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  1. Your on two something over they’re. You’re theories shouldn’t go unnoticed. May be they cut Luke two?!?!?!
  2. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    Shula gone, Turner in and I like our new DC better than Wilks. J.R. will be gone soon, Peppers will return and we have some young talent coming back from injury (Samuel, Bird, Elder, and Hall). I’m pretty excited!!!
  3. Smith got a $94 million extension too?!?! Crazy...
  4. Backup OL Van Roten re-signed

    Something stinks about this deal...
  5. JN24?

    I don’t see Washington cutting him. I think they will let Breeland walk with that new extension they gave Dunbar and roll with Norman and Dunbar. Don’t get me wrong, if they cut him I would love to have him back! I just don’t see it happening...
  6. Worley to safety?

    I would like to see this happen. I also think we should resign Byrd (the safety) for cheap as good depth. He came in mid season and seemed to do ok. I thought Gunter looked good for depth at CB in the limited action he saw. Should both come super cheap and Worley’s potential at safety would help our secondary and keep our salary cap space open. Would still need another starter at CB and maybe a project safety late in the draft and I would be very happy!
  7. We got Norv, I think Washington will be an upgrade and it sounds like Pep is coming back! So far go good and off-season hasn’t fully started yet!

    I don’t think think Oher was or ever will be ready to play again...
  9. So you are thinking Kalil will get better and use Moton at Norwell’s spot? Kalil makes me nervous, and I think Moton needs to get worked in somewhere.
  10. So maybe try Moton at LT? I’m just trying to get Kalil off that spot and know he costs to much to cut...
  11. I wouldn’t mind trying Kalil out at guard like the Vikings did with Remmers. Moton can play RT and see how Williams does at LT. (We can leave Williams at RT, I just think he looks like a better LT than Moton).
  12. No more Shula! Dilly MFing Dilly!
  13. We will have Corn Elder to compete for the slot. I think Bradberry is fine, but we need one other starting CB and at least one Safety. Leaving these 2nd year CBs on and island with bad safety coverage behind them was a tough task. I think a safety with range combined with less blitzing will make the CBs look better. I mean Brees had like 30 more yards passing than Cam and the Saints have solid CBs....
  14. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought Shula called a decent game. He couldn’t control some of those drops (one being a TD) or that call of intentional grounding or the Gano missed FG. We should have won, just didn’t have any weapons left . He had Cam Newton who isn’t 100% Olsen who isn’t 100% Funchess with one shoulder and CMC on offense with an online that can’t run block and a LT who can’t pass block. Not to mention the officiating was terrible...
  15. https://mobile.twitter.com/OrtizDYST/status/950170140993294336?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet