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  1. We're just not going to know until we see him suit up in full pads. The pictures I've seen so far are inconsistent. The last one I see on this page where the camera is far away from him, he doesnt look that much different then last year although oddly enough, in comparison he looks the same size or a little bigger than artis payne.
  2. Even though Cam amassed more yards than all of them on the ground? And also has more career rushing yards than all of them. In general, people are going to be down on cam until he proves he can be a consistently efficient passer. I know this isnt the point of the thread , but in general people's main arguements against Cam being one of the top 10 QBs is that his passing efficiency his been extremely erradic in the past 2 seasons and they view 2015 as a fluke/outlier because he hasnt come close to that performance since then.
  3. Pantha-kun

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    McCaffrey still looks skinny af in general, besides his arms.
  4. Pantha-kun

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    hes not under the radar dude, we're just waiting on him to demonstrate he can play a healthy season . Everyone knows how fast he is and he was working extremely well in the Dolphins game till he got hurt in the end zone.
  5. Holy fug, you think our defense will be even worse ? I hope you dont mean the secondary too because we've been horrid in the defensive backfield since SB 50 ended. Getting WORSE there would mean we'd be probably near the bottom 10 teams in pass defense in a division that has very good QBs and exceptional WR cores
  6. so you think we'll do 8-8 or less? Its kinda depressing to think about.. Cam and Luke are getting close to 30.
  7. I expect a 10-6 season and making another WC Playoff. Our division is way too crazy , we pretty much have automatic losses at least once vs the Saints and once vs the Falcons at their place (Why tf do we lose in ATL so much in the Cam/Rivera era?) . I could see us dropping one to the Bucs as well, they're pretty much due a win because we almost always win vs them in the Cam/Rivera Era. So thats probably minimum of 3 losses . I could also see us losing to Eagles, Steelers, and one bizarre loss to some unexpected team.
  8. I was just thinking about how the team will do now we're undergoing so much change. Of course its not all due to JR leaving, but how cool would it be that in our first year with a new owner we would have consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. I just want to know if you guys actually beleive it will happen. I said before many times on here that in 20+ years of existance , weve had plenty of different coaches , players , staff members through the years and we still didnt EVER manager ONE single pair of back to back winning seasons, so the common denominator I always arrived at was JR. Of course I was unilaterally stomped on for saying stuff against JR for much of the time , but now we finally get to see if I was right. I know itll eventually happen, but my question is , WILL it happen THIS season. The weird thing about the Panthers is we always seem to do well , when people pick against us before the season (low expectations). But when there's high expectations and alot of pressure (ALA 2016) shits gone south fast and the team crumples record wise. Is getting Tepper, Norv , DJ , Torrey Smith, CJ Anderson, Dontari Poe, Donte Jackson actually be enough to put us over the edge and have a 9-7 season or better? Or will we just simply have another 6-10 ish season that we ususally do following successful years in the River era? 8-8 not good enough. 9-7 will probably not even make the playoffs but would still be a huge franchise bucking trend in the correct direction of establishing a culture of consistent winning. We cant be a .500 franchise for the next 25 years too , right?
  9. Pantha-kun

    Player reactions to the sale

    Non athelete example: Id imagine if you were making millions of dollars with a huge bank or something last thing you want to do is piss off the new CEO lol
  10. Pantha-kun

    Calvin Ridley - "footwork"

    looks pretty decent to me. NFL Players have to cut at extremely high speeds and sharp angles, sometimes it dont look pretty in slo-mo
  11. Pantha-kun

    Thank you Big Cat!

    this is pretty much my perspective
  12. Pantha-kun

    Thank you Big Cat!

    I think theres some middle ground where you can be thankful for what he did for the franchise , while still believing actions that he committed according to the workplace misconduct allegations were reprehensible and very wrong.
  13. Pantha-kun

    Thank you Big Cat!

    nah put a statue of Steve Smith there instead
  14. To be fair, Ted Ginn masively revamped his performance when he went to the Saints (catching over 70% of his targets when he hardly managed to grab around 50% with the Panthers). Not saying Shepard was anywhere near as good as Ginn was for us , but saying he might do better on another team, who knows..
  15. Pantha-kun

    Thank you Big Cat!

    I would love these two things to be done before the season starts.. Would be very symbolic and meaningful for starting a much better era for the Carolina Panthers.