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  1. Tired of playing conservative

    Yeeess, even tho it worked. Conservative will get us killed
  2. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Horrible coaching, play calls on both sides in 2nd half
  3. Jerseys

    Does it wear, then good deal
  4. 8-4 isnt mediocre. It's playoffs if the season ended today.
  5. caption this.

    I bet I can still throw a football over that mountain
  6. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are gone...

    Where's the football
  7. Official Panthers at Jets Game Day Thread

    Jets, you sirs, may take a tour of the pit of misery.......dilly dilly
  8. Luke is GOAT

    Dilly dilly
  9. Jerry jones is a good business man and he is good for the NFL. Look at how the NFL has grown since he's been there. I grew up a cowboys fan and switched day 1 with the panthers. I have never been a jerry jones fan, but I realize how important he and the cowboys are to the NFL. If he was ever removed from the NFL, you would see some bad results. Crazy fans make the NFL strong. The last thing you want to do is ruin a fan base. That's what would happen if jones were removed.
  10. I just think fox's studio is the worst. Bradshaw, Strahan, Johnson, howie are a bunch of know nothing , no football watchn morons who make real football fans dumber for watchn em.
  11. Atl falcons shall enjoy a tour of the pit of misery......dilly dilly
  12. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    Son gun recovered a possible fumble td