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  1. Is Scott coming out? I thought he was going back for his senior season. All things considered, I'd rather grab one of the Georgia backs if they're available in the 3rd
  2. Cam's HC at Auburn was Chizik.. who is a DC. His OC was Malzahn who is the HC now. But yeah would be a demotion
  3. So.. the opposite? https://twitter.com/LibbyWeihsmann/status/951218373827923968
  4. This is... a fireable offense in my book. Your GM tells you to make changes (presumably) and you go out and hire more of the same in Norv, which could work out well but just happens to be your best buddy, but then you also hire his son? You're telling me out of ALL the candidates we could get for QB coach Norv's son just happens to be the best one out there? Wade Wilson is out there... I don't buy that for a second.
  5. oh my god. i just screamed 'YES' in joy at work and had to lie and say my wife is pregnant to avoid getting in trouble. This is the best news anyone could hope for
  6. Announcers just said Ginn didn’t want to leave Carolina an offer was just never made LOL salt in the wound
  7. This. What’s going on here? Also the safety should have counted earlier with the 15 yards on the punt. What’s going on?
  8. Cryptocurrency

    Yes but use ETH instead of bitcoin. Way less fees. And same to cash out you’d just turn the ripple back to ETH then cash ETH out into your bank account
  9. Cryptocurrency

    FTFY.. yes you can call it a gamble or investment but remember there are other cryptos out there right now that will duplicate what BTC did
  10. Cryptocurrency

    There's a TON of info out there. Reddit is your friend, just google whatever question you have with the word reddit.. i.e. (how are my bitcoins stored reddit) and a million results will pop up. But no there is no bitcoin bank, they are all stored on the blockchain and the only way to retrieve them is to have your own private key. If you buy on an excahange you can keep them on the exchange and its more like an I owe you bc they actually own the bitcoin not you. But if you take it off the exchange and store it locally you own the private key. You get more bitcoins by buying them, normal people can't run mining farms and make a profit. It takes entirely too many resources
  11. Cryptocurrency

    I got in around .15 and been steady since
  12. Cryptocurrency

    But a great 2018. Buy when everyone else is scared and you'll get rich in this market
  13. Cryptocurrency

    look at REQ.. it's early in the game but I like what they're going for. Also IOTA exploded the past few weeks but I still think it is undervalued and worth a look
  14. Cryptocurrency

    There are multiple ways but the most common US exchange let’s you link your bank account. Meaning you can buy a bitcoin on there, keep it on the exchange for a year, then sell it and transfer the funds directly to your linked bank account.
  15. Cryptocurrency

    Ugh I want it to crash just to make me feel better about not buying in haha