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  1. Captain Obvious

    Positives from yesterday?

    won't have to play in Maryland again this year.
  2. Captain Obvious

    Rivera "It's a 4 quarter game"

    Well Cutler has always sucked so that's not an excuse.
  3. lol. ol Ron chickened out today
  4. Captain Obvious

    Rivera "It's a 4 quarter game"

    Sure wish we could pry McDaniels away from Patriots this offseason. Would do wonders for Cam.
  5. well stated. way to sway my opinion. please tell me why you think this team is special. are you agreeing it sucked? or do you think this was great? of course when all you can do is call names it shows your lack of intelligence.
  6. Outcoached, outplayed. enough is enough. What is there to look forward too anymore this season?
  7. wish someone would return our D. Seems they are still on the bye
  8. this looks like a coaching staff that is on the way out after the season,
  9. time to put moore back on the bench.
  10. I'm going to blame the ugly assed uniforms.
  11. Washington (the coach) needs to go. he sucks as a d coord,