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  1. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    It’s geopolitics. It’s America securing American interest. It isn’t going to change. No country is innocent in this regard.
  2. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    NFC South

    On what lmao? Im confident we have the talent to beat anyone. As long as Cam is under center we have a chance despite the coaching blunders. But it’s asking a lot of Cam to win when he’s handicapped before the whistle even blows and more times than not he wins despite that.
  3. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    NFC South

    I’m tired of hearing the Saints are built to beat us. It’s been 3 years since 2015. The Saints can blow anyone out on any given night. If we can’t beat them this season then that reflects more on the failure of the coaching staff and management than it does the Saints are built to beat us. We’re stuck in the 50s. The Saints are playing 4D chess regardless of the opponent.
  4. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    CJ Anderson says...

    I thought Ron loves his vets.
  5. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    To be fair. Mahomes has a great supporting cast and offensive minded geniuses scheming the offense. Give the same tools, Cam could perform at that level or higher.
  6. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    DJ will be an all-pro. After those early fumbles he bounced back in a big way. He has “The it” mentality.
  7. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    I think it’s safe to say that Wilks was a great coordinator. Washington has inherited what is essentialy a more talented defense, at minimum equal to last season, and has made them look like absolute trash. However the defense played well all things considered. Take those 2 turnovers away and they held them to 9 points
  8. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Opinions: Can this team beat Philly?

    Cam will have a great game. The team will be in it at the end only to be disappointed by late game coaching decisions.
  9. 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Refusal to take chances and show faith in your offense and defense. Until you turn the ball over back to back and you’re down 17-0 then it’s SAVE ME CAMMMM.
  10. Reporters need to start doing their job and calling these coaches out, in public.
  11. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Don't panic. This happens every year.

    It was 3rd and long and essentially a punt.
  12. You’re ignorant as fug. Cam was literally the only chance we had to come back in this game. If you don’t realize how much he is held back and wins by putting the team on his back every single week then you can kick fuging rocks. Cam makes mistakes but there isn’t another QB I’d take over him.
  13. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    We deserved to lose. Stop putting the game on Cam every single weekend.
  14. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    Torrey been reading the huddle
  15. USDepartmentOfSavagery

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    Imagine that. You can throw the ball and control the clock.