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  1. So you're coming to Chicago

    My city walterboro is way worse then Chicago .
  2. Jeremy Igo on WCNC Facebook at 8 pm

    Talk about trump
  3. Discuss.....

    Funchess is basically the same type of wr of Julio he's just young
  4. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    Worley is a great corner
  5. Don't blame Shula

    They weren't complex in 2015 when we were running team over huh?
  6. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    Worley will be one of the best corners to ever play for us he just needs to get his mind right it's all mental . Reminds me of Norman but I think Worley can be even better then Norman
  7. 49ers looking to trade Carlos Hyde

    Our running attack will be top 5 with Ryan back keep doubting me
  8. 49ers looking to trade Carlos Hyde

    No need , if our oline is fixed Stewart is one of the best running backs in the nfl and we have a great talent in Christian and also Cameron artis Payne is a great talent too
  9. Don't blame Shula

    He called a great game , he has us as one of the best offenses despite a bad run game due to no Ryan kalil and he lead our offense to a 4&2 record don't blame him we are in good hands and he will lead us to a Super Bowl once again !
  10. FWIW We Get 5 December Games This Season

    We will beat the chiefs in the sb guys watch Nfl elite will slow Julius to retire with a ring ! It was the Las Vegas factor that the Eagles beat us so when we play them in the nfc championship people will bet on Eagles and Vegas brings in a ton of money ! I already bet money on the sb matchup we got this my dreams are always right . My dreams might be from years ago but vivid and I had the dream of us winning twice vs the Chiefs I think it will happen . ,call me crazy but I dreamed about us playing the sb and losing . Also about us crushing the aints years ago and it happend. Another game I dreamed about is yet to come . We are losing and Cameron arris Payne breaks a huge run and sets us up with a td drive . We got this and thou shall not lose ! Shula and Rivera are getting us a ring if you like it or not shulas not going no where ! And I'm 100% serious for you doubters
  11. We didn't play bad

    It's because Ryan kalil is out we need him back bad
  12. Relying / Overpaying Veterans

    Since you know so much how about you be the gm buddy since you know more then the coaches , gettleman and Rivera .
  13. We will not let cowards define our fanbase !