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  1. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Vikings 2 and 0 vs stains this year.
  2. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    MY GOD does Aikman EVER shut up?
  3. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    sean payton with the all pro lip purse going on right now. Making Zoolander jealous as hell.
  4. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    trade whatever draft pick after 2nd round you have to to get Bryant.
  5. Just tuned out. If I wanted fixed sports I will just watch WWE.
  6. Lol. Fug you clock operator. FG no good
  7. Is Jimmy Graham a realistic target?

    Only time I would cheer for him is when they are lowering him in to his grave.
  8. Is Jimmy Graham a realistic target?

    that would be the one thing that would make me quit being a Panther fan. He sucks as a human being.
  9. Please not Ron Turner.

    Charley Weiss
  10. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    I'm worried about Troy Aikmen today. He was a one man Shula Fan club. Somebody check on him.
  11. Caption This Pic

    please just give me the play! please! please!ple......... Dammint.. Timeout.