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  1. He is a damn stud. And he loves the kids. My almost 4 year old dreams of meeting cam
  2. LOL...I hate I love the Panthers. I hate Ron Rivera more
  3. I absolutely HATE our coaching staff
  4. Every time we score the defense returns the favor
  5. Cam messed up there..Just freaking run
  6. I hate our damn defense. Garbage.
  7. I am getting sick of Thomas Davis whining at his teammates. The whole defense is playing like crap
  8. We've lost to 3 teams

    The 4-4 conference record could be a massive problem We will lose tiebreakers to both Seattle and Atlanta now
  9. Defense needs as much blame

    I think it's the worst group we have ever had. And that's saying something.
  10. Clay with the cherry on top. This is what happens with a team of bargain basement practice squad rejects
  11. Maybe father time will finally visit JR... Sadly it's the only thing that can fix this organization
  12. I would gladly take a miss of the playoffs if it would get Ron and team canned