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  1. No question in my opinion the run game. And I think there's a number of things that factor into it. For starters teams seem to be gameplaning to stop our run game. While this has resulted in our pass game has opening up we aren't going to have long term success playing like this. I do think we are getting man handled at the line by some of the leagues better D lines. Also, I feel like we are slow getting plays off. We need to pick up the tempo on offense bc defenses have all day to adjust. Running plays look to take forever to develop.. almost looks like someone hit the slow motion button on us from the time cam takes the snap, turns around hands Stew the ball, who lethargically comes out of his stance takes the handoff and makes his way to running lanes that have long since collapsed.. these are just my unprofessional arm chair qb observations. But but I feel picking up the tempo... letting cap share some snaps with stew and getting Kalil back are all ingredients to kick starting this running attack.
  2. It just... I hate to go here but I have to

    Speaking of race, has anyone seen the racially insensitive tweets someone dug up on Jordan? Makes her look like a massive hypocrite..
  3. Behind him and he telegraphed the throw as he seems to do a lot these days..
  4. The CB jumped his route because Cam stares funchess down the entire time before he threw it.
  5. Cam's Reads and Pocket Awareness

    Agreed. And it's unacceptable
  6. When is enough enough

    The overthrows were on cam... that's it... he played very well considering. Our o line was an embarrassment
  7. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    Kalil was a turnstyle... the o line wasn't creating any room for the run. Questionable calls from Shula. I didn't like the 3rd and 19 playcall after the first sack. Looked like another slow developing pass play that resulted in the sack that took us out of fg range. Cams two overthrows were terrible. But besides that Cam is the only reason we were able to move the ball at all it seemed.
  8. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    The delay of games could have been a result of the equipment issues they we're having. Something wasn't working properly and was effecting the communication
  9. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    I'm not gonna flame you. I just have to strongly disagree... yes the two overthrows were bad. Other than that he looked more like 2015 cam. He looked confident and in control. He was throwing strikes under pressure. He was also making great presnap reads and calling audibles that turned doomed plays into successful ones. The 5 sacks were not on him, it may have been 9 if he didn't escape... I counted 5 dropped passes one of which was in the endzone. The o line created no space for the run, and nearly got cam killed...The play calling was questionable at times. We wouldn't have moved the ball one yard today without Newton.
  10. Can I get a break down on how we look? I just got t off of work working a double I couldn't keep up
  11. Get his ass the hell out of Carolina
  12. Is Samuel playing? I want to see us make it threw the game with no injuries More 1st team D line and O line domination Cmc with the ball a lot
  13. I'm thinking of catching joint practice with the Titans. Anyone else ?
  14. No... Not full time anyway... Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle