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  1. why would any fan ever predict a loss Panthers Win! 21 to 0
  2. I think it's too early to tell
  3. jfra78

    JNO 24 Needs Delta Back

    I saw that celebration Sunday and immediately thought of Jno
  4. jfra78

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    4 pages of this guy defending himself....epic
  5. Let's hope Florence doesn't do to Charlotte what Katrina did to New Orleans
  6. jfra78

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Hope he is too, one less excuse for when we kick y'alls ass
  7. jfra78

    I can already see the hate

    Tbf they moved us up 12
  8. Watching Undisputed and Skip is wearing Carolina Blue shoes....wonder if he lost a bet.
  9. If I hadn't seen the game for myself and came on this board, I would have thought we lost yesterday. The Panthers are 1-0 in the NFL and I for one am excited and still pumped for this season.
  10. jfra78

    No Victory Pie?

    My bad guess I didn't go back far enough, just upset by all the negative threads
  11. jfra78

    CMC Rushing or Receiving

    First I can see just fine, no need to bold and enlarge your text. Second, show me a perfect team in the NFL.
  12. jfra78

    CMC Rushing or Receiving

    Whatever, you have your agenda to push. The offense was fine, it was week 1 under a new offensive coordinator. CMC other than the fumble had a good game and so did CJ. Cowboys D left Cam open so he took advantage, shame on them.
  13. jfra78

    CMC Rushing or Receiving

    need a vote for don't care as long as we win
  14. jfra78

    Sean Lee is Luke Kuechly

    Sean Lee bit on every option, Kuechly would have been in the right spot every time. Not even in the same galaxy in terms talent and preperation.
  15. That pass to CMC in the flat was precise as well, if it had been anywhere else he would not have got the first down. I have to admit that I wasnt sure cam had those throws in him.
  16. The Option will always be part of this offense as long as cam is here. QB scrambles will always be a part of this offense as long as cam is here. Its not Ron or Norvs fault that the cowboys let cam wide open on those plays. Damn, whats wrong with you guys. Be happy you have a QB who can do the things Cam can do.