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  1. Cryptocurrency

    look at REQ.. it's early in the game but I like what they're going for. Also IOTA exploded the past few weeks but I still think it is undervalued and worth a look
  2. Cryptocurrency

    There are multiple ways but the most common US exchange let’s you link your bank account. Meaning you can buy a bitcoin on there, keep it on the exchange for a year, then sell it and transfer the funds directly to your linked bank account.
  3. Cryptocurrency

    Ugh I want it to crash just to make me feel better about not buying in haha
  4. Cryptocurrency

    Ripple is putting 55 billion coins in escrow this month
  5. Cryptocurrency

    Ripple has been in my portfolio for a while, I agree it is poised to do big things. I'm considering buying additional during this current dip
  6. Oh. My. God. We just got bent over.. the Bills went in dry. WTF are they thinking?
  7. Cryptocurrency

    Anyone here have any holdings in BTC or alts? I've been a holder for a year now and have been putting a small bit into it each month. I'm curious what other people feel like with the current B2X fork coming.. I can't decide if I want to put more in now and collect free B2X or wait until after the fork when BTC hopefully drops and buy at the lower price. Thoughts?
  8. This is such a weird year overall for the NFL. Nobody is running away with it and looking like a SB favorite at this point. I swear everyone is gonna finish between 6-10 and 10-6 and we'll have a random Redskins/Texans SB or something
  9. WR Depth Chart

    this is the best idea I never thought of. He would be a great fit here
  10. Panthers Trade | TE is needed

    I always hoped Evan Engram would fall to the second round and we would grab him. I think he would have excelled in this offense IF Cam is healthy