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  1. She doesn’t leave much to imagination, does she?
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I think if there are any doubts that we're better off without Gettlement, this pretty much takes care of it.
  3. This is such B.S. I hope that Panthers don't fire Hurney because of this. However, you have to question his judgment in marrying someone like this woman in the first place.
  4. If only to get all the Trumpflakes away from us
  5. I don't know why all the hate. Wilks will be a good head coach and part of me wishes he would be the successor to Rivera. All the best wishes to Wilks, except when he's playing against the Panthers.
  6. I recall having a lot of former Chargers
  7. L-M-A-O

    Funny, that’s the same reaction other teams have about Norv
  8. Atlanta DBs are holding on almost every play
  9. Huge stop by the defense to force a FG try
  10. I love how the haters come out as soon as they smell blood. Like hyenas
  11. I guess the bad Cam showed up today.
  12. And now we know why CAP doesn’t get more starts
  13. Did anyone actually think our defense can stop them?
  14. Don't need another possession receiver who struggles to create separation. We need someone who can stretch the field.
  15. Whoever wins the division between Carolina amd New Orleans will still likely face each other in the Wild Card matchup. I feel like we don’t match up well against the Saints, but I like our chances much better at home than in the Dome.
  16. Bears to beat the Vikings Bucs over Saints 49ers over Rams If the Vikins, Saints and Rams lose while the Panthers win, the Panthers would win the NFC South and take the No. 2 seed. It’s a long shot, I know, but it would be awesome to get a bye and play at home.
  17. Clay’s hands must be made of clay brick.