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  1. I have a question. What is the realistic thing that could happen for Pats to go a top 5 QB in first round and deal him to 49's as a trade to get Garoppolo back? My son seems to believe this to happen and is a fact and he claims that yesterday that the NFL news was talking about this happening. No telling what Pats will be up to since it was brought up about them being elusive and what their agenda really is in the draft and what they will do.
  2. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    JJ is only a voice nothing more so he has no say in this issue since he is part of no committee of NFL Owners.
  3. Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    Guns are in fact just tools. It is the people that get them and use them the wrong way/reason. " The second the public school my son goes to has armed guards at its doors I am finding a new school. Hire another teacher and dont you dare pay some rent a jackass to sit there with his weapon." So you would rather have kids safe than be protected in a public school. Sorry to say though that it don't matter what school you use the same result may be happening at that school you also change to and an armed sheriffs deputy and or police officer may be security at most schools and not a rent-a-cop. Down here in Ga. schools have armed officer/officers not security guard and is going very well with the security and kids protection.
  4. Daily Dose of Dumba$$

    By using the word "Bomb" on a plane can get you thrown in jail/prison and will not be taken lightly even if it is a joke to the one saying it.
  5. Heaven forbid if Patriots jump on this OBJ train.
  6. OBJ trade value is a 2nd/3rd round pick and lifetime supply of tissues for all his whining.
  7. Panthers interested in small school RB

    No difference when you are talking about a players abilities and what they can do when body size and height is involved. That is what I meant.
  8. Panthers interested in small school RB

    WR Steve Smith was small and ripped teams to pieces during his career with us for some years. Don't judge the book by the cover.
  9. Will he go within first round or will he be around when we get our first pick(if done) unless Hurney goes for him.
  10. The Saints humiliation...

    That broom was for the Saints to clean stadium after the loss to Vikes.
  11. But now it has a player getting ejected after same type of hit now along with penalty.
  12. Now this rule is being taken other than lightly after Cam has been hit several times every season with helmet leading hits on him. If none of these targeting hits on Cam ever happened and having having won a SB and a Lombardi possibly without all those unnecessary hits.
  13. Hurney has begun walking down the dark path again.
  14. Dez Bryant

    You don't get it. If he was brought in here the KB saga will start all over again with the ball going to him all the time.