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  1. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    I want Smitty back!
  2. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    Amen brother
  3. Didn’t the Panthers end his career too?
  4. Put it in South Carolina, we would welcome it. Put it where the old Knights stadium is. Great access, I-77 interchange will be upgraded in the next few years.
  5. Is all of this truly speculation? If so what a sorry lot. Our ship has sunk before it has left port, smdh
  6. Should I Quit?

    Just remind her that we kicked their asses at the first of the season.
  7. I really think our guys can get the job done.......don't think Rivera and Shula can though.
  8. Byrd Update

    One and done.
  9. Good ole’ Ronde “anybody but the Panthers” Barber.
  10. My question is which Panthers show up today. The Panthers that ball out or the bizzaro Panthers from a parallel universe? This is the problem at this point of the season. Not much time to make up for bad coaching or player execution.
  11. Who do we root for thursday night?

    I don’t really care who wins Thursday night as long as they beat the $hit out of each other. I hate both teams equally.
  12. Ryan says he will start Sunday

    Larsen better be close by.
  13. Hate to say this but I got a little excited when Stewart went to the sideline with a twisted ankle. Maybe CAP and Armah will get some snaps now.
  14. Defense needs as much blame

    14 points...last seven were scored in garbage time.