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  1. are you back on the forum? msg me!

  2. You're hot for a Saints girl (if that is you on the avatar) & at least you hate the Patriots than us. There, I say it. :) :) And welcome aboard. Even if some of us rip on your team, some of us just love to mess around & be friends with other team's fans!! Just as long they're being fun & not serious, that is. ;)

  3. Hey stsgrl... Have a great time at the game today. Be sure to shout out a big Who Dat for me since I can't be there myself.

  4. I think you're all cool, not like some the other fans for opposing teams I've met

  5. Not to be confused with some of those fake a-holes.

  6. Skew is a real a-hole isn't he?

  7. I love cheerleaders...I mean Jesus loves the little cheerleaders.

  8. Skew, That's OK, we all have our own taste. But thanks for taking time to view a sample of my work. Much appreciated. However, I do need to update it.

  9. Sorry, Gregg. Zod's photos are much better. But no offense.

  10. maybe I met your brother. I was at the set in Lakeview taking photos for when they were filming Amanda and her gradfather by his house across from the levee break. That was the first time I met her parents. They are awesome, down to earth folks.

  11. She is a sweet girl, My brother helped do some production work on her film post Katrina

  12. No, but I have a speedo. Does that count?

  13. Hey I have a camera too! Its a polaroid, and it doesn't work half the time, but nevermind you own a thong?

  14. Yes, That's Amanda Shaw. I've done a lot of her. In fact, she uses my photos on her website, see and click the buttons (her webmaster has to fix the deminisions he set up, they are distorted). Also, Lindsay Mendez uses several on my pics on her website as well as her CD, and she's requesting 10 more photos of mine for publication.

  15. Is that Amanda Shaw on your website?