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  1. Seriously, this. What an absolute joke. "Let's go ahead and change our defensive scheme to try and stop the run against a primarily passing team with Drew Brees at the helm, I think that will work." Did Mike Shula start calling plays for the D, too? Jesus.
  2. I live in Minnesota and the fanbase has the wildest hard-ons for Cook- rightfully so, he's tearing it up. Having your premiere RB leave for another team leaves a sour taste in your mouth (even if he was clearly regressing, the fanbase adored AP. His jerseys are still the most commonly worn here on gameday), and to have someone come in and make such a massive impact right out the gates to fill those shoes... He's fun to watch. Wish we would've grabbed him, but Bartin makes a good point here.
  3. I really hope this is an opportunity for another CB to shine his way ahead of Worley on the roster.
  4. I feel like LT is always pushing the bold prediction agenda, but I kind of like it. Always gives me some strong hope... and then later it's crushed.
  5. Seriously, KB and Steve Smith lining up on opposite sides of the field with Greg in and McCaffrey in the backfield would be a DC's nightmare. Jordan Gross is also a great option, our OL could use not only his skillset but his vast knowledge and understanding. Was sad to see him retire.