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  1. Scum of the Turf

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    What david newton forgot is that we have succeeded with cam. He is now fairly healthy, has a new coordinator and some new weapons. So that's cool. David nooten is trying hit a button, and looking dumb in the process
  2. Scum of the Turf

    Best 11 players in Panthers history

    11 delhomme 12 Ryan Khalil
  3. Scum of the Turf

    Best 11 players in Panthers history

    1 smitty 2 cam 3 Luke 4 peppers 5 Thomas davis 6 olsen 7 kasay 8 moose 9 gross 10 Sam mills
  4. Scum of the Turf

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    So this done purposely to fuel our offseason fires.....
  5. Scum of the Turf

    The Big Kid

    As in .....kitcat....
  6. Scum of the Turf

    The Big Kid

    Then the kid cat?
  7. Scum of the Turf

    Tepper is the guy: Love it or hate it?

    As long as team stays in Charlotte and we don't have a permanent dome( retractable roof), I'll be ok with it. Say what you will bout JR, but to me, I will always remember that he put the panthers here. Thanks JR and peace out
  8. Scum of the Turf

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Like it
  9. Scum of the Turf

    Saints release Fleener

    I wud not mind picking him up
  10. Scum of the Turf

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    I like it a lot
  11. Need to hit 3rders hard
  12. Scum of the Turf

    Panther predictions for #55

    Te, s, c/g, de and I'll like it
  13. Scum of the Turf

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    I'm happy