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  1. i hate weak coffee...

    Coffee is like beer unless its fresh roasted (a month max) it loses most of its taste and can taste stale/weak. Grocery store on the shelf sh*t has been sitting god knows long, and the dates on the bag are BS usually say it’s good for 6mo, when in reality fresh roasted coffee has a peak flavor of about 2 weeks, after that it goes downhill fast. “Me, I buy the gourmet expensive stuff because when I drink it, I want to taste it” – Jimmy
  2. What’s your favorite drinks

    Love a good margarita or mojito in the summer. But this is brown liquor season I keep it simple whisky or scotch with 1 rock.
  3. Watcha cooking tomorrow....

    Panthers are going to have to show me something, feel like every time I did a big cook this year I got burned the Eagle game in particular. If we beat the Vikings however I think I will make Salmon Burgers and pair it with a nice aged sour beer (Dark Farmhouse Ale, with blackberries, cacao, & vanilla beans) and of course the ubiquitous victory cigar (Liga Privada No.9)
  4. Movie Recommendation: Wind River

    Seen it last weekend, Solid Movie, the girl that played the victim was kind of cute too
  5. Alligator meat

    Depends a little on what part of the animal you have it from, and how it’s prepared. I’ve had tail meat fried like nuggets that taste like chicken, and a “steak” from the body that has more the mild fish flavor & overcooked pork texture. Body meat would be great to smoke and to compliment the natural flavor the meat. The tail meat is so delicate it will probably just taste like smoked chicken.
  6. Cigar thread reborn

    You are right! I smoked the Opus X Belicoso last night and all though it was tasty it wasn’t any better than the $18 Opus Perfexion, or dare I say I’ve even had $5 sticks that were as good.
  7. Work place drug test question

    If you do food servers you would have to do kitchen staff as well, I would think. I’ve been in the restaurant business for 15yrs as kitchen staff at various levels for about half dozen different places no corporate chains & nothing super high end and never did any of them drug test Anybody, unless you showed up whacked out or caused a problem at work where they suspected drugs/alcohol, everything was cool. Wouldn’t surprise me really if it’s a corporate chain (doesn’t take much to work in those type of kitchens people are easily replaceable) A super high end place MIGHT but it would usually be done before you started employment, very odd to do it out of the blue, if it’s true they are probably going to lose about 80% of their kitchen staff as well… just from my own experiences kitchen staff likes to get F**cked up ….LOL
  8. Cigar thread reborn

    Its still cheaper then going out drinking... Lol But yeah I picked them up for the holidays otherwise i try to keep my sticks under $10
  9. Cigar thread reborn

    Was that the Acid Subculture Toast? If so I had one of those as well a few weeks back and enjoyed it, I thought it had a great spice flavor with just enough sweetness, in fact I kind of liked it more than the Acid Blue Kuba. I'm starting to enjoy the Acid line & flavored cigars in general although I had Purple Juggernaut last Friday that was a bit of a letdown, great tobacco flavor just not any of the usual sweetness or aromatics that I was expecting from an Acid, If you looking for something with a lot of vanilla the CAO Moon-Trance might be worth a try This is what’s is currently left in my humidor. the 2 without a ring are CAO Amazon Anaconda & Fuma Em Corda
  10. Cigar thread reborn

    So after that MNF blowout I smoked the little perfecxion #4 petite corona, it was a quick smoke about 45min Smooth as silk, sweet creamy earthy spicy, it had everything going on and perfectly balanced. Saving the others for hopefully a deep playoff push.
  11. For the People With Deep Pockets

    LOL I'm aware. But it’s being out in the city and soaking everything else up too.
  12. For the People With Deep Pockets

    I’ve already been talking to the wife about it, I missed out on SB50 go figure Levi is only 1hr from my house because I was transitioning jobs beginning to work for myself. But Minnesota in Feb Ooooooof Its 62 degrees in Cali now and it feels cold.
  13. AHS- Cult

    Agreed it was a mess.
  14. AHS- Cult

    Same here I think one left it started out slow then got good then went off the rails dumb. reminds me of Roanoke
  15. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    lol When I was working in a restaurant after the place closed we would get whacked out and start dipping various things in batter and deep frying them, nothing really ever came bad from what I can remember.