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  1. Getting laid off in july

    You been there 13yrs and your being replaced by somebody with NO Degree right out of HS? Sorry but that seems odd to me. No offense. But you're salary must be extremely bloated for what you do if you can replaced by somebody right out HS.
  2. What's left at CB

    Work a trade, I don't want to go through the growing pains of another rookie CB. We need somebody plug and play ready
  3. I'm for whoever doesn’t include, Curry, Diddy, Kap, & Sabates.
  4. Breeland a Panther

    I'm in
  5. From about early teens until about mid 20s I use to follow CAL and always watched the Rose Bowl at 25yr I got married and just didn’t have the time anymore like with many other things. Maybe if I would have went to a regular collage or my wife I would have stuck with it, it would have been kind of cool to have that attachment to a school, but I went to culinary school and she went to UCSC.
  6. Chain pizza is barley suitable for human consumption.
  7. What concerns me about David Tepper

    My interest in the NFL outside of the panthers has been waning for years so if that were the case. Same here.
  8. A deeper look at David Tepper

    I agree case by case, crabs legs down the pants, stolen laptops, do some extra vetting during draft time. domestic violence is another animal & habitual offenders, nah
  9. A deeper look at David Tepper

    Whatever it takes to win I'm on board with. Players with characters concerns Stadiums with rave like atmospheres Whatever The more change the better I say.
  10. Kevin Smith had a massive coronary.

    Nothing wrong with a little fire roasted hamster and a nice cooling tomato & cucumber salad.
  11. Ideas while Recovering/Recommendations

    Altered Carbon (Netflix)
  12. Jim Kelly's cancer has returned

    Some of the first football I watched was Kelly and the Bills K-Gun offense that's a bummer