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  1. Superbowl 50 Lego Edition Highlights

    Not only did they lose the Super Bowl which broke my heart, I fuged up terribly with the best girl I've ever had a chance with that week. MAKE IT STOP
  2. Agreed. And I've been undervaluing the center position this whole time.
  3. Scrambled Eggs

    There is no need to eat junk food. There is plenty out there to eat that is so delicious and nutritious you'd think it WAS junk food. Just cutting out chips, cookies, poo like that for me has done wonders. Cotton candy grapes, anyone? Next time you want a bag of chips, go buy some cotton candy grapes
  4. Scrambled Eggs

    How many eggs is that ? That is what I need to start doing too, putting some greens and veggies in my eggs.
  5. Scrambled Eggs

    There are tons of vitamins, amino acids, and all the things your body needs in eggs. I think eggs are the best multi-vitamin .. It's sad people stay away from them because of the cholesterol myth. That myth is out there because they don't want you to be healthy they want you to have chronic illnesses, being alive, and sick, is where they make the money. Alive and healthy = no money Dead = no money But alive and unhealthy SO MUCH MONEY
  6. Scrambled Eggs

    I add salt and pepper to my eggs, I'm to the point now where I got into a habit - I need my eggs daily and I look forward to eating them .. whole foods are used for energy immediately by the body, I feel like everything I eat is burned up and out of my system very quickly, none of the food I eat "stays" on me
  7. Anyone wish we had Fournette instead of CMC

    Wasn't that it was too steep, it's that we had no partner to trade with, nobody wanted to trade
  8. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Chance tonight for the W
  9. Scrambled Eggs

    Egg cholesterol isn't anything like fried chicken cholesterol - you might as well not even worry about cholesterol in eggs, I don't
  10. Scrambled Eggs

    Idk what my cholesterol is, my BP is excellent The cholesterol in eggs is good cholesterol. It eliminates bad cholesterol and doesn't do any bad
  11. Scrambled Eggs

    Who here incorporates eggs in their diet daily ? I've been on a diet - I don't know if there is a fancy name for it but my diet has only consisted of scrambled eggs, steak, chicken, whole milk, and sometimes green beans, broccoli If I start to get sugar cravings I eat 7-8 big spoon fools of peanut butter as I found eating peanut butter does nothing to my weight and tastes good and gives me healthy fat my body needs. If I'm still wanting to nibble on something after I eat some peanut butter I'll splash 4-5 table spoons full of natural buckwheat honey in a small dish and eat straight honey, then wash it down with some whole milk. I've been 6'1 185 for ages, I was never fat but I was skinny fat. Now, by adhering to this diet (really not a diet just only eating healthy things I like) since about May I'm down to 170 and I look and feel better than ever before. I eat 8 or 9 scrambled eggs a day. Don't listen to anything bad out there on eggs. It's not true and can't be true. If you make scrambled eggs along with some grilled chicken, or steak with some whole milk the staple of your diet you'll look and feel great. No chips or anything shitty. Only natural poo like Peanut Butter, Honey if you wan't to "junk out" - even milk. I used to slug it down like nothing, gallon done in 2 days, but now I'm at 2 cups MAX a day and sometimes I don't even go to it and just stick with water. Caffeine has never, and never will be in any way shape or form part my diet. Was shocked to find about 90% of world population uses caffeine in some way daily. I just think this day and age poo is stupid. Where, it's all about going to the gym, lifting weights and then going to the buffets after with a stupid fug post workout shake. Then thinking, well, I worked out yesterday and will again tomorrow so today I can eat this Burger King, or McDonald's - nah, fug that. Gyms are largely fuging pointless, having a good diet is way more important. I don't run or exercise at all but if you seen me in public you'd think I was a D1 soccer player. Eat scrambled eggs. In large amounts if you so desire. They are so good, so light, so nutritious, they have no harmful affects anything out there saying they do is bullshit put out by people that instead want you to get your breakfast at fugin Taco Bell (and drink at least a gallon of water a day) (and if you buy anything other than whole milk, don't - out of all the places you could cut fat in your diet you choose to cut out the healthy fat in milk? LOL)
  12. They just beat the Ravens in Baltimore I don't think anyone is overlooking them
  13. Deshaun Watson is not only leading OROY but at this moment, MVP too MVP is still wide open though. Cam could come in and swoop that up if he gets hot.