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  1. As an MSU alum who watched him play in college, I’d pass unless it was a 7th. He had a decent freshmen year then he just ended up having some mental issues. His dad passed away after his freshmen year and unfortunately he just never recovered. His instincts were just awful at some points, he never could figure out how to take the right angle when closing and missed a LOT of tackles
  2. Not really. If I protested at my place of work during work hours I’d fully expect disciplinary action or termination. Now if the NFL says you aren’t allowed to protest, interview, etc. on your own time then yes absolutely
  3. vv83

    I believe in CAP

    Good analysis. I think the key is CAP/CMC staying healthy. Like you said, one of them goes down and it could be a very long season for Cam
  4. vv83


    I love casting a wide net on UDFA o line
  5. Holy poo he’s an UDFA, stfu
  6. vv83

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    So what happened with Bo scarbaugh? I thought he was a 3rd-4th rounder for some reason