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  1. I personally think to myself “here we go, a good lead and it’s the 4th qtr”. Then the sinking feeling in my gut takes effect. Can we hold on one more time? I am so tired of that poo.
  2. Charles Davis was a Detroit homer on that game. Sounded like he attended the Mick Mixon school of broadcasting.
  3. Run Cam: RUN

    Right fugging now! Let Cam roar!
  4. TopCat pics wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Better entertainment than what was displayed on the gridiron Sunday.
  5. Now that's what you call the benefit of a doubt.
  6. Strahan comment

    That would be great, lets do it!
  7. First thing, in my opinion, is saving the career and confidence of our QB I believe that it's too late for that my friend.
  8. Anyone Concered about the D?

    But we are 2-1, the 2015 season is rarity for most teams. I would be happy with any resemblance to the 2015 team. Now....not even close.
  9. Anyone Concered about the D?

    I'm worried about the whole team. A shadow of 2015. Sad.
  10. Hey there...

    Ha ha, that's funny right there.
  11. Shula has to get fired

    2015 was the apex, as long as Shula is calling the shots we will never reach that point again. Evolve my a$$. Every other team defense has evolved to handle our offense. Looks the same as 2016.
  12. Shula has to get fired

    That was one fugging ugly game.