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  1. rbsponsel52

    Straight up Racism

    I have most likely been in this world a lot more years than you have and you have the nerve to call me stupid just a little punk kid.
  2. rbsponsel52

    Straight up Racism

    So you think the children should be exploited right. This is a very lame comment talking about children being in a workforce when they are the innocent ones from this and had no choice to be here and put into this situation.
  3. rbsponsel52

    What they’re saying...

    Try to bring up something with relevance like the Aints-Vikings game when Aints "Blew Dat" lead and was literally a huge embarrassment. It was a kodak moment to see all those Aints fans jaws drop from thinking they sealed the game and it suddenly went south watching them fail to win.
  4. rbsponsel52

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    How is it you seem to think Tepper will not make a difference when you in reality have no clue what Tepper is even like yet and what he will do. Assumptions will get you no where fast. Tepper just may be a 100% opposite of JR.
  5. rbsponsel52

    What they’re saying...

    Saints fans already are saying that Atlanta, Tampa, and Carolina have gotten collectively worse. I hope that is not the case at all for Carolina.
  6. rbsponsel52

    Tina Becker has stepped down

    So!..We had a movie star actor as our president named Ronald Reagan running our country. Doesn't matter who you put in charge does it if it works out well. Unfortunately it does not always workout for everyone though.
  7. rbsponsel52

    JR Statue to remain

    Is it worth going to jail defacing city property knowing there are security cameras watching all around it and the stadium outside.
  8. rbsponsel52

    Shady McCoy

    If he did in fact commit this atrocity he should be banned from NFL, pay high fines(millions) and spend some years in prison along with her medical bills and hope and pray she don't have any permanent damage to any part her.
  9. rbsponsel52

    JR Statue to remain

    Just put this as a statue instead then.
  10. rbsponsel52

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    The statue is most likely staying just to keep his legacy alive and who brought the team into the Carolinas.
  11. rbsponsel52

    Fire Mick Mixon

    It is ridiculous bringing up past incidences and trying to justify them which is totally a waste of time and really irrelevant.
  12. So many with good reason want statue removed but JR's legacy will remain forever regardless of this because he is the one that had brought a football team to the Carolinas and that will never go away.
  13. rbsponsel52

    The Richardson Rule

    Really!. What kind of lame comment was that and one that had made no sense at all to what was said.
  14. Not necessarily. The team could be out of JR's hands now and just be in a limbo state till Tepper takes the reigns officially.
  15. This issue has hit the ceiling for Jameis Winston to remain with Bucs. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jameis-winston-burns-bucs-leaving-little-reason-team-trust-013522907.html