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  1. Micheal Oher should have changed his cleats.

    Guess I wasn't the only one to notice it after all. I looked for it but your title didn't provide the the information I was looking for to avoid a repost. Oh well.
  2. He probably did after this anyway. Did anyone else notice this? This is rather bizarre to be seeing in a super bowl of all places.    
  3. Am I dreaming?

    Dreaming? Hell I can't even sleep.
  4. The Brotherhood of Ugly

    Yes, yes I do. And I hope you are right. We know his history. Against Ware however, gives me pause.
  5. The Brotherhood of Ugly

    Maybe it's just me but Remmers still concerns me. Especially on this stage.
  6. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

  7. House Rules No football practice in the hallways. Take that to the yard (or the tennis courts). Sorry, no pets (especially Broncos).   I approve.
  8. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Pie for Airbnb
  9. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    This is some straight up thievery. No two ways about it.
  10. There was an initial reporter that asked a question. (on what he wants his legacy to be as a black quarterback) Cam answered that question and then Jerry Sullivan piggy backed off that initial question with two follow up questions. (on the stereotype of black quarterbacks not being able to play from the pocket) “I think we shattered that a long time ago.” (on stereotypes around black quarterbacks being an issue) “It’s not an issue. It’s an issue for you.”
  11. Super Bowl Roll Call

    I hate you all.
  12. Luke is so white hahaha

      Don't hate. A riffle in the comfort of a hot tub is a damn good time.
  13. TD's Visor

    If I recall the clear visor Cam wears he had to get a medical prescription for approval to even wear that one.