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  1. Would have gotten murdered behind the Olines we had for most of the past 7 years. And never had a TY Hilton caliber WR to throw to either
  2. New York Jets Season Stats Thus Far

    In a world where the Giants beat the Cheifs , players shouldn't be taking anything for granted lol
  3. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    Did anyone else notice that Ginn caught literally everything Brees threw to him vs the Redskins?
  4. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    Thats looking impossible right now. I watched the Eagles vs Cowboys game few nights ago and it seems they have all the momentum that we had in 2015, literally everything is going right for them. They would have to lose at least 3 more times for us to have a chance lol . And that's assuming we run the table the rest of the way.
  5. If Shepard has another multi drop game I'll say we have the worst WR core in the league
  6. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    only chance? With a Saints loss and Panthers win on this Sunday, that means we get to play them for 1st place in the NFC South on 12/3. Then beating the Vikings would mean that we get the 2 seed at that point. And who is to say the Eagles are automatically winning their divisional playoff round?
  7. New York Jets Season Stats Thus Far

    its because all these stats are averages. 2 good stats games doesn't cancel out half a seasons worth of mostly sub par stats games .
  8. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    Hoping the Rams are pissed off after losing to the Vikings and play like hell to keep their division lead, beat those damn Saints. With a Saints loss and a Panther Win on Sunday, that would make our Dec 3rd matchup vs the Saints a winner-takes-all contest for the NFC South.
  9. # 25 total Offense (Panthers : #2 Total Defense) # 24 Passing Offense #21 Rushing Offense # 23 Scoring Offense Defense #21 Total Defense (Panthers # 17 total offense) # 16 Passing Defense # 23 Rushing Defense # 16 Scoring Defense In no singular category I could find are they better than average , and in every major offense catagory their in the bottom of the league. You could say stats don't matter and any given Sunday, but as last Monday Night seemed to show stats most certainty do matter if you aren't commuting turnovers as an offense. We simply aren't losing games unless Cam throws multiple picks. Our passing offense and their passing defense seem to cancel each other out. Should be a clear advantage running the ball and our defense should purely outclass the Jets offense in every way. Which is basically what we've been doing lately , lots of running and good defense.
  10. Offense #17 Total Offense (Avg. Yards Per Game) # 17 Scoring Offense (Avg. Points Scored Per Game) #22 Passing Offense (Avg. Pass Yards Per Game) #7 Rushing Offense (Avg. Rush Yards Per Game #1 in the League in 3rd Down Conversion Percentage (WOW Rams , Eagles, Vikings, and Patriots all have a lower %) Defense # 2 Total Defense (Avg. Yards Allowed Per Game) (Jaguars recently passed us for #1 Defense) # 4 Pass Defense (Avg. Passing Yards Allowed Per game) # 3 Rush Defense (Avg. Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game) # 9 in Opponent 3rd Down Conversion Percentage # 1 in Opponent 4th Down Conversion Percentage (Among Defenses that have had at least 10 4th down conversion attempts against them, or greater) I tried to only use stats that had averages since there were multiple people complaining in my last thread that I had too many stats that just counted total numbers and didnt account for bye weeks. What I'm getting from all of this, is that we are making gigantic improvements in rushing offense , and we're a mediocre passing team but that could clearly be a function of us running so well lately. And despite us being the #17 ranked total offense, somehow we are leading the league in 3rd down conversion percentage. We have been consistently moving the chains well all year long and we learned that when we actually manage to punch it in the end zone that makes this team incredibly dangerous . Defense is what many of us already know. Top 10 in pretty much every major defensive catagory , and probably most importantly to me we are top 10 in opponent 3rd down conversions. Combine that with us being #1 in offense in 3rd down conversions , that means we are moving down the field while the opponent is not more often than not, which is great. The defense is clearly lacking in takeaways, that may be the only clear weakness of the Defense thus far. And I'm guessing Wilks and Rivera have probably been harping on that through the mid season point.
  11. THAT’S MY QB

    There's not a lot of people in the world that willingly dig skeletons out of the closet to inspire other people to do better with their life. Props to Cam.
  12. NFL.com : #8 ESPN : #8 Yahoo : #7 Bleeding Green Nation : #8 CBS Sports : #7 Bleacher Report : #5 Walterfootball : #7 You think these rankings are justified? The last poll we averaged around the 10 spot and now we are averaging around the 7 spot , after a week where we didn't even play a game lol. I think its mostly because the Cheifs lost. The way things are trending if we manage to beat the Jets on Sunday and the Saints on Dec. 3rd, we should be a top 5 team no questions. As of right now though? I'm not sure. At least our victory against the Falcons is looking a bit more credible now that they're starting to string together wins .And the Lions are also starting to find a groove so they're both increasing our strength of schedule. I'm not sure how much stock to take from beating the Dolphins, or even if we simularly blow out the Jets. I'd still have kept us around the 10 spot honestly, unless we beat the Saints and/or Vikings. If we win the next 3 games, then we should probably be right in line for the #2 seed and right below the Eagles in the power rankings. .But of course that's looking fairly far into the future . I guess looking at it from a positive light, we lost to Saints (top 5 team) , Eagles (Top 2 team) , and the Bears. So the only bad loss we had the entire season was against the Bears , and I'm willing to give pretty much every team not named the 07 Patriots or 72 Dolphins at least 1 game where they either have an off day, some weird poo happens , or they run into a team late in the season whos out of contention and treating the game like their super bowl. I'd say things are trending up but we've yet to face true tests in the 2nd half of the season. I think the Saints and Vikings are on a whole nother level. But at least the Redskins showed the Saints aren't immortal, and the Rams were doing pretty well against the Vikings until that Cooper Kupp fumble on the 1. And the Giants showed anything is possible with a hellacious defense .
  13. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    Quest for a dominant Oline? This might not apply if our oline continues to play as good as it has the last couple weeks though. R1: Connor Williams , OT, Texas R2 : Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin R3 : Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest R3 : Justin Reid, S, Stanford R5: Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State R6: Ike Boettger, OT, Iowa R7: Daeshon Hamilton , WR, Penn State R7: Alex Officer, C, Pitt My favorite prospects so far has to be Fumagalli. I'm not sure the team will take a tight end that early in the draft , but Greg will be 33 heading into next season and its probably the perfect time to bring a TE of the future to learn under Greg for a few seasons before he retires.
  14. NcFans Way to early, mid season Mock

    So you're predicting a Saints vs Steelers Super Bowl with the Steelers winning. huh..
  15. May God be with us then when we aren't passing to Tight Ends, McCaffrey, or Funchess.