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  1. Pantha-kun

    The midfield logo reveal

    then why are people purposely not showing midfield over the past few days? If they're not going to put the logo there for a few more weeks then why would they be teasing the fans this hard in all their social media?
  2. Did we even have any TDs of over 40 yards through the air? I seem to recall cam did take a few deep shots but very regularly they were either incompletions or didnt result in TDs.
  3. There's 3 different games all going on around the same time tonight , even though ours is not until tomorrow night. Eagles vs Patriots 7:30 , Jets vs Redskins 8:00 , Steelers and Packers 8:00 Ill be watching Eagles and Patriots. Prime reason being we play the Patriots in week 3 of the pre season, and we play the Eagles in our 6th game of the regular season. I'm not really sure how seriously teams take pre season week 2, but I guess I'll find out. Theres a few good matchups on Saturday too. Week 3 is mainly where its at. A great headliner game with Browns vs Eagles on Thursday 8/23 , our game vs the Patriots Friday night,
  4. Pantha-kun

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    Exactly. If kb had the heart of a steve smith, he wouldve been an unstopable monster
  5. Ill say this over and over again. Torrey Smith is the ONLY proven deep threat on our entire roster. We were sorely missing a deep threat last year and absolutely no one on our roster established themselves as one during the entirety of the 2017 season. Meanwhile, Torrey Smith still caught multiple long passes and home run balls (including as recently as the 2018 playoffs). Why are so many people acting like T.Smith is a scrub?
  6. 2016 was alot worse. Only 2 fuging years ago and only bradberry and butler are still on the roster. Butler has been an almost complete non factor. So basically we just got a solid cb that cant turn the ball over. And thats it. From a whole draft class. Gettleman fuged us by releasing norman and then reaching for cbs.
  7. Pantha-kun

    CJ Anderson’s Value.

    Then why was cmc with the first team just now? We already have dj and samuel for the short passes
  8. Pantha-kun

    CJ Anderson’s Value.

    Maybe the coaches are more curious as to how cmc does with a full load? Looking back to last season with the exception of one drive in the GB game and for part of the first ATL game, McCafrey was constantly in and out of the lineup and only got over 10 carries in 3 games iirc. I dont think theyre going to be using cj like stew last year. Maybe theryre going to try cmc as the everydown back and use cj for specialized situations like long pass pro and short yardage, goal line.
  9. Pantha-kun

    Guice is done!

    what would we do about normans contract? Go into negative cap?
  10. Pantha-kun

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    Torrey Smith is the only WR on our roster that has proven in NFL games he can be a deep threat. Wouldnt like that move at all . Thats like cutting Ginn all over again and get stuck running against plenty more loaded boxes.
  11. Pantha-kun

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    yep, Bersin wouldve been our next tallest WR and hes not here anymore. Torrey Smith - 6'0'' , DJ Moore - 6'0'' , Curtis Samuel - 5'11'' , Jarius Wright 5'10'' , Damiere Byrd 5'9'', if you count CMC 5'11'' Would be asinine to cut your only WR above 6'0'' with a 6'5'' QB
  12. Pantha-kun

    Kelvin takes another shot at Cam?

    Its pre season. He cant brag about jack poo until he does things in the regular season and more importantly if his team wins consistently.
  13. I was even more impressed by C.Samuel, just smooth routes and catching everything.
  14. Thank God there is football again.
  15. fuging stupid how the author just assumes torrey will suck. Ginn was trash before he came to us, he was servicable with us, and then he caught like over 70 percent of his balls lsst year with the saints. WR performance varies greatly with the team and scheme, this smuck has no idea what torrey smith is going to accomplish this year. Smith is literally the only proven deep threat on our roster and he caught multiple home run balls last year with the eagles last year and 2 SB wins under his belt with 2 different teams