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  1. Things that trump says

    "I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die” - Donald trump (from the in touch interview w/ Stormy Daniels)
  2. is possible to have a majority party?

    He had good policy on many issues and was an effective president. Why focus on race his record speaks for itself. If growing older makes me focus on Obama's race and ignore his policy then no thanks.
  3. is possible to have a majority party?

    I voted for a very environmental concerned republican on my first election. I cant find those any more. The current republican party has pushed me left and they have done so to many educated people with their anti science bent.
  4. is possible to have a majority party?

    Studies show its the generational impact of those coming into their formative years that has the lasting effect.
  5. is possible to have a majority party?

    LOL I am in my mid 40's and becoming more liberal by the day. Current conservatives make me realize how backwards the party is moving. I voted republican in the past because they sometimes did work for our environment and conservation, now they appeal to the dumbest and get the base denying climate change and yelling they have to take shared responsibility in storm run off. There are numerous examples of the current GOP moving away from fact based decision making and you can see that the more educated have supported them less and less for it.
  6. is possible to have a majority party?

    So you see the need for government you just want the government to be there for the things you want and to lay off on the things you dont want it involved in. Sounds like you are talking about problems of the privledged you want to live in a risk area in a giant house and are upset it costs more....meh....get over it. You can do as you please but things have costs. Your freedoms arent in your pocketbook man.
  7. Things that trump says

    Last week the the quick statement from Trump's doctor saying he is in excellent health misspelled the doctors name. The release had the statement coming from Dr. Ronnie Jackson. Trumps doctor is Dr. Ronny Jackson.
  8. is possible to have a majority party?

    I think we should leave him alone - let him eat food and take medicine not tested for safety, drive on roads not maintained, live in a house built wiht no standards to follow, etc...
  9. The Russia-NRA connection

    Remember - in conservative world how bad it is for foreign to contribute to campaigns. Remember the giant scandal that a candian guy tried to buy a hillary clinton t shirt!??!!?!?!?! -- James O’Keefe releases sting video of Canadian buying Hillary gear A conservative media group specializing in undercover investigations released a video on Tuesday purporting to show the Hillary Clintonpresidential campaign breaking federal election law. In the video, an operative from the James O’Keefe-led Project Veritas approaches a Hillary for America booth manned by officials Molly Barker and Erin Tibe, when she notices the woman next to her get turned away from making a donation because she is a Canadian citizen. Sure, so we can’t take contributions from anyone that is not a citizen of the United States,” Tibe tells the woman who is only identified as a Montreal native. The undercover Project Veritas journalist then offered to serve as a middleman in the transaction, accepting the Canadian citizen’s money and handing it over to the campaign in exchange for merchandise. “So Canadians can’t buy them, but Americans can buy it for them?” the Project Veritas operative asks Barker in the video. “Not technically, you would just be making the donation,” Barker replies before accepting the money. The undercover journalist persuaded the officials manning the booth to allow her to buy memorabilia and make a small donation for the Canadian citizen. The total transaction was for $75, and the Clinton merchandise included a hat and rainbow pin. The video was shot at Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch rally at Roosevelt Island in New York City on June 13. O’Keefe said the video is evidence of Clinton campaign officials violating the federal election law that prohibits political campaigns from accepting donations from “a foreign national directly or indirectly.” “Just to repeat, these senior Hillary campaign officials are not rookies,” O’Keefe says in the video. “They know the ins and outs of the election code, and we’ve shown you they’re willing to break the law.” ----http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/252428-james-okeefe-releases-sting-video-of-canadian-buying-hillary $75 on behalf of a Canadian - BLATANT flaunting of our USA election laws! Scandal scandal scandal!!!
  10. Im sure this is just some liberal femi-nazi making up stories to attack real conservatives... Wait - in 2010 Stormy almost ran for Senate a as a Republican and claimed she was being attacked as a strong minded conservative like they did to Sarah Palin? ummmm - In 2010, Daniels announced she was declaring herself a Republican. But in June 2010, she announced she would not run after all. “To begin with, like Governor Palin, I have become a target of the cynical stalwarts of the status quo,” Daniels said in a statement. “Simply because I did not fit in their mold of what an independent working woman should be, the media and political elite have sought to relegate my sense of civic responsibility to mere sideshow antics. They did this not simply for the sake of expediency but because to have a woman of my background challenge the core conscripts of our political and social culture is simply too much for a system that holds that only lawyers and insurance salesmen are qualified to lead.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/01/18/porn-star-stormy-danielss-brief-political-career-as-a-u-s-senate-contender/?utm_term=.f9938b1ecafd
  11. is possible to have a majority party?

    Under current districting to have a the Democratic party be a majority in the house they have to outperform conservatives by like 10%. So a majority would probably be small and fragile if its achieved.
  12. The Russia-NRA connection

    The banker, Alexsandr Torshin, has close ties to Vladimir Putin, and the sort of shady connections one expects from an oligarch in the Putin circle. (He has been charged with money laundering overseas and links to mobsters.) Torshin is also a lifetime member of the NRA, hosted NRA delegations visiting Russia, has attended several NRA conventions, and has spoken with gun enthusiast Donald Trump Jr. Torshin is not the only link between the NRA and Putin. Last February, Tim Mak profiled Maria Butina, a gun-rights activist who has worked in American right-wing politics. At one Washington party immediately after the election, Butina “brazenly claimed that she had been part of the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia, two individuals who were present said. On other occasions, in one of her graduate classes, she repeated this claim,” Mak reported. Both Butina and Torshin have also worked with Paul Erickson, a veteran Republican operative and gun rights activist who has cultivated close ties to Russia. Erickson has called the alliance between the NRA and “Right to Bear Arms,” its Russian counterpart, a “moral-support operation both ways.” There is a genuine ideological connection between the right-wing ideology of the NRA and of many Russian nationalists, a strand of violence-obsessed authoritarian pan-European nationalism. Of course, if the support given Trump by Russians was not merely moral but also financial, it would violate the law. It is also worth contemplating the effect any legal trouble for the NRA would have upon the Republican Congress. There is no more untouchable faction of the Republican Party than the NRA. Already, Trump’s allies have coalesced behind him and used their investigative power to support his wild claims that the FBI is part of a sinister deep-state conspiracy against him. If the NRA is swept up in Robert Mueller’s probe, the pressure on Republicans to fire or hamstring his investigation would ramp up to overwhelming levels. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/01/the-nra-is-part-of-the-trumprussia-scandal-now.html
  13. Charles Manock‏ @cmanock1 FollowFollow @cmanock1 More FEC filings show Trump campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC rent 7 times in last 6 months of 2016. The payment on 11/28/2016 was $283k, $124k higher than the usual rent ($169k). Another payment was also received for $130k in December. Stormy Time 6:16 AM - 18 Jan 2018 0 replies0 retweets0 likes Reply Retweet Like Direct message
  14. is possible to have a majority party?

    We are stuck in a polarizing two party system UNTIL we wake up and do proportional voting. Imagine a world in which right leaning candidates can go to California and appeal to voters for a SHARE of the vote. That left leaning candidates can go to Mississippi and campaign for a SHARE. Proportional voting would lead to a system in which it would be impossible for one candidate to get an electoral majority and we would have to create a coalition style government. Meaning in the last election if Hillary would have needed to pull in Bernies people or Trump would have needed Rubio and Jebs people - This would lead up to a greater variety of candidates. Pro Life, Gay marriage supporting, environmental concerned, progressive taxing lefties.... Pro MJ legalization, womens health/abortion, flat tax wanting conservatives...
  15. Apple said it would pay an estimated $38 billion in tax to bring back to the US some of the cash it has stashed overseas over the years. Had Apple decided to bring all of its overseas cash back to the US last year, it would have paid a tax rate of 35 percent, about $88.3 billion, minus the taxes paid to foreign governments. But the tax plan passed last year only charges a one-time 15.5 percent tax on all of a company's overseas holdings. "The magnitude of the tax just signifies the magnitude of Apple’s successful tax avoidance strategies over the last couple of decades," says Kleinbard. In the wake of the tax-cut bill approved by Congress last month, Apple also announced plans to invest $30 billion in the US over the next five years, to create 20,000 new jobs, spend more with domestic manufacturers and other suppliers, and build a new campus. But it's not clear how much those numbers represented an increase from Apple’s previous plans, or how much of it will be funded by the repatriated cash. -- Yippee! Apple stashed away funds and avoided $88 billion in taxes - which we should have done what a lot of Europe did and sued Apple to get those funds. But instead we give them a gift they pay back a third of it and put out a fancy press release making it seem like they are the good guys. Can you open up a bit wider - the BS is deep here.