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  1. Fanspeak 7 Round Mock

    More offense focused draft , not too bad. Ballage is may be viewed as a mid rounder but we dont have a 4th and our 5th is late as hell. So if we draft a decent RB itll be in the 2nd or 3rd most likely. This senario we cut R.Kalil b/c his insane cap #, also cut stew. Price will start at Center and Ballage will be our starting brusing RB. I'd let Norwell walk, put Moton in at LG . Use the cap savings to get a quality Saftey, CB, or WR in free agency. 24: R1P24 G BILLY PRICE OHIO STATE 55: R2P23 WR CHRISTIAN KIRK TEXAS A&M 85: R3P21 RB KALEN BALLAGE ARIZONA STATE 88: R3P24 TE TROY FUMAGALLI WISCONSIN 163: R5P24 S TREY MARSHALL FLORIDA STATE 200: R6P23 CB ADONIS ALEXANDER VIRGINIA TECH 234: R7P16 QB RILEY FERGUSON MEMPHIS 242: R7P24 EDGE K.J. SMITH BAYLOR
  2. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0.

    None of the WRs from this entire class impress me much . But I wouldn't be mad with that Washington pick . His measurables are pretty similar to Samuel but that might be a moot point if Samuel still fails to stay healthy. The good thing about washington is that he's had 3 consecutive 1000+ receiving yard seasons with 10 or more receiving touchdowns, and hes averaged 20 yards a catch through 4 seasons. Very strong resume and most importantly, has no problems separating from defenders. He should be on our board at pick 24 if he has a good combine, because his college stats are excellent and he'll likely be long gone by the time we pick in the 2nd.
  3. Cam was at his best throwing down the field when he had the dudes that could stretch it like smith and ginn.
  4. Hopefully we can get the deep passing game working again in 2018
  5. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Oh well. Its going to take the new owner to make any serious changes
  6. CMC looked much better in 2nd half of the year running wise. An excellent example of how Norv should use him is the first drive we had vs Packers. We fed the offense through Christian and it worked to absolute perfection
  7. How does anyone even know if McCaffrey can take a full load or not? He had 10 or more carries in only 3 games last season, and he maxed out at 15 carries. Collectivly in those 3 contests where he got 10 or more touches on the ground, he averaged over 4 ypc and we won all 3 games.
  8. Id honestly do this if I were the new GM being hired. All of them make too much sense. Ryan has a rediculous cap number and has been very often injured for the past two seasons, I dont want to pay a dude 10 mil if theres a high chance he wont even be on the field for half the season. Hes going to be gone after 2018 anyway, why not make get your new center in the works now instead of later? The new C we'd most likely draft wont be as good as a healthy Ryan but he will be young and cheap. If the new C is even servicable and can start 16 games then I'm in. Stew is obvious, hes 31 heading into next season and his performance has been declining over the past several years. Draft someone like Kallen Ballage , Royce Freeman , Bo Scarborough, Josh Adams, in the mid rounds and we'll be just fine. Given recent rookie RB trends we'd probably even improve the run alot. CJ and Shepard should be automatic cuts based on performance. Wouldnt pay them any more than vet min and even that is stretching it. You guys are totally disillusioned about coleman . He was far and away the worst player in our secondary last season. Practically ever big play down the field whether it was a long run or a long pass, he was getting humiliated , getting caught out of positions , taking horrible angles, whiffing on all sorts of tackles, getting TDs scored on him . I'm totally sick and disgusted with his performance. Id keep Adams on the cheap and cut Coleman's scrub ass. Id do what I had to do to resign Norwell. That way we have 3 young stud Olineman (Norwell, Turner, Williams), and possibly a good young C too to make 4. That would only leave us to needing to find a franchise LT who we could draft this year or in 2019.
  9. Josh Norris Mock Draft

    No idea how good this guy will be at the NFL level . I'd rather draft a TE and RB in the mid rounds where the value will be alot better Getting anyone that you don't believe is a blue chip day 1 starter in R1 is a waste in my opinion I acknowledge that if he ends up being really good then sure it would be worth it . But R1 is too high for a TE from school I never heard of , your playing with fire with your very first pick
  10. That's yards before the first contact on a play I'm guessing . It doesn't matter if you get 2 yards before being contacted if you are immediately met by 5 men after that 2 seconds is up Maybe other teams have shorter times before the first contact , but then they meet less people when contacted, or more people are being blocked effectively
  11. A chance that Norwell stays?

    The Panthers have already done this with Cam, Luke , Olsen, Kalil bros, Addison, TD , to lesser extent CJ and Stew Our cap would look alot healthier if we the Kalil bros were actually paid according to their availability/performance. R.Kalil is old and injury prone and he has a 10 mil cap hit lol. Id say the only players that actually deserve their expensive contracts are Luke and Cam. We are paying alot of money to most old players with declining skills and availability
  12. Curtis Samuel will likely miss OTAs

    hes a bust injury wise until he proves he can stay healthy
  13. CMC improvement pretty drastic

    Well most NFL fans have been spoiled by Gurley , Zeke, Howard, Hunt, Kamara, Fournette , when really these guys are the exception to the rule. Takes most NFL players 2 or 3 seasons to really get ingratiated into the offense and take off , and /or for the ideal opportunity /circumstance to present itself for better success. NFL com combine pro comparison for CMC was tiki barber. Similar size coming out of college, and tiki really didn't take off until year 3 or 4 when the Giants started feeding him more and his game got better over time . Also mccaffeys dad's career didn't really take off til he went to the Broncos later in his career . Yea he was a 6'5" WR but point im just trying to reiterate is that some if not most players take some time to find the right time and place to shine
  14. The team talent is not all world , especially at WR, CB, and Safteys , or RB I'm actually fairly positive . I think Norv will make a big difference, but alot of the season will come down to what exact moves hurney will make it free agency and the draft
  15. Well therin lies part of the problem as well . We have dudes like Shepard and Clay at WR who can't catch a cold , that's the most fundamental aspect of being a WR you can not do poo without catching . Even Funchess , Benjamin struggled with that , we've been bringing in WRs who don't even have the fundamentals down and that is part of the problem . Samuel and Byrd have potential but they are also small , lightweight , and injury prone. Bersin isn't a NFL WR . We can't sit on the exact same dudes and expect to have game breaking passing game by just changing the OC who already said he's going to be running a similar system . If they do that then they deserve to have an 8-8 or losing season like they always do after we just had a winning one.