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  1. PurityControl

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    I only stiffed a waiter once in my 38yrs, I was around 23 at the time Some shite chain place can’t remember an Applebee’s or Fridays something, we get seated ( my girl and I) and already the server has an attitude for whatever reason, my girl orders a “Plain chicken sandwich” I get what I get whatever, her food comes and it’s just a 2 pieces of bread and no chicken, I think the general consensus is when you order something plain, it means no condiments, add ons etc., NOT SANS Meat Now I have been working in kitchens since I was 16 & I was in culinary school at the time as well, I have a hard time believing the kitchen staff made that kind of mistake but ok benefit of the doubt no problem we tell the server and he chuckles didn’t seem to care takes it away and brings my food out. I wait and wait and my girl still doesn’t have her food, we can’t find the server to flag him down, so I start to eat, and get about ½ way done when her food finally comes out 2 pieces of bread chicken and covered in mayonnaise. And during that time, no drink refills no water no it will be right out I’m sorry, Nothing dude was just gone until he brought out the botched order a 2nd time, and the place was dead as well not like he was waiting on others, also means the kitchen staff wasn’t swamped and as I said this is a chain place, so pop a frozen patty out of the freezer into the fryer 3-5min done My girl try’s to wipe the mayonnaise off with a paper towel because by this time late I’m about done eating she’s starving and nobody wants to deal with that prick again. So yeah I left a 1c tip on $40 bill or so There’s just no way IMO that the kitchen staff was that incompetent, 2 times in a row, he could of also easily seen the bun covered in mayo before he hit my table a 2nd time So yeah I wasn’t going to tip that prick a $5 spot on a $40 bill for basically doing NOTHING, because its “customary” Only time I’ve ever done that where I felt the service was pure absolute dog sh*t
  2. PurityControl

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Absolutely there’s definite divide. I got fed up (mostly with management) and got out to work for myself, I don't make as much $ but I'm not as stressed.
  3. PurityControl

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Strictly kitchen.
  4. PurityControl

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    Too many power pellets
  5. PurityControl

    Bad review for an old friend

    I would have been fine cutting him loose after 2016.
  6. PurityControl

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Very True! Being in the restaurant business for 20+yrs at various positions in the kitchen from prep monkey to Exec Chef, I’ve seen and been through it all with servers. When it comes to your meal being at your table in a timely manner that’s 95% kitchen staff, we can get behind for a hundred different reasons the other 5% is the server needs to hustle and can’t spend too much time being chatty with guests. Wrong orders, obviously as a cook I would like to say it’s all the servers fault but if I’m being honest it’s 50/50, I’ve been on the line and butchered an order and had the Chef send it back down to me before it goes out to the server, I get a tongue lashing from the Chef but I’m paid a salary the server is the one who has to deal with the guests and ultimately pays for our mistake. Flip side is I’ve had tickets completely FUBAR because the server is not focused, that sets us back because we are getting massive send backs and that ultimately effects the whole restaurant. IMO I would abolish tipping, pay servers a flat wage like low/middle tier kitchen staff, and if they can’t do their job and they are getting complaints and wrong/slow orders then they are out just like any member of the kitchen.
  7. PurityControl

    Tepper engaging fans

    Yup loving the NO BS attitude. IMO this team got the owner it deserves. I'm excited !
  8. PurityControl

    It is Hurricane season

    I’ll take Quakes and Wildfires over that sh*t any day.
  9. PurityControl

    Need some help from you health warriors

    Good Advice. Eliminate processed foods/ sugary drinks. What works for me or anyone else might not necessarily work for you, there is going to be some trial and error until you dial things in. What Lumps said “Don’t be afraid of food”, be patient. Your body was used to having anything it wants anytime it wants so there is definitely going to be a transitional period while you eliminate the junk, and your body gets use to your new lifestyle. Be patient stay the course, there is no quick fix. Huzzah for making the decision to change your life, it’s just a matter of time until you achieve your goals.
  10. PurityControl

    E3 Recap

    I miss the Dragon Age series
  11. PurityControl

    Jameis Winston expects to be suspended

    Back in 2010 I was part of a catering crew for a Floyd Mayweather event Vegas, I was expecting it to be the stereotypical Mayweather BS you see on TV, but it was the complete opposite, relaxed reserved, at the conclusion of the meal, Floyd greats the chef shakes hand with the kitchen staff on a great meal, he couldn’t of been more polite, friendly & modest he talked about his upcoming fight spent about 10 min with us then was gone. We joked after that we were hoping he would come into the kitchen and stuff $$$$ in our pockets, but in reality just having him thank us for the meal was good enough, Very Very rarely at an event like that will anyone even acknowledge your existence you are essentially “The Help” A few months later I think he was sentenced to jail time for beating his baby momma. So……. None of us know Jameis or if these accusations are even true, I feel for him if they are false. Living in the Bay Area and being around SF fans they were ready to lock Rueben Foster up for life based on accusations that turned out to be False.
  12. PurityControl

    Jameis Winston expects to be suspended

    2yr old accusation & no charges filed. Seems accusations are all you need these days to bring somebody down. Scary Times we are living in bros.
  13. PurityControl

    $20 wins you $600

    I’m heading to Vegas mid-August I will definitely be putting a few hundred down. The line shouldn’t fluctuate too much by then.
  14. PurityControl


    Yeah it has a 22” HD Touchscreen. There are about 12 live rides per day of varying difficulty & length. They are instructor based so depending on the ride style they will give a baseline for your bike settings. (but you can go as hard or chill as you want) Rides are anything from easy 20-30min music based rides to, harder, HITT, Tabata, 60min mountain climbs & metric rides, (keeping a certain speed and resistance for x amount of time heart rate etc (your HRM connects via bluetooth to the bike) There is a leader board of everyone who’s taking the class in real time, live rides have about 400-600 people in them on avg. All the rides are available as encores and on demand as well. There are scenic rides were you can just pedal and look at the screen in first person view, from different rides around the world but I haven’t done one. And they also just came out yesterday with a bunch of none bike workouts, which I haven’t got into yet.
  15. PurityControl


    Its about the same price as it would cost me to take a family of 5 to a NFL game for 4 hours. perspective.