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  1. Fryfan

    hail trump

    Still has not apologized.
  2. Yes I know what effective rate means. It is the rate in which earned income is taxed. You are adding in things outside of the effective rate. You either lied or dont understand how taxes work. I suspect a little of both. You stated Sweden's top marginal rate and thought you could get away with it. You got called out and moved the posts.
  3. You are beyond a moron. Hilariously so. Sweden has a progressive tax rate just like we do. You are effectively demonstrating you know nothing of how taxes work. Do you even have an income? Because you seem to not understand anything.
  4. 1) Swedish income taxes are not much higher than US taxes — but they give you an education US critics say that Swedes pay 56 percent — so the government takes over half of your money. This is not true — 56 percent is the marginal tax rate, i.e. what high earners pay on income over a certain amount in both state and local taxes. Only 15 percent of Swedes pay tax at this rate. It turns out the average Swede pays less than 27 percent of his or her income in direct taxes. As I've written elsewhere, my wife and I pay about 22 percent of our US income in taxes. Our Swedish income tax was 31 percent. So, yes, our income taxes in Sweden were higher than in the US, but we still paid less than one-third in tax. And you get far more for your taxes than you do in the US. In Sweden, college is free and students get a housing stipend. A colleague's daughter, Kerstin, just completed a five-year dental program. Her family paid nothing for her education. The Swedish government gave her $340 a month to live on when she was in school and the right to borrow $700 more a month, which she did. After five years, she graduated with a debt of $37,153. In the US, dental students graduate with an average of $215,000 in debt from dental school alone. 3) There is no property tax Property taxes go back to the founding of the United States. They are administered by local governments and most go to pay for schools, local roads, and other services. They rangefrom a high of 2.38 percent in New Jersey to a low of 0.28 percent in Hawaii. Property taxes hurt older citizens, whose incomes are not going up but whose property taxes are. In our great American tradition of making taxes hurt, Wisconsin property tax bills come in a lump sum just before Christmas. The envelope might as well say, "I am from the government, and I am here to make you miserable." When the conservative government, favoring lower taxes, came to power in Sweden in 2006 one of its first steps was abolish the property tax and replace it with a fixed fee. The real estate fee for services is 7,112 SEK per house ($825 at current exchange rates). This is the same for everyone no matter what the assessed value of the dwelling. The fee is $12 a month for our co-op apartment in Stockholm. If we owned the same property in Madison, our taxes would be $18,000 a year. https://www.vox.com/2016/4/8/11380356/swedish-taxes-love
  5. Which he completely ignored Wikileaks knowing Russian Intelligence officers hacked the DNC and said nothing. In fact aided the Russian government officials. Some whistle blowing - to cover for a government hacking.
  6. So wikileaks should have leaked the the Russian government officials were actively hacking the US DNC? Wikileaks obviously had the info of the Russian government officials acting badly - why did they sit on it?
  7. LOL No its about russian official hacking and the means they used to distribute. Wikileaks being one.
  8. You dont donate fetus tissue to abortion clinics. I had the fetal tissue under my wife and I's authority donated to university research. it an amazing feeling knowing you are helping save lives.
  9. wikileaks to russian agency hacked materials and helped distribute. Hammy...wiki leaks hate russia, hates government, released this and this and this and this and this..and wikileaks.. Damn overtime drive to just ram past the fact of what they did in 2016. Hilarious to watch him masturbate so hard for wikileaks.
  10. The hard fall couldnt of happened to a better asshole. His ugly mug is officially removed from corporate logos University of Louisville's Papa John's Cardinal Stadium is now officially Cardinal Stadium
  11. who the fug cares who wikileaks is "friends" with. They were an outlet that helped Russian Intelligence officials distribute hacked materials to influence our election. I dont care if they think Putin is an asshole in 2015 or in 2017. Does not change one bit what they DID in 2016.
  12. Fryfan

    Dotard Goes Full Retard

    Today in full Dotard world. Trump gives Interview to "friendly" Rupert Murdock owned British paper The Sun Trump is critical of PM May over Brexit in that interview. Sun Reports Trumps criticsm Trump in Press Conference with May calls the Sun's reporting fake news (the sun audio taped it) The Sun in response says trump seriously calling them "fake news" is "fake news"
  13. Many of the documents were released through WikiLeaks and other outlets in an effort to launder the source of the data. Both DC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0 are specifically named in the indictment as fronts for Russian GRU agents. The indictment also alleges that Guccifer 2.0 was contacted by the campaign staff for a Republican Congressional candidate, and responded by releasing further documents through private channels. The specific campaign is not named. --https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/13/17568660/russia-dnc-hack-indictments-gru-mueller-guccifer-dcleaks I wonder what campaign....
  14. Fryfan

    That Trump vindicatin Strzok hearing

    Issa's reaction when Strozk explained his Trump presidency would be destabilizing comment was in direct response to Trump on the campaign trail saying he might get out of NATO. Issa quickly worked to shut down further explanation. Comical how quickly he wanted this shut up.