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  1. Instead of Watching the SB....

    Pats played a fair game?. If that is the case why did Jags get a number of flags thrown and Pats had only "1" all game long.
  2. Punishment coming soon

    Why would we get a draft pick taken from us when other teams didn't unless we are hit just because.
  3. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    No matter what Jags do even if they had gotten a TD there is still to much time on clock and both teams have 3 timeouts each.
  4. The Steel Curtain may be falling in Pittsburgh
  5. I'm not sure if this QB would have been in the draft but it is sad news though. Police: Washington St. QB Tyler Hilinski dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound
  6. We would have had actually won that game but with that dirty hit on Cam and ridiculous phantom intentional grounding call the W would have been ours. But hey the refs know who they wanted to advance further. The brooms were really classy but your team could put them to good use cleaning Trumps hotels and condos.
  7. Cams celebrations are who he is on the field when he advances for a first down or gets a TD. So what if he looks like it is taunting because that is what players do. If anyone wants to go overboard with taunts they show that they are cowards and can't take having some fun on the field and want to fight which makes them a poor sportsman.
  8. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Just hope Hurney doesn't have a thought of bringing him back in.
  9. Hurney on WFNZ

    Hurney wants to improve roster, but not take away from strengths. Marty Hurney would like to add some speed to the Panthers' receiving corps and talent to the secondary, but not if it means taking away from the consistency in the trenches. I just hope he don't go contract crazy he has done before and put us back into cap hell.
  10. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Tolbert is hoping to come back when time when the opportunity presents itself.
  11. Karma is real

    That look on their faces is priceless lol
  12. Karma is real

    Nice Arseface resemblance.
  13. Hopefully Josh McDaniels don't ruin the HC job like he did in Denver but he may have learned from those mistakes from back then
  14. Sad..

    First JR has to sell the team and needs good suitors for the sale and now an event like this happens. A lot of strange things going on with this organization.
  15. Best Twitter Reactions

    Hes been through enough of this criticism and even death threats from fans because of the missed tackle so why keep harping on him.