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  1. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    Never would have had Lyle Alzado that's for sure.
  2. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    Sure it is, but don't dismiss the fact Tunsil did it to begin with and allowed his actions to be documented all the while knowing he is up for the draft. Intelligence is a liability in the NFL and this guy strikes me as the type of guy that would get you a seat at the Algonquin round table
  3. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    Is it the end of the world? No. But I do think when you take a sedentary unmotivated, uncurious corporate population and you garnish it with a little weed, I don't think it augers well with the conglomerate of the NFL. The junction box on either side can be debated I suppose. But to even blame the step father for his own behavior is absolutely malignant and shatters the idea of personal responsibility. Look, I don't give a rats ass about weed, but the current climate we live in, well, thems the breaks as they say. How fuging stupid can you possibly be!
  4. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    My curiosity got the best of me, so I fired up sound hound. That bands name is Greatful Head.
  5. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    This thread needs theme music.
  6. Mike Tirico is going to NBC, and he's leaving ESPN.

    Yes they were. I enjoyed the banter between the two of them. Especially when Mike would call out John on some of his antics. Gruden: Hammerin' Julio! He'll hammer ya. They used to have Hammerin' Hank here in Atlanta and now they have Hammerin' Julio. Tirico: Where did the Hammerin' thing come from? Grduen: Well I took Hammerin' Hank and changed it to Hammerin' Julio And this jewel during wild card weekend. Tirico: "You were part of a playoff shut out back in the day." Gruden: "I was?" Tirico: "Yeah you were." Gruden: "Did I get shut out?" Tirico: "No you didn't." Gruden: "Well that's good. You've got a lot of memories tonight Mike."
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Two episodes tops!
  8. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Yep, my channel got stuck on the CW.
  9. Actually he offered to buy a couch. I think...
  10. Poooooooooooooo Nah, didn't work for me. Someone else try it.
  11. There is no way in hell Poooooooooooooo is a filtered word.
  12. Your insecurity in Steve Wilks is showing. Pull it together! *SLAP*
  13. Dear Josh

    Good luck Josh. Hope you do well. So, how does the MLB and OLB positions fair in Washington these days?