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  1. What makes you think JR would do that.?  He's a NFL guy first. Players second. The lock out proved that. 
  2. I said "ballgame" after the Tolbert fumble.  That was a killer turnover.  
  3. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Still amazes me that the NFLPA didn't get rid of the franchise player tag during the lock out.  All the players hate it!
  4. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    Random people on Twitter again?  Let's try to ignore those people.  
  5. Viewing The Game If Power Goes Out

    If your cable or satellite goes out CBS is streaming the game.  Have a battery powered radio handy if the power goes out I guess.  
  6. If Ron Rivera Win The Super Bowl....

    If you want to put him in for being the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl, fine.  The HOF voters should be honest with the public about that.  Let people know that's the reason why he's getting in.   Don't try to build up his resume.  Because fans will call BS on that.  A 9-10 playoff record with Peyton Manning and that Tampa Bay defense?  His teams routinely underachieved in the playoffs.   I'll also say that a TRUE Hall of Fame coach win a Super Bowl with that Tampa Bay team.  A HOF coach doesn't let someone come in and win a Super Bowl with his players the very next year.      
  7. Can we pencil him in as a Hall of Fame head coach.  I mean Tony Dungy got in today.  
  8. Making a Murderer

    I feel bad for the Brendan kid.  I don't think he did anything.  
  9. Making a Murderer

    Sigh, what a disappointment.  First off it is way too long.  It could have been cut back to 6 or 7 episodes.  And, yes, the police seem shady.  But why would they kill some girl to frame Steven Avery, when killing Steven Avery would be the easier thing to do?  They're cops they can make it look like an accident.  I felt like there were things missing from the documentary.  There would be no way in hell if I was on that jury that I would have voted Not Guilty.  There were some compelling things in it.  But I felt like I wasted 10 hours of my life watching this.      
  10. Charlotte Observer.  They better not run out of copies.  
  11. Supergirl

    3 Scenes!  He seems like he's on the show more than Supergirl.  
  12. Supergirl

    James Olsen is killing me.  He's only there for female eye-candy.  He's an awful actor.  Can they please kill off his character or send him back to Metropolis.  I want to like this show, but that guy is ruining it for me.  
  13. Who didn't pick the Panthers!  Where's my pitchfork!
  14. Cam Defenders

    I'm not saying it would happen.  I highly doubt he would regress.  I'm saying IF it happened.  
  15. It's already started with Johnny Manziel.  The phrase "what if Cam Newton did this" is becoming a meme.  It won't address any societal problems.  It'll just be used for parody.  They'll be saying it on Saturday Night Live soon.  It'll be a joke before long.