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  1. 37 yards of passing to receivers Mind blowing
  2. He said Byrd, Samuel and Olsen
  3. All three have been hurt the last two years
  4. 130 total yards of offense. RR can go away
  5. After duke yesterday and the Panthers today, this has been a rough weekend for health
  6. aGDevil2k

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I still wish soccer would allow unlimited substitutions (or at least substantially more). You would see more energy, especially at the end when playing in a Brazilian Rainforest leads to near-death walks towards the goal I disagree that MLS would be Tepper's trojan horse for a stadium. A MLS stadium would likely be smaller - ATL United blocks off the upper decks of the bird's nest hot mess of a stadium. That said, Raleigh is making the big push. They lost out in November, but if they get the stadium plans finalized, they will probably get the final round (over Detroit)
  7. aGDevil2k

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I hope a MLS team comes to RDU or CLT, most definitely. And, with the concussion issues in football (not that soccer is immune with the headers), I could see it growing in popularity. Atlanta United games do pretty well. I am sure it would be a lot of fun. MLS is the first truly successful pro soccer venture in the USA in my lifetime, at least.
  8. aGDevil2k

    New kickoff rules

    The touchback rule is nonsense to meet their purpose. Kickers have the leg to kick it out of the end zone. Kick it from the 35. A kick thru the endzone starts on the 20. A touchback (caught) starts on the 25. Give the incentive to the kicking team for not wanting a return to happen.