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  1. I agree with you. I think CMC should be taking the Punts and letting his skills show. . I was just making a point after many have said they really wanted Byrd back there and hell everyone is making assumptions that CMC is going to get pummeled and injured even before the first Punt is up in the air so why not. Also with the amount of whining that I have seen on here it would give people just another thing to whine about. I don't care who they choose(which I believe they have already shown they are leaning to CMC). All I care about is if they are productive.
  2. I think my homer-ism just got the best of me

    Well, I hoping for a break out season for Cam.
  3. I think my homer-ism just got the best of me

    Since the guys team with Reed QB's suck he just may make that trade. If he had a decent QB I don't see that trade happening though. Reed is also a huge injury risk.
  4. Irma

    I certainly wouldn't call that good.
  5. I understand your point and it does make sense. I am afraid a lot of people will be changing there tune if Byrd somehow fumbles away a few Punts and it leads to scores for the opponents. Then the whole rested for offense and less chance for injury will suddenly go out the window.
  6. The bottom line is I don't want any player to get injured, but to think not giving CMC the Punt Returning duties which he seemed to have earned will eliminate the chance of injury is living in dream land. It can happen in the most freakish way on the field. Hell it has even happened to players off the field. The only 100% way of keeping a player from getting injured in a game is to give them a permanent spot on the bench and tell them not to move. Like I said I want to see this Kid work his magic this year just like I like to see Cam work his magic and each game I hold my breath for no major injuries.
  7. Good Job asking a question instead of answering one. I get where you are coming from. Any player back there could under perform, but all of us are sitting behind a computer screen a typing about "what if" and the coaches that are getting paid to make these sort of decisions and see what he can do close up everyday seem to have already made this decision. It would be awful if McCaffrey got injured returning a Punt. It would be awful if CMC got injured getting rolled over on by an Offensive Lineman. Hell anyway it would be awful if he got hurt or any player. I am one of those people that even hates seeing the other teams players get injured. I also know that it is part of the game.
  8. I can totally understand what everyone is saying for not playing McCaffrey as a Returner as it would risk more chance of injury. That totally makes sense. I have a question for all of you though and it is just a hypothetical question, but what if we go with Bryd and in the first 2 games he fumbles the ball and causes two TD's for the opponents. Would you rethink your position or even go deeper and try someone else who could have difficult? Just a question.
  9. This is my Fantasy team. Give it a grade.

    I actually like your team for a 14 tem league. I like McCaffrey and Mixon and I absolutely love Evans and Thomas. Guys I don't like much are Rawls and Rishard Matthews. Chris Carson is the best RB in Seattle and Corey Davis although he probably is not available is going to be the #1 WR in Tennessee.
  10. I think my homer-ism just got the best of me

    I think Hyde is going to have a good year actually, but we all know Miller is the workhorse in Houston. I do think Cam is going to bounce back and give you more production than Eli. Now the Gronk for Fleener is another story. Who do you think you could get at TE for Big Ben?
  11. I say yes. I think the best player that can give us the best filed position on returns should be back there. If the coaches determine that is McCaffrey than he should be back there. He could get injured running the ball up the middle. I want the best players on the field the majority of the time.
  12. First, just my opinion and I see that it differs than yours that Sanu is no better than Funchess. He is no better than a #2 Receiver and not a great one at that. Pretty much the same as Funchess in my opinion. Taylor Gabriel had a decent year last year with 35 grabs and over 500 yards but 2 years doesn't make him much in my book and his 1st year wasn't much at all. Definitely not as good as Funchess. I agree Julio Jones is an exceptional WR and probably the 2nd best in the league and is dynamic. He is better than KB for sure. I also think that Matt Ryan had a year last year that will not be repeated. This certainly doesn't mean that Julio Jones won't go off because he is just that great of a player. I do however feel that Cam is much more an Athletic QB and can do way more things than Matt Ryan can in a game. I also agree that Freeman and Coleman are a great tandem, but do you know why they are a tandem because neither one of them has the skills to do it all or they would be an every down back. That is the thing with McCaffrey he can do so much coming out of the backfield that a lot of the regular RB's on other teams cannot. He can run up the middle and to the outside, catch the swing pass and across the middle, break tackles, and yes block even though he is not the big according to his teammates. If the Panthers players and coaches are saying this guy can do all this stuff then why not let him do it. We know what KB can do as he can run a route and get deep. That's great and I don't want to abandon that as all. I also don't want to abandon Olsen as well. I just think there is enough talent for Cam to spread it all around and put up tremendous stats because all these guys are playmakers. We may not be the Patriots, but I see McCaffrey having more athletic talent in his left toe then LeGarrette Blount has. Edelman is pretty much a great possession receiver and KB in my opinion is at least just as good as him although a different type of receiver. And Olsen although he may not be as good as Gronk he certainly is in the top 3 TE's in the league.
  13. Eagles, Titans and Vikings are high. Maybe Cowherd was high as well when making the rankings. Who knows. I can certainly see the Panthers being in the Top 10 but wouldn't put them there until after a game or two is under there belt. I see them as just outside the top 10 before week 1 starts , but will move up quickly.
  14. I watch the game because it is a real football game that counts. Who do I think will win? The Pats. Who would I like to win? The Chiefs. I am more interested in seeing Kareem Hunt run wild and get 2 TD's because he is on my fantasy team.
  15. And do the Falcons have a TE like Olsen? No They have decent RB's but are they considered top tier RB's? No They have Julio Jones. There other best WR is Sanu. I would say he is about the same as a Funchess. Do you agree that forcing the ball to one receiver can make an offense predictable? Why can't McCaffrey and Stewart have great years and Olsen and KB also have great years? Look at the Patriots in 2016. The had Blount at RB. He is not considered to be that great and got over 1,100 rushing yards, than they had Edelman also over 1, 100 receiving yards. And even throw in Gronk who was injured most of the season he also had over 500 receiving yards. So why can't KB, McCaffrey, and Olsen all have great seasons as well. It happens.