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  1. Any updates on his status? Last I was saw he was to undergo an MRI on Monday. I don't see him on an injury report. If he's back we would only be without Ryan Kalil right?
  2. No question in my opinion the run game. And I think there's a number of things that factor into it. For starters teams seem to be gameplaning to stop our run game. While this has resulted in our pass game has opening up we aren't going to have long term success playing like this. I do think we are getting man handled at the line by some of the leagues better D lines. Also, I feel like we are slow getting plays off. We need to pick up the tempo on offense bc defenses have all day to adjust. Running plays look to take forever to develop.. almost looks like someone hit the slow motion button on us from the time cam takes the snap, turns around hands Stew the ball, who lethargically comes out of his stance takes the handoff and makes his way to running lanes that have long since collapsed.. these are just my unprofessional arm chair qb observations. But but I feel picking up the tempo... letting cap share some snaps with stew and getting Kalil back are all ingredients to kick starting this running attack.
  3. It just... I hate to go here but I have to

    Speaking of race, has anyone seen the racially insensitive tweets someone dug up on Jordan? Makes her look like a massive hypocrite..
  4. Behind him and he telegraphed the throw as he seems to do a lot these days..
  5. The CB jumped his route because Cam stares funchess down the entire time before he threw it.
  6. Cam's Reads and Pocket Awareness

    Agreed. And it's unacceptable
  7. Please talk me down

    A lot to be optimistic about. But since we are adding another chapter to our playbook, getting rookies up to speed etc etc there may be a learning curve. Learning the playbook well enough to operate it smoothly doesn't happen overnight. That's the best I can do. I hope I helped :) Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle