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  1. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    13-9 Panthers.
  2. Can we stretch out DIckson so he is like 8 feet tall? Hopefully Cam wouldn't overthrow him then. I know I'm dreaming.
  3. "Woke up with a bad neck"

    you're a damn cat. that's what it sounds like.
  4. A word on sacks

    Maybe a little bit of both is the cause.
  5. ugh Macaffery please chip before releasing to your route
  6. He took a Viagra and it got stuck in his throat. Woke up with a stiff neck.
  7. looked like Cam's helmet wasn't working
  8. True, But the Man in Black is irresistible.
  9. Score Predictions: CAR Home VS BUF

    Panthers 19 Bills 11 Still not sold on either team's O yet. Hope Cam shakes off the rust. Bills need someone other than McCoy to shine.