impact player on offense, running and passing
  8. You need a TD. Who do you want Cam to give the ball ? Blazing Benjamin, Blazing Funchess ? The NFL is too big for me McCaffrey ? I'm not ready yet Samuel ?
  9. Dude, take the fuging McCaffrey avatar off. He blows gigantic dick. If he was anything close to what he was billed we wouldn't have 3 points yesterday
  10. You people just aren't understanding that Cam can throw for as many yards as his receivers let him
  11. We've got no game breaker. Cam can throw for as many yards as his WR's let him
  12. It's pretty simple why we suck on offense and it has nothing to do with Shula
  13. Just because we gave him 1st and 2nd picks on offense doesn't make those players good What if we drafted two players who actually suck? I don't think Samuel sucks. He just isn't ready to produce as a rookie. McCaffrey is just another guy. McCaffrey is a joke of a pick, hated it then, hated it now.
  14. ? KB is trash, Funchess is just a #2 WR with no real #1 opposite of him ... our draft picks haven't made us not trash on offense Let's play a game called, you desperately need some Yards After Catch .............. Who's going to get it ? Oh, right, nobody