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  1. Scrambled Eggs

    There really is no perfect diet, there’s 6billion MF’ers on this planet and 6 billion different body chemistry’s. You have to find what works for you.
  2. AHS- Cult

    Direct TV / AT&T wouldn’t allow the un- edited version to be DL off their server, I kept getting an error code & when I called I was told yeah we are not airing the un-edited version even on the FX on demand channel So I had to seek it out online, what a pain in the Ass And yeah the LV incident was f*cked but chopping out a few scenes of blood at the beginning of the show, when the whole show is about mass murder, mutilation, and the killing of innocents, just so you can pretend to on the moral high ground for a week, Plz man.
  3. Scrambled Eggs

    When the last time you had some blood work done? BP & Cholesterol check? You can be skinny and have high BP and high cholesterol. They don’t call it the silent killer for nothing. If that was my diet I would be monitoring my BP/cholesterol religiously
  4. Huddle Meat Heads

    Got to watch the “Fat Free” products the fat is usually replaced with Sugar or other artificial chemicals, and hot sauces although very tasty can max out your daily sodium intake fairly easy.
  5. Cigar thread reborn

    Smoked a little NUB Cappuccino 3” 54 this morning. Lasted almost close to 1hr 1/2. Draw was tight burn was a little uneven, taste was very mild & smooth. Super sweet cap paired nicely with a cappuccino and almond croissant.
  6. Gameday Menu

    · 5lb Pork Shoulder · Slow Cooked Beans, with jalapeno, bacon, bell pepper, garlic · Mayo based slaw · P-sal Pre-Game Beverage: West Ashley Apricot Sour from (Sante Adairus Brewery) Game Beverage: Pound Michelob Ultra (work tomorrow blah) Concluded by a nice NUB Habano 466 for the W
  7. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Oh no no I cook for people for a living and spent 20 +yrs in in the restaurant industry. I got this.
  8. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Carolina Theme Night- I’m doing a small pork shoulder for some pulled pork with homemade vinegar sauce. If I can’t get a hold of my baker friend to make me some fresh buns for sammiches we’ll have it with some slow cooked beans, & maybe some slaw. Thought about doing a Bo Ssam in the house but the weather in Cali will be nice so I will be outside. + that would break the Carolina theme, since Bo Ssam is Korean. Why you want to come over?
  9. Video games are dead *rant*

    I haven’t encountered this but it sounds sh*tty. I don’t have much time to play I haven’t played Madden or NBA in years the last things I played were the Witcher wild hunt and Uncharted (I just DL the new content for that). The Witcher DLC was a good amount of content for the price, IMO
  10. Most exciting game in over a year?

    yeah they didn't send ATL to foxborough
  11. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Agreed! My wife and I are both re arranging our work schedules so we can watch live. 5:25 PDT is a bitch to make for a live game on the west coast so we started planning/re arranging after that W in Detroit. Going to BBQ get some beers and do it up nice. Even got some new swag coming for the kids.
  12. The Walking Dead Season 8

    bailed after season 5
  13. Duck eggs

    Yeah I use to work in a kitchen with some guys from Vietnam they would eat them every day as a snack with lunch, I could never bring myself to try it. I can still hear them slurping the amniotic fluid from the broken egg.
  14. My mind hasn't been on football

    I feel you man. I was just there over Labor Day weekend about a month ago, I was at the Mandalay bay shark reef with my 2 small kids we stayed across the street at the MGM. That place is still very fresh in our minds. F* up sh*t ( no other words) Peace
  15. Duck eggs

    They are outstanding! Very rich though, not something I would eat every day or even monthly. (But that just me) I would bake with them make a cake or custard dish would really bring out the richness of the egg, if the recipe calls for 2-3 eggs you can usually get by with one duck egg since the yolks are usually about 2-3x as big as a regular chicken egg. And yeah the shell/ membrane takes a little bit more work to puncture and get through. Very tasty though.