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  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/14/new-panthers-owner-david-tepper-encouraging-coaches-to-embrace-analytics/ I like Tepper but not sure how I feel about this. Seems like he’s meddling a bit but that could be good
  2. It kind of went unnoticed that he easily converted a 54 yard FG against the Falcons. This is significant, because last year, Rivera often elected to punt than try anything that was more than a 50 yard field goal. It had to do with lack of confidence in Gano who had only one attempt of 50+ yds in 2017 and missed it. We will need him and I hope this is a positive sign that he will be better this season.
  3. NAS

    Graham Gano

    I was referring to Rivera's lack of confidence in not letting him attempt but 1 field goal of more than 50 yards.
  4. How is this a s a topic? We almost had a brawl...but I'm just mad the defense didn't punish Ryan on those touchdown runs.
  5. I think he's doing a fine job, we just need that Defensive Line to generate pressure and maintain their gaps in the run game.
  6. How about some analytics that, if you target Moore he is likely to gain yards after catch
  7. Panthers played poorly in almost every position yet still had a chance to force overtime. We will need to clean it up to win against a good Bengals team next week. - Defensive Line - got pushed around in tve trenches in the run game and generated no pressure on the statue that is typically Matt Ryan. - Linebackers - several missed tackles, even from Luke Kuechly although he was the only one making plays at all. Still, I can’t understand what he was doing on that Matt Ryan TD run. - Secondary- Soft in coverage,. Bright spot was Bradberry who held Julio in check. Everyone else just sucked and allowed Ridley to look like an all pro. - Offensive Line held up OK considering they’re patchwork. We definitely need Trai back. -Running backs: Subpar day running the ball consistently and couldn’t generate more than 100 yds without Newton. It probably was a result of poor blocking. , CMC was great in receiving. - Wide Receivers- too many dropped passes. The most obvious from Funchess which forced us to punt and allowed Falcons to score another TD before the half. - TE’s: Ian Thomas looked like a rookie, dropping a TD pass. To summarize, it was a bad day at the office but nothing that isn’t fixable in most areas, except for the dreadful lack of talent at OL and Safety positions. One thing I want to see the next game. Find ways to give DJ Moore the ball, not just CMC!
  8. NAS

    Donte Jackson

    Not his best game but dude plays with fire and intensity. I think the BS interference penalty caused him to back off a bit. He will bounce back, just hope the injury isn’t serious to cause him to miss games. We need him!
  9. NAS

    Play DJ Moore

    Kid was only targeted twice, caught one and turned it into a 50 yd TD. Almost caught the game tying TD covered by 3 receivers. Put him in the slot and let him work!
  10. Making Ridley look like Julio Jones. Instead of bumping them and being physical with him, they play soft and let him roam free and pick up first downs. So tired of this Rivera “bend don’t break” defensive philosophy.
  11. NAS


    If this is how we play defense against a division opponent, you can forget about this season
  12. NAS


    Honestly this defense is getting exposed right now even in the run game.
  13. Most have been saying how this is now our strength and I don't see it. I like Fun and the attitude he brings, but I don't feel like he's a #1 WR, and the #2 or #3 yesterday couldn't get open either. I also don't understand why DJ Moore didn't see many snaps yesterday. This remains an area of concern and we're going to struggle offensively if somebody doesn't step up, especially after losing Olsen.
  14. Wide receivers are almost non existen today. Funchess can’t even catch a back shoulder pass.
  15. I have been impressed with Smitty and how much research and analysis he does before saying something. Irvin just spews out things without ability to back it up.
  16. I made up my mind about KB after the 2016 home loss to the Vikings in 2016. I was in the stadium and watched him closely. I never saw a lazier effort by a WR in my life.
  17. ...in their house and go 2:0, I feel extremely good about our chances of a consecutive winning season and making the playoffs. We just can't sustain any more injuries to our key players. Sending some positive vibes to the players and coaches to get it done this weekend. Keep Pounding!
  18. I am not a Cam hater and am probably his biggest fan, but I have to be honest. It does seem to me that he doesn't have as much power on his throws since the surgery. It may actually help him with his accuracy because he used to throw too hard even on short throws, but I have definitely noticed less spiral, especially on the deep ball over the last year or so.
  19. NAS

    Cam's "Body Prayers"

    Never underestimate the power of prayer.
  20. Ryan Kalil getting everyone sick?
  21. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/11/patriots-signing-kenjon-barner/
  22. So he moves early and causes a bad snap, and then proceeds to act like a statue after the ball is snapped. Cut him already FFS!
  23. NAS

    The era of Ian Thomas

    I agree. But the question is if Rivera will allow a rookie to have more than a situation role. He will probably try to force Cam to throw to Manhertz instead.
  24. Raiders asking for two first round picks to trade him. Would you do it if you’re the Panthers?. With Peppers retiring soon, we will definitely need to replace him.