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  1. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    So we get rid of Jeremy Cash, since we couldn't wait another week for him to "heal" or whatever, and then we get this guy? Hurnamagic
  2. Sunday Games Thread

  3. It wouldn't be awful. What we have is awful
  4. Saying it's the neck, not concussion
  5. The first play of every series is a Stewart run between the tackles. Every time. Every game
  6. Well remember our return man went full powderpuff on us
  7. First play - run Stew up the middle. EVERY dang time.
  8. I dont feel we win this game. And it was predictable in the 3rd quarter
  9. Samuel should honestly be out of a job for that foolishness. These refs have been laughable at best. We are in big trouble - cause we will play a fuging prevent.
  10. The way we are playing today and last week, we are better than New Orleans and Tampa. And honestly, Atlanta isn't looking OMGAMAZING right now
  11. Eh, sometimes those can go for 20 yards. It's not bad...better than our run up the middle special
  12. He does a mean smirk. I think they are super scared of that