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  1. Who do we root for thursday night?

    I don’t really care who wins Thursday night as long as they beat the $hit out of each other. I hate both teams equally.
  2. Ryan says he will start Sunday

    Larsen better be close by.
  3. Hate to say this but I got a little excited when Stewart went to the sideline with a twisted ankle. Maybe CAP and Armah will get some snaps now.
  4. Defense needs as much blame

    14 points...last seven were scored in garbage time.
  5. Flying under the radar is the way I like the Cat's to roll.
  6. Thomas Davis Video Request

    My take on Matt Ryan was meh up to that point, after that he wasn't dog poo in an abandoned house yard.
  7. CMC

    C MAC is > J Stew at this place and time. He needs to start. 3, 5, 7 ypc every time, can’t deny. Not to mention he can actually catch a pass. J Stew has ever been able to say that. Feed 22 the ball, he has stated that he can carry that load.
  8. CMC

    I would like to see him break a 70-75 yd run off. That will impress the crowd. It's coming, when CMC does it will bring down the house!
  9. wow..amazing Benjamin stat

    benjamin who?
  10. I want our guys to string a lot of wins together, but I just don’t know. Tough getting your hopes up for game day and then dropped like a used condom.
  11. We either have speedy receivers that can't catch a bad cold or slow receivers that can catch and block but look slow as Grandma and Grandpa gettin' "jiggy" so to speak.
  12. Wait ‘til Sunday for the real poo show.