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  1. I'm against trading Cam. We need to keep him as our power RB and 2nd TE.
  2. Didn't want to start a new thread but Hurney is at USC pro day. Can't be looking a Darnold. Anyone else out there? for you draftniks?
  3. didn't want to do this but...... Look, I played safety in middle school, my dad played safety in middle school, and when my grandfather played he was called a "safetyman." I am obviously a lot more qualified to speak on the position than you. If my mom would have let me play tackle football then I would know even more, but she didn't want me getting hurt. (Love you mom.) So i spent many fall saturday mornings wearing flags around my waist doing research. So when I say he is a bad safety, take that to the bank.
  4. He is a bad, brain addled football player right now. Should retire and take up his cause.
  5. "One of Ten teams" Yeah.... don't look good for us.
  6. Alabama DT Da'Ron Payne visiting today

    I see we are thinking of moving Poe to FB full time and drafting a Payne. Otherwise another DL is a bad thing.
  7. NFL.com Ranks Carolina

    Right now, I think that's about 10 spots too low. At the start of the season about 12 spots too low.
  8. Norv Turner checking out TE Hayden Hurst

    aged like fine wine. even better