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  1. All 3 should be in ring of honor
  2. Panthers come to GB next year

    Cam > double check
  3. Panthers come to GB next year

    Rodgers don't want no more of us
  4. Beating Arizona in NFC championship. Seen a lot of big time wins there but nothing like winning NFC championship at home in a cruiser! Booya
  5. Count me in. Get the band back together
  6. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    I had finally gotten to the point where I kinda liked him, maybe because michaels is with him. But yesterday collinsworth showed how bad he can be. Saying the ertz td shudnt count - horrible
  7. 90% political reasons. 10% everything else. I've heard a lot of big NFL fans stop watching due to politics in sports. And there are a lot of people want to bring down the NFL. It's still the best sport, but baseball is marketing to the patriotic fans as in "americas past time" and they are growing. NBA is still trash.
  8. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    We had new gm at beginning Of this past season
  9. New Orleans paper headline tomorrow?

    Welcome to a tour of the pit of misery!
  10. Karma is a B*tch When Your Name is Cam Jordan

    Dilly dilly
  11. I want to keep old stadium and no dome. As long as it stays in charlotte I'll be good
  12. Predict the new OC here...

    I wudnt mind seeing norv turner on the list