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  1. Wow, seriously Mike McCarthy? How many times has Aaron Rogers bailed him out? In my opinion he's one of the worst coaches in the history of the NFL to have a Super Bowl ring. I would take Ron Rivera in a heartbeat over McCarthy.
  2. Doug Peterson says 'Hi.'
  3. It's either Doug Peterson or Sean McVay.
  4. When Westbrook played for the Eagles, Andy Reid had him everywhere. RB, slot receiver, WR, So I'm hoping Shula gets creative with him.
  5. I hope he becomes another Brian Westbrook/Darren Sproles type.
  6. more winning!

    The difference between public business owner CEOs and a private business owner CEO. Trump never had to answer to shareholder or a board of directors.
  7. tonight's nazi rally

    The President of the United States can not condemn white nationalist. Wow!
  8. 50 greatest black athletes

    I don't think the list should exist at all. Especially a list as random as this one. It just doesn't make any sense. Like I said, it's confusing.
  9. 50 greatest black athletes

    Wow, that list is pretty random. They put a bunch of track stars together JJK, Carl Lewis, and Michael Johnson. Then they put Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas together. And is Derrick Jeter black? Do mix race people count? (If so, where is Tiger Woods)? Also do Roberto Clemente and Pele count? What is their criteria for black? Just black skin? Very confusing list. I don't think much thought or effort went into this list. It just seems like it was created to create controversy.
  10. General Kelly new Chief of Staff

    For the most part, generals don't like going to war. Read McMaster's book.
  11. General Kelly new Chief of Staff

    These generals are ADULTS. Something this administration needs.
  12. General Kelly new Chief of Staff

    I'm okay with Mattis, McMaster and Kelly getting power in this White House. More adults in charge is a good thing.
  13. I can't imagine any parent letting their kid join the military with Donald Trump as the Commander in Chief.
  14. Unconfirmed report, BTW.
  15. The Dark Tower Film

    Please don't suck.